By Boris Shusteff

"Without armed power to physically prevent any possibility of disturbance to the settler, settlement is impossible. Not 'difficult,' not 'dangerous'--impossible. ...Zionism is settlement and therefore its entire destiny depends on armed force. It is important to plow, it is important to produce, it is important to speak Hebrew. To our sorrow, there is nothing more important than knowing how to shoot, otherwise we shall have to forego the game of settlement."

..............Zeev Jabotinsky, 1933, "Affen Prippachek, the New A B C"

The conflict between Israel and the Arabs is not about the borders of the Jewish state. The conflict is about Israel's existence. The Arabs want the Jewish State to disappear, period. They do not want to listen to any arguments. They do not care that Eretz Israel is the cradle of the Jewish people. For the Arabs the Jews are the "dhimmi" people, i.e. inferior people. It is because of this "inferior" status of the Jews that it is so hard for the Arabs to accept defeats, that they suffered in military campaigns of 1948, 1967 and 1973. It is very humiliating for the Arabs. This is the main reason why the Arab world is now trying to defeat Israel through the so called "peace process."

In an interview with Oriana Fallaci in Jerusalem in November 1972, Golda Meir said, "We can only arrive at peace with the Arabs through an evolution on their part that includes democracy. But wherever I turn my eyes to look, I don't see a shadow of democracy. I see only dictatorial regimes."

Today, thirty five years later, the situation is even worse. The truth is, that from day one, Israel was ready to live in peace with her neighbors. Contrary to this, since the creation of Israel, the Arabs wanted to destroy her. These thirty five years only multiplied Arabs' hatred towards the Jews. The hatred never subsided. It is developed and nurtured every hour, every day through all possible means. It is encouraged in kindergartens, schools and universities where the Arab children and youngsters learn that the Jews are their enemies. It is preached in mosques where the "Zionist entity" is presented as an eternal threat to the Moslem world. It is flourishing in refugee camps where the Jews are known as "the usurpers and barbarians that have expelled the 'poor' Palestinian Arabs from their homes." It is pouring like venom from newspaper pages in every Arab country.

New blood libels are created and the old ones are revived. The Arab world has an enemy--Israel. Anything bad that is happening is blamed on Israel. This is why, after the decision of the German government to reconsider its ties with Iran, due to killings in Germany of members of the Iranian opposition, a demonstration several hundred thousand people strong was staged in Iran under a slogan, "Death to Israel!"

This is the reality and no rose glasses can brighten it. I want to ask: "Is all this known to the Israelis? There could be three answers to this question. If it is not known, because the government tries to hide this information from its people, then an unforgivable crime is committed against the Jews.

If all is known, and people still believe in "good Arab intentions," then we are "witnessing a unique situation in the Jewish history when there are more than four million dumb Jews living together on a tiny strip of land."

Or there is a third answer, that I consider to be the correct one. It is a case of an extreme weariness on the part of the Jews of Eretz Israel. The people are simply tired out after fifty years of unstoppable fighting for survival. They do not have strength anymore. They are ready to give away their freedom, their rights and even their lives. The hand that was carrying the torch of Jewish life in Eretz Israel is on the verge of dropping it.

It is our duty to prevent the tragedy from happening. We, the Jews of the Diaspora, must rise today for our brothers in Eretz Israel. They did their share; now it is our turn. We must revive Zionism. We must revive it with our words and with our deeds. New leaders must raise high the banner of Zionism. It is time to stop proving the truth that the Jewish people has rights to Eretz Israel. Today we do not need countless politicians, scientists and writers who keep proving that many years ago there was a Jewish State in Eretz Israel, that the Jews have lived there from time immemorial, that they have legitimate rights to the land on both banks of the Jordan river... .One does not have to prove this! It is an axiom! ALL THE LAND IN ERETZ ISRAEL BELONGS TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE!

