, June 29, 2004


By Steven Plaut

In recent days, the pro-terror far-leftists and self-proclaimed "anarchists" from the ISM, or International Solidarity Movement, have been making both increased trouble and headlines here in Israel. They have repeatedly attacked Israeli police and soldiers, using violence as part of their campaign to show their support for the violent Palestinian terrorists. They attempt to vandalize and sabotage Israel's security fence, to show their opposition to all attempts by Israel to protect its children from mass murderers and suicide bombers.

Israelis have long been at a loss to explain the reluctance of their government to send these Western pro-terror "peace activists" packing or to imprison them. In the past, some pro-terror "activists" have gone so far as to hide wanted terrorists in their offices and to hide arms used by them.

This week, in an uncharacteristic decision but hopefully one showing a new direction, the Tel Aviv District Court ordered American leftist activist Ken O'Keefe deported for trying to enter the Gaza Strip illegally.

O'Keefe was caught trying to cross the separation fence into the Gaza Strip near the settlement of Dugit after arriving in Israel three weeks ago, and after having signed a statement pledging not to enter the Gaza Strip. District Court Judge Sarah Gadot determined, based on intelligence reports, that O'Keefe was a security risk and had violated military orders by infiltrating an area controlled by the army, after he had been warned against it and stated his intention to retry. The judge also determined that O'Keefe had ignored a sign in English indicating the location of the border. O'Keefe claimed that the border was not a recognized international frontier and the sign was misleading. In other words, he was of the rather common opinion that leftists should be exempt from obeying the law.

O'Keefe claims he had organized hundreds of Americans and citizens of other Western countries to act as "human shields" in Iraq. O'Keefe said he had come to Israel at the beginning of the 2003 Iraq war to advance "peace" (or at least the leftist interpretation of the term) between Israelis and Palestinians. His attorney, Yael Barda from the Far-Left anti-Zionist organization Gush Shalom, claimed that although her client was eccentric, he was not a security risk.

But the true face of these "caring peace lovers" in the Middle East who support the terrorists, was unmasked this week in a different development. According to a news story in the Israeli leftist daily Haaretz this week, it was revealed that the "international solidarity protesters" and the rest of the Far-Leftist demonstrators in town trying to sabotage Israel's security fence, are taking their orders and directions directly from Yassir Arafat. They met with Arafat this week in his terrorist headquarters in Ramallah to hear his orders and instructions for them regarding how they should run their "peace" protests against Israel's security fence. Arafat ordered them to escalate the violence of their demonstrations, especially at two locations, near Jerusalem and near the Jewish town of Ariel, and to escalate the level of the protests just before the "World Court" in the Hague meets to discuss Israel's fence. In sum, the terrorist Arafat is dictating tactics and timing to the Western peace poseurs and solidarity-meisters for the Islamic revolution.

On the other hand, this week witnessed one of the most successful anti-terror actions by Israel to date, and it was one that will have a greater impact on the terror and on the pro-terror leftists than the construction of the security wall itself. Israel carried out a sort of Godfather-movie set of hits on the number-one leaders of all three major terrorist organizations in Nablus. Not only were the three terrorist dons all killed in a single day, but so were seven other terrorists with them; several were also in leadership positions.

The peace-loving and caring Left of course will be outraged and will escalate its violent protests against Israeli self-defense. After all, how dare Israel assassinate the Palestinian terrorists instead of capitulating to them?