American Spectator, June 26, 2003


by Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East analyst & commentator

It appears that with the consent of the Sharon government and the approval of the Bush Administration, in a few years Jews will be transferred to holding camps (aka "concentration camps"). The "Road Map" envisioned by Bush, redesigned by the "Quartet" comprised of the U.S. State Department (led by Colin Powell), the E.U. (European Union), the U.N. (United Nations) and Russia plans another Palestinian State which will soon naturally spread into what remains of Israel proper.

The Sharon government along with the political Left, comforts themselves with the delusion that the Arab Muslim Palestinians will revert to being peaceful neighbors and the Arab nations will cease their efforts to eliminate the non-Muslim presence of the Jews.

The non-Jewish world of Christians is both astonished and amused by the suicidal decision of successive Jewish governments in their fruitless attempts to appease what they view as a savage Arab Muslim culture. They were surprised and impressed with the ability of the Jews to repulse a disproportionate number of Muslim Arabs who attacked the Jewish nation in six wars. Mind you, that did not make the Europeans friendly to the Jews but, they were surprised that Jews would fight back.

Both the Europeans and the Americans, hoping to pacify the Arab oil nations, forced Israel to give up the fruits of their victories after each war. The so-called 'even-handed' brokers of these "Retreats for Peace" always assured Israel that the hostile Arabs would be mollified by Israel's gestures.

But, they never were.

There was always another war, another wave of Terror and, always, the proclamation by the Imans, the Ayatollahs, the Kings and Dictators of the Arab nations was that next time they would succeed and "dance in the blood of the Jews".

The fractious Jews of the Left always dreamed the dreams of being the procurers of Peace but, the Jewish victims always paid with their lives and the lives of their children and spouses. It was so easy for the Europeans, the Arabists in the U.S. State Department and even the Terrorist Chieftains to recruit these gullible Jews of the Left. Nothing has changed over the years as we now see a once glorious warrior who once defeated hordes of Muslim Arabs, change into a fat, old man led by the nose by an American President who is himself a child in matters of foreign affairs and who ignores the tragic history of the Jewish people. George Bush, with his wife walked through the ashes of Auschwitz and choked up for a moment but then they went on to sell the Jewish State to the Muslim Arabs in order to gain an improved image as he electioneers for the 2004 Presidential elections.

Even as Islam slams President Bush in the face in Afghanistan and Iraq, with American and Allied soldiers being killed daily, nevertheless, he moves to appease the savagery of the Arab Palestinians. Bush presses Sharon to not only accept a plan that calls for another Terrorist Arab Palestinian State but forces him to allow it to be born - even if the Terror never ceases.

Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon begins to look like a fool as he offers feeble objections to what is clearly a suicide note in the name of the Jewish people. Even as Terrorism ramps up, at the insistence of Powell and Condolezza Rice, Sharon is about to accept a temporary three-month temporary cease fire which even the Leftists recognize is merely a ploy to allow the rebuilding and re-arming of Hamas and all the other Terrorist organizations fathered and still controlled by Arafat's PLO. This would include but is not limited to Fatah, Tanzim, Al Aksa Martyrs' Brigades, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and more, such as Hezb'Allah and Al Qaeda deployed within all of these Terrorist organizations. They are all interconnected, like a many-armed hydra with one head: Yassir Arafat's PLO who controls them all. Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabiacontinue to fund and support Terror and the Terror organizations, denials notwithstanding.

Sharon, therefore, will withdraw and weaken Israel's ability to interdict the build-up of forces and infrastructure which the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) under General Shaul Mofaz has broken up. As it stands for the moment, Terrorists find it more difficult to travel safely or to smuggle in their explosives or to reconstitute their leadership but, Sharon and Bush will give them that opportunity for three months. The Terrorists will also be under the protection of the Bush Administration or International Monitors from the U.N. and E.U. That includes the CIA under George Tenet's training programs to teach the Palestinians to sniper shoot better, avoid electronic intercepts and generally to function more efficiently. Arafat, Hamas and the others will also have the time to search out implanted Israeli Arab spies and kill them.

Now you may think that Sharon is behaving stupidly or is simply too old for the job. Well, you might be right. His inability to protect the Jewish nations is clear even to those of us who still honor him as a once great warrior and builder of the communities called "settlements". Sharon, like Shimon Peres, is a museum piece and totally dysfunctional in today's dangerous world.

Sharon is setting up a situation where more Jews will be killed in greater numbers than ever before. When the Terrorist State of another Arab Palestine is established, it will begin to fill up with the three to five million Arab Muslim Palestinians who will be forcibly ejected from all other Arab countries. Israel will be hard-pressed to maintain her borders and her sovereignty.

In the early 1980s, I wrote numerous articles on the plans of Yassir Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin and Peres wherein the Jews would be forced out of the territories and Arafat would pull into the vacuum the millions of other Arabs 'claiming' to be descendants of the 450,000 original Arabs who left Israel when she was born in 1948.

The hordes of Muslim Arab Palestinians would then begin to howl that they were too compressed and need more room (more Lebensraum). Israel's borders would begin to sag and finally break under the load of Palestinian humanity. The Europeans would demand that Israel allow the Arabs to enter all of Israel, knowing that the Jewish State of Israel would vanish with the crush of Muslims.

It was clear then; it is clear now. The Jewish State will be ushered out of existence by the Left, by the Europeans, by the Arabist State Department. The Jews will not riot or revolt but will passively accept their fate as before, like the sheep on Sharon's ranch who continue grazing after the predators eat one of their brethren.

So where will the remaining Jews go? There will be only a few nations who will accept some of them/us and, with this slide into a full scale Holocaust 2, they/we will be pushed into refugee camps and there they/we will stay. The Jews of America and Europe will be deeply affected as they are pressured into silence and assimilation. They too will need state or national protection, as is happening in France, Germany, Russia today. Without the State of Israel, Jews in the world at large, will once again become that easily targeted community.

The Jews of America, like the Jews of Israel, cannot yet grasp that possibility just as they cannot recall the history of their own people. I would suggest that you "Pack Your Bags for Babylon" but, there is no Babylon to take us - even as useful slaves.

This then will be the legacy of Arik Sharon, the Jewish Left and the Bush/Powell cabal IF they are allowed to re-partition Israel and force her to withdraw into vulnerability. I cannot help but wonder if politicians and bureaucrats would be so quick to experiment with the lives of people if they were required to spend years in prison for the murders they caused by taking risks that always result in more Terror, death and grievous wounding. Perhaps we should have returned to the honored Japanese practice of ritual suicide ('Sepaku') for those who dishonor their position of power and bring disaster onto the people. Imagine the exodus of politicians who were required to pay for the harm they brought to their nations and their people.

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