By Bernard J. Shapiro

One of the tactics of American diplomacy is to make "suggestions" and get Israeli reactions. After Israel says no, they make the suggestion again, and again and again and again and again and again until Israel agrees. There is implied pressure but no blatant pressure. It is a form of psychological warfare.

There is another trick to American diplomacy. It is getting Israel to agree to a small concession (sort of the camel's nose under the tent or the thin edge of the wedge) and then beginning a process of expanding it. Since Arafat never makes any concessions, the Americans keep asking Israel to split the remaining difference.

Israel has no red lines so is a perfect candidate for manipulation. Serious security needs are bartered away. Israel's right of self defense is off the table to be replaced with intricate discussions on when to start a cooling off period and political negotiations. Sharon says he will not negotiate under fire and terrorism which continues until today. The Americans and the terrorists say they want negotiations with the continued killings. Why discuss negotiations at all when Arafat sold the rug of nonviolence many times before at Oslo, Gaza-Jericho, Oslo 2, Wye, Hebron, Sharm, Taba etc. He is a pathological liar and murderer so why even discuss negotiations with him.

Sharon says everyday that Israel has the right of self-defense but then does nothing. He is like the kid at school who says to the bully: If you hit me one more time I will really get you. He gets hit and then repeats his threat. Will he ever act?

Essentially we have an Orwellian situation where the parties say black is white, war is peace, terrorism is a cease fire.

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