All the rest must be derived from this axiom. It follows from the axiom that Judea, Samaria and Gaza (or YESHA) must be immediately annexed and Israeli sovereignty must be spread to YESHA. Based on this axiom the deceptive formula "land for peace" must be rejected outright. Israel must counter the Arab formula of giving land and getting for this peace with its own formula of allowing the Palestinian Arabs to remain living in YESHA only if there is peace. Israel must make it absolutely clear to the world community and to the Arabs that after annexation she will allow the Palestinian Arabs to live in YESHA, but only as long as there is peace. Any hostile attempts from the PLO or the Arab countries towards Israel will be met by the expulsion of the Palestinian Arabs from YESHA. The Palestinian Arabs will be guaranteed their "civil and religious rights" but no political activity that may endanger Israel's survival will be allowed. Maybe this is not exactly what the world expects from a democracy, but this is the only pragmatic approach for a country surrounded by hostile despotic regimes bent on its destruction. The Jewish State must stop waiting for praise from other countries and instead must start acting in its own interests. The destruction of the Ozirac reactor was condemned by the world too. Who can answer how many lives could have been lost during the Gulf War if Iraq had had nuclear capability which was eliminated by Israel's attack?

When a leading financier of Islamic militants, Osama bin Ladin, in an interview on CNN's Impact news show, says that, "In our religion, it is not permissible for any non-Muslim to stay in Arabia," he simply repeats the well known truth embedded in Arab mentality. For the Arabs it is not Israel's size that matters, it is the fact that Israel itself sits in Arabia. American troops, whose departure from Saudi Arabia Ladin requested, threatening that otherwise they would become the target of the "holy war," can eventually leave the Middle East. Israel will remain in the region forever. In order to survive in these hostile surroundings, Israel must immediately stop all concessions that the Arabs interpret only as weaknesses. In the Middle East strength is what counts. By annexing of YESHA Israel will show that it has the will and the strength to endure.

The terms "green line" on the ground and the "red lines" that can not be stepped over during negotiations must disappear. There is nothing to talk about. There are two countries already in the territory of the former British Mandate, and there is no room for a third one. It is not a viable solution. Israel must stop teasing the Palestinian Arabs with 40%, 50%, 60%, etc. offers. The territory is not for discussion. Jerusalem is not for discussion. The "refugee" issue is not for discussion. The borders are not for discussion.

Everything becomes simple. The only issue that can be discussed is self-rule for the Palestinian Arabs, if they prefer to remain living in the Jewish State. I want to remind the leaders of the Likud that they do not have to reinvent the wheel. The issue of "national minorities"(the Palestinian Arabs are the national minority in the Jewish State) was thoroughly investigated by Zeev Jabotinsky and was the subject of his Ph.D. thesis in law in 1912

In her excellent book "Every Individual, a King " Raphaela Bilsky Ben-Hur presents Zeev Jabotinsky's views on the issue of self-rule. First of all Jabotinsky unequivocally stated that legislation is "outside the authority of the national minority," therefore "it cannot be called an autonomy, but only self--rule." She quotes Jabotinsky,

"There is no room for extraterritorial cannot be implemented ... It is not the will of the majority that frustrates it, but simply the objective impossibility...The self--rule of a national minority can be expressed only in its right to establish and maintain, within the framework of its concrete legal authority, suitable institutions and bodies; to set down rules and instructions for them; to purchase and appropriate property; and to levy the needed taxes. That is--everything what is objectively possible in regard to autonomous-national rights for a minority."

That means neither separate airport nor separate sea port, neither diplomatic missions, nor separate flags, neither separate stamps, nor currency can be allowed. The Palestinian Arabs will have three choices. To stay put and live peacefully as a minority in the Jewish State. To move to any of the 22 Arab States, if they want to exercise their political rights. (For example, if the Palestinian Arabs want to live in a Palestinian State their dream can come true when they establish permanent residence in Jordan). Or to be expelled if they decide to proceed with the hostility.

Israel must immediately begin building new settlements in YESHA. The emergency plan prepared by the Israeli government, that stipulates building housing in YESHA for 100,000 people if the "peace process" fails, must become a number one priority for today. It is enough that in 1922 the Jews have lost Eastern Palestine whose lands were extremely valuable. This is what Chaim Weizmann wrote to Winston Churchill in 1921, presenting a detailed statement of the Zionist case on Transjordan, "The climate of Trans-Jordania is invigorating; the soil is rich; irrigation would be easy; and the hills are covered with forests. The Jewish settlement could proceed on a large scale without friction with the local population. The economic progress of Cis-Jordanania itself is dependent upon the development of these Trans-Jordanian plains, for they form the natural granary of all Palestine, and without them Palestine can never become a self-sustaining economic unit and a real National Home."

