The die is cast, there will not only be new elections for Prime Minister but also for Members of Knesset! These elections will be extremely hard fought for there is much to divide the Israeli citizenry. Unemployment is 8%, M1 has dropped, wages are eroding for those that are employed and the crop failure because of November's drought has eroded the domestic gross profit.

Then there are the social issues that must be addressed including better education to increase the scholastic achievements of the young people in Israel, as they are recognized to be the true future of the Israeli economy. In any country grappling with social issues, poor neighborhoods are in need of subsidizing and health care must be expanded and affordable.

Attention to the infrastructure of any Nation has to be addressed by all the candidates for all the offices whether they be Members of Knesset or Prime Minister. Much like the American elections. With one very grave difference.

While all the social issues of Israel need addressing there is a major issue that can't wait and is on everyone's mind no matter who they are or what "party" affiliation they may proffer. That issue is which course Israel will take. Will the decisions made in the next few months assure Israel that it is a Jewish State, a State of Israel or a footnote? Upon this political backdrop enter outside influences that wish to alter or to coerce leaders in Israel to make decisions based on their particular political philosophy and vision for the world.

Ever notice that we keep hearing the "New Millennium" buzzwords, like we're on a runaway train catapulting toward this unknown gaping hole. We're unable to control the switches on the tracks because we're going too fast! Faster than the speed of light, or what some people would have you believe. It's time to turn off the noise of those words, and actually delve into what the philosophy is.

Power and power brokers that's what motivates people to say the things they do and to finally believe that what they are doing is honorable. There is an underlying agenda to world politics. It is portrayed subtly. Most don't know it exists but if you really listen to what politicians say, you will understand the New World Order and you will understand the focus of that New World Order.

Over the course of history, we have learned that Socialism is based on any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. It is a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.

Capitalism on the other hand is an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods by investments, that are determined by private decision and by prices, production and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market.

It has been determined by many political thinkers that neither one of these concepts can stand alone. Since Capitalism is the wheel that drives world economy and free enterprise, it's faltering creates depressions and political unrest. There must be according to these political thinkers, another way to enter the "new millennium." They have their philosophy as a perfect marriage between these two concepts and there's even a name for this great philosophy!

William Jefferson Clinton introduced it in 1992 during his Presidential campaign. Evidently not too many people heard it as the focus then was on Gennifer Flowers. The term raised its ugly head during the Tony Blair campaign and the new German Chancellor, Gerhard Schroeder's campaign for election. The Italian Prime Minister and the French Prime Minister are all adherents as well.

THE THIRD WAY. Don't confuse this "Third Way" with that small political party in Israel called the Third Way. Oh no, this THE THIRD WAY is a malevolent concept. It is established to take decision making out of the hands of the people for their economic and political benefit and place that decision and ultimately that power squarely in the hands of the political thinkers, or, the governance.

The Third Way according to Tony Blair stands for a modernized social democracy, passionate in its commitment to social justice and the goals of the center­left, but flexible, innovative and forward­looking in the means to achieve them. The Third Way wants to save capitalism from itself by humanizing it. Sounds like Left leaning gobbledygook and it is.

Israel is looking for her place in the community of Nations. What could this Third Way rhetoric mean to that quest? With the introduction of James Carville into the campaigning for power in Israel, anything can and will be said. The whole Third Way philosophy is leaving chaos and division in its wake. In the United States alone, if anyone is watching the impeachment and subsequent trial of the President for committing a felony while President by lying under oath in a court proceeding you can see very clearly those divisions.

The constitution of the United States is a rule of laws and the United States has been very successful because that rule of law has been upheld, preserved and followed by all its citizenry regardless of status. In the last year, it has become apparent that those that wish to continue following that Constitutional process are castigated, ridiculed and destroyed. The divisions in the United States crossing economic class, race and gender are so deep that it could very well change the Nation.

In Israel, there are already major differences and divisions. There are differences in the makeup of certain sects of Judaism and as in all Nations, economic differences are apparent as well. Different political philosophies are debated, whether they be left wing, right wing or centrist as in all free Nations. Still there is a more serious division in Israel however and that is between those that believe Judaism must be the driving force behind the state of Israel and those that want Judaism relegated to the status of an also ran.

If the likes of William Jefferson Clinton, Tony Blair, Gehrard Schroeder, the French and Italian Premier's have their way, Judaism will be relegated to the status of an also ran. Given the philosophy behind the actions of William Jefferson Clinton, the charade at Gaza takes a more determined tone. He wasn't trying to manipulate the press and internal polls away from what was happening at that time. The impending impeachment hearings weren't why he gave that speech before the PNC.

Knowing the chaos that is Israeli politics, William Jefferson Clinton, ever the campaigner was setting the stage for the fall of the Right Wing.......... Enter James Carville.

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