by Steven Plaut

1. Sharon is Trying to Resolve the Problems of the Barbarians with technology from the second century AD which failed to work even back then. Just ask the Chinese and the Romans, and see how well their walls worked. Did they keep out the barbarians?

2. You can shoot mortars and missiles over the fence. Sharon is not planning to build a fence that is 17 miles high.

3. You can dig under any fence.

4. You can sail from Gaza around any fence.

5. You can blow holes in any fence.

6. The fence is not fencing in the Palestinians in small terror enclaves, it is fencing them OUT of Israel by fencing the Jews IN, by putting the JEWS inside cages! In other words it is a form of putting the Jews under siege, not the Palestinians.

7. The fence serves as marker, precedent, and "focal point" in the sense of Schelling, in demarcating the Green Line as the borders of some Palestinian state.

8. The delusion that Israel can just forget about whatever happens on the other side of the fence and go about its business means that the area beyond it will be filled sooner or later with Iraqi, Iranian, self-hating New York Jewish Marxists, and other "volunteers" fighting with the Palestinians. It will be an ideal terror training area that will make the mountains of Afghanistan look like the Catskills.

9. It is yet another excuse for Israel's politicians to pretend the country is not at war. It is make-pretend "action" that serves as figleaf for the total inaction of the Israeli government.

10. It abandons the Jews living beyond the Green Line and signals that Israel considers them legitimate targets for terror. It sacrifices those Jews to the Oslo pagan goddess.

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