By Arlene Peck

We've all heard the expression, "Never Again".

I think those of us who grew up hearing it, actually believed it.

"But, lately, I've been getting that "deja-vu" all over again" feeling that the so-called "Road Map" to peace, that "Master Plan" to exterminate a new generation of Jews, is unfolding right before my eyes!"

Only this time, it's the Jewish State that's being "railroaded " to Auschwitz.

How many of us are still reeling after hearing Sharon use the "O" (Occupation) word when referring to those brave Jewish towns and cities called Judea-Samaria and Gaza?

Is the "Bulldozer" now "bulldozing" his "his own" principles?

Worse than that is how the world is sitting on the sideline while Bush and his Arab buddies ride around that damn golf cart again, hugging and posing for photo-ops.

Is this how it happened sixty years ago when the Americans, the British, the French and all the other "good Christians" "shook their heads and sighed a collective tsk tsk" But, thank G-d it's the Jews, and not us!"

I have a difficult time understanding how a civilized world would ever allow a monster like Hitler to not only rise to power but also to galvanize an entire nation to action.

Tell me.

Is the rise of Arab "Nazism" different?

Let me see if I understand this correctly.

After two years of non-stop terror attacks and killing sprees is going to be rewarded by their very own state.

And all they have to do is promise not to do it as much anymore.

They really, really want to be good and they won't direct their 'militant' bombings at anyone but the godless Jewish soldiers and 'settlers'.

However, I believe that to the Arabs the 'settlements' means all of Israel.

Jordan is the real Arab-"Palestine" and transfer isn't the forbidden word it used to be. Lord knows, when it comes to transferring the quarter million Jews out of Judea-Samaria, Gaza and half of Jerusalem, the world never had a problem with it.

The Arabs should be the ones to be transferred out of the Jewish homeland where they, the Arabs are the "occupiers".

However, according to their textbooks and leader, Arafat, they believe "Arab" came from "Judea" and that Jerusalem has nothing to do with Jewish history and that Jesus was a "Palestinian".

Why don't people 'get it'?

Maybe I'm too basic but in all these happy, touchy, feely meetings between President Bush and his Arab consortium, has anyone asked the Israelis what THEY might want? Obviously nobody has ever told President Bush that for over fifty years Israel has been a sovereign state. I don't remember Israel being voted as the fifty-first state and him as the boss.

Does the outside world REALLY know what's best for them? Shouldn't something as important as that be enough to call a vote by Israel's general population? Democracy?

Yeah, right. No wonder the "Palestinians" accepted this Road Map to Auschwitz unequivability before the ink was still damp.

When the Arabs say "settlements" or "occupation" they really mean ISRAEL...all of it!

These were the same words used before 1967 when Israel liberated today's "occupied" territories.

There were no Jewish settlements or "occupation" by Israel in the territories in question but that did not prevent Arab attempts to eradicate the Jewish state.

So, why doesn't the Bush Administration and others "Get it"? Maybe they do.

The same way they "got it" during the last Holocaust.

"Tsk...Tsk, thank G-d it's the Jews, and not us!" How many times do we have to say, "Never again?"

Since Sharon has apparently turned into Barak by offering the heart and soul of his country away in his vying to keep the good will of Bush, is it possible to have the man committed?

Force him to resign? Can Israel have a re-call? However, who is there to lead?

What lunacy to issue 25,000 work permits so more terrorists can blow up more civilians?

If that weren't enough, the freeing of a couple hundred killers from prison, removing the IDF from hotbed towns and unfreezing assets so they can buy more bombs is unforgivable!

Sharon must be removed from office. He cannot be allowed to govern any longer. His entire Cabinet has allowed themselves to become emasculated.

This monstrosity of a peace deal that was hatched in Aquaba is going to grow until Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin and the other leftist 'Osloids') get their leftist wish of destroying the Jewish State!

The result will be that Arabs can live ANYWHERE, including within the Jewish State, but Jews cannot live in the new state of "Palestinian".

Didn't George Bush say a "democratic Palestinian State?"

It's obvious that the Arab plan is to "ethnically cleanse" the land of all Jews. Or perhaps, an Apartheid-like action whereby Jews are racially denied equal rights.

The Muslims can have four wives, ten children with each one.

They are populating at an alarming rate all over the world.

They de-Christianize and de-Judaize everything in their wake and somehow, it's acceptable.

I had Father Keith Roderick on my television show not so long ago with author Avi Davis and we discussed how at every chance they are tearing down the churches and building Mosques in their place.

Synagogues, they just blow up. Can you imagine the riots and the waves of destruction they would leave had the 'demands' been reversed?

It works like this. The United States, for whatever reason puts tremendous pressure on the leaders of Israel to accede to their demands or they won't support the Jewish State?

What price is Israel paying now for that support? It is the sacrifice of their country.

Accepting a similar "peace" deal as was crammed down their throats ten years ago which led nowhere? This is another road map to peace aka Trojan horse that will bury another 1,300 Israelis?

What would move the Israelis to consider Oslo II?

Hamas gives press conferences at which they continue calling for a March to Jerusalem.

And folks, they mean it.

They negotiate and it somehow reminds me of the nice girl that said she wasn't a hooker until she was offered a lot of money for her service.

Then the only point of contention was the price. Mahmoud Abbas, only point of contention with the terror organizations is how much or how little of the terror tactics they should continue to achieve the result they want.

And, at this point in time, they are still complaining it's not enough.

Someone should tell our President, that if after his 'love-fest' with the Arabs and their peace mission, this road-trap is going to be terrible for America's interest.

It makes a mockery out of Bush's pledge to "hunt down the evil-doers" and "destroy then.

Instead, he's creating a sovereign-safe haven for every terrorist in the world, Then, he puts into place the most dangerous 'home base' for every 'evil doer' in the world to come back and plan their destruction of the rest of the Western world.

It will be nothing more than a terrorist training ground just as it is today.

But now they'll have a National Charter. The only message he's sending is that "Terrorism pays if you do it.

There will be weekly bombings in Starbucks and America's shopping centers weekly because the Arabs will have gained in their terrorism tactic. Once again we will breed contempt for America's power and our will to use it.

I'm no political maven. But I cannot help but wonder why Israel, with her military might, allows herself to be bogged down playing "Oslo Peace talks".

We didn't follow this example after 9/11 in dealing with terrorists. We handled a difficult situation in Afghanistan and Iraq by bombing the hell out them and gaining control.

I used to think that war would be a terrible thing.

But, Israel has the means and plenty of reason to use their resources. Do the Israeli Defense Forces have one more Six-Day War left in it? I hope so.

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