The British themselves knew this; the London Times on September 19, 1919 wrote, "Palestine must have a good military frontier east of Jordan...Our duty as Mandatory is to make Jewish Palestine not a struggling state but one that is capable of vigorous and independent national life."

Excuses can be made for the Jews' actions in 1922, when they did not retain the Eastern Palestine since there were no Jewish institutions, neither civil, nor military, that could have countered the treacherous British move. Inaction today would be unforgivable. The territory that was designated for Jewish settlement already in 1919, and that was liberated in the defensive war in 1967, legitimately belongs to the Jewish people. It must be settled and developed as quickly as possible in order to eradicate the vain hopes of Palestinian Arabs. Israel is not a "rich uncle" for the Palestinian Arabs. It can not allow the creation on its land of another hostile Arab State.

There is still no peace between Israel and her Arab neighbors. This means that the process of building the Jewish State is not completed yet. Therefore all principles that were applied by Zhabotinsky to the so called "breakthrough period" are more than valid. In "The Idea of Betar" Jabotinsky wrote,

"...the Jewish nation must build its state, and this undertaking is so difficult and complicated that it demands all the strength of an entire generation. ...all other ideas, however beautiful and noble, may influence us only as long as they do not disturb us in the work of building the state of the Jews. The very moment one of this ideas starts to become an obstacle (even indirectly) on the road to a Jewish State, it must be ruthlessly sacrificed in favor of the single ideal. ...Everything that disrupts the building of the state of the Jews--whether a personal matter or a matter of a group or "class"-- any other goal must, no matter what, defer to the sole, supreme, preeminent ideal: the state of the Jews."

The world was sympathetic to the Jews when they were fighting for the re-establishment of their homeland. It did not like the downtrodden, fearful, weak Jews with the "ghetto" mentality. It loved strong, brave, proud Hebrews, that despite all obstacles were building a bright and promising future. As soon as the Jews stopped "being for themselves," they immediately lost all the support that they previously enjoyed. What sense does it make to support those who do not care about themselves?

The Jewish State and the world Jewry made a gigantic mistake by not countering the Arab propaganda, and allowing the Jewish David to switch places with the Arab Goliath. The Arabs have learned well the lessons of doctor Goebbels propaganda technique. By repeating lies that were not countered by the "intelligent" Jews countless times, the Arabs have convinced the world and the "peace loving" Jews that it is Israel who does not want peace and not the Arabs.

Hypnotized by the word "peace" Israel, like a rabbit, throws herself into the PLO's pythonlike embrace. A murderous organization that, since its inception in 1965, implicitly or explicitly keeps calling for Israel's elimination, became a "legitimate honorable Israeli partner." The Arab world today has no doubts that the term "dhimmi" is absolutely appropriate and applicable to the Jews. How else are you supposed to think and talk about a people that hates itself, that is blind and deaf, and that bears humiliation?

It is easy to quote hundreds of hateful anti-Israeli statements, slogans and appeals emanating from almost every PLO leader since 1993. I would suggest to the Israeli "leftists" to create a special diary, write these statements down and, prior to offering another concession read through them. There are many representatives of the cultural elite among the Israeli proponents of the "Oslo peace process." They can even learn the following poem that was read on the PA's Voice of Palestine on May 22, 1997 during the morning news program "A New Day." It was read as part of a series of "Songs of the Homeland." During the September 1996 riots, the Voice of Palestine replayed it.

"O our beautiful land imprisoned in a cage and surrounded by wolves, My shaded garden, the tormentors have destroyed you, and the dogs have settled in you, O Jerusalem, O my city, With my notebook and pencil and the fire of my rifle I will shatter the cage, I will kill the wolves and plant the flag, The dogs will not bark in the heroic cities."

On September 13, 1993 Yitzhak Rabin said in his remarks in Washington, "Enough of blood and tears. Enough."

I want to rephrase his words. Enough self-humiliation and self-hatred. Enough indecisiveness and spinelessness. Enough self-deception and self-murder. Enough. Enough! Enough!!!


Boris Shusteff is a Russian immigrant and member of the Freeman Center.

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