Editor's Note: About six months ago, the Freeman Center turned over to the Houston's Jewish Herald-Voice numerous documents authenticating the story below of Raviv's connection to the Rabin assassination. They made an editorial decision NOT to run the story. We covered the story fully by fax and E-mail broadcast as well as in print in the December 1997 issue of THE MACCABEAN. Freeman Center members are indeed fortunate to have an independent source of news on Israeli and Jewish affairs. Your support is critical for our continued operation.

....Bernard J. Shapiro

Forwarded from The Jerusalem Post of June 18, 1998


Bring Raviv To Trial

By Uri Dan and Dennis Eisenberg

No sooner was Margalit Har-Shefi convicted of not having taken reasonable measures to prevent the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, then the predictable, Pavlovian knee-jerk reaction came from the far-left wolves scenting blood.

Leading the pack was Leah Rabin, who was reported to have declared that both Yigal Amir and Har-Shefi were but instruments in the hands of "inciters," who stood on a balcony and smiled while in the street below a vicious campaign of instigation was conducted against her husband. Out tumbled copy-cat provocative comments, aimed at smearing both the religious and secular national camp: "The assassin was not alone...an evil spirit still stalks the land."

The barely concealed implication of the Left is that Binyamin Netanyahu and the other right-wing balcony speakers at a mass meeting in Jerusalem were responsible for Rabin's assassination. Not a shred of proof has ever been produced to prove this blatant falsehood. But there were inciters at work. Inciters whose activities were authorized by Carmi Gillon, head of the General Security Services and his boss, then-premier Rabin, along with the blessings of the leading judicial officers of the Labor-controlled administration.

What really happened at that mass protest against the way the Oslo Accords were being steamrolled through the Knesset? We were there and did not hear a single speaker preach violence or treason.

Yet there was incitement. It was provided by GSS agent Avishai Raviv. He gathered up a dozen or so banners carried by young teenagers, bearing photo-montage pictures of Rabin dressed up as an SS general. He handed them over to the compliant TV crews and pressed them hard to run them that very night - which they promptly did. These particular youngsters had a attended a summer youth camp run by Raviv, a macho figure whom they hero-worshiped. Raviv was a brilliant success as an undercover agent. GSS handlers guided and instructed him how to infiltrate the world of students and then incite them to carry out deeds which would prove that there was a right-wing conspiracy to topple the government, when in fact none existed.

Raviv also created his own phony group and took them to demonstrate in front of Rabin's home on Friday afternoons to chant: "Rabin and his wife will be hung like Mussolini and his mistress." In another incident, Raviv was given wide media coverage when he claimed his Eyal youth movement had murdered an Arab near Hebron in revenge for the deaths of Jews in suicide attacks. Wide criticism, verging on hysteria, was heaped on Hebron settlers. Ten days later it was found that a gang of Arab thieves were guilty of the killing.

Evidence was brought to the Shamgar inquiry by young girls who were present at a settlement meeting where Raviv urged Yigal Amir to prove his worth as a man and kill Rabin. As we detailed in our book published in France, A State Crime, Raviv carried out other similar activities. Because both Gillon and Rabin knew full well just how illegal these actions were, they asked for and received full judicial backing by then-attorney-general Michael Ben-Yair and other top legal officials.

EVIDENCE of how the GSS employed Raviv and other inciters was given in closed sessions to the Shamgar Commission, But why was it done behind closed doors and its evidence never revealed to the public? After all its function was to unravel the truth. For one, the GSS opposed such a move. It claimed great harm would be done to its work if its operational methods were brought to the public's attention. Another excuse was given by Ben-Yair and his successor, Elyakim Rubinstein, as well as State Attorney Edna Arbel. They argued they did not have sufficient evidence to bring the matter to court.

That sounded a very lame excuse. Doing their duty, as they must when they feel the law has been broken, the judicial authorities did not hesitate for a moment recently when they brought a handful of mayors to court on charges of corruption and financial impropriety. In virtually every case, the men in the dock were acquitted.

How strange therefore, that when evidence arises that a government deliberately set out to politicize the vital secret service of the country, the legal authorities saw nothing, heard nothing and did not even smell anything amiss. And by so doing, they failed to fulfill their role as guardians of the law.

Perhaps blushing a little over how a minor player like Har-Shefi gets the full treatment in court, while Raviv wanders around a free man, the state attorney said she will make a decision about Raviv's file within a few weeks. Truly, the wheels of justice when it comes to politics, grind exceedingly slow. Let us see if this is merely a sop to silence their critics - or whether it really will happen.

The only glimmer of light in this murky world is Gillon's replacement, Ami Ayalon. He made it a priority when he came into the job to clean out the stables of the secret service. Ayalon has informed Rubinstein that the GSS no longer objects to Raviv being tried. The state lawyers may agonize. But let them remember that there is powerful element in the human psyche which calls for natural justice.

If a minor cog in the Rabin affair faces a prison term - then surely the inciter-in-chief, and those who employed and trained Raviv should also be punished for their wickedness. (c) Jerusalem Post 1998


A Freeman Center Response

Dear Friends, I am very angry and upset at the judicial harassment and injustice perpetrated against Margalit Har-Shefi. Let me say that "Kafka lives in Israel." All who support human and civil rights must unite to liberate this innocent young woman from a judicial inquisition that knows not wherein lies human decency and justice.

Shame on them.

Bernard J. Shapiro

Arutz Sheva News Service -- June 14, 1998 / Sivan 20, 5758


The Tel Aviv Magistrates Court found Margalit Har-Shefi guilty this morning of "not preventing a crime," specifically, the assassination of Yitzchak Rabin. The court found that she knew of Yigal Amir's intention to kill the Prime Minister and did nothing to prevent it. Judge Nira Lidsky found Har-Shefi innocent of providing resources to Amir, but explained in a 110-page ruling why she concluded that Har-Shefi knew of Amir's intentions in advance. The judge said that Har-Shefi knew Amir's extremist opinions, she knew that he was capable and determined to carry them out, and she even attempted to dissuade him from his plans. The fact that Har-Shefi lied to Amir about the location of weapons stored in Beit El was proof, according to Judge Lidsky, that she related seriously to his intentions. Her lawyer, Yoseph Elon, had claimed in her defense that she did not know the exact location and time of the planned crime, and that therefore this was not true knowledge of the crime. He also claimed that Har-Shefi knew that others had heard of his intentions as well, and that therefore she did not think that the responsibility for stopping him was entirely upon her. This is one of the very few cases in Israeli history where a conviction of this crime has been ruled. Sentencing will not be handed down for several months.


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