By Dr. Aaron Lerner

Here are some things which I don't understand:

1. "The Netanyahu administration is the best possible nationalist camp government "

What does this mean? That all the things Netanyahu has been criticized for were unavoidable? That someone with more will power couldn't have built Har Homa or actually insisted on Palestinian reciprocity two years ago - before Hebron and before the handshake with Arafat?

2. "Netanyahu is cutting the best deal he can with the Palestinians."

Note that the claim isn't that it is necessarily an acceptable deal. Is the purpose of the exercise only to negotiate the best possible deal or does Netanyahu have red lines?

3. If Netanyahu thinks that it will take over a billion dollars to build the roads and infrastructure to secure the settlements after the withdrawal, how can the withdrawal be implemented before this infrastructure is in place? [Freeman Center Note: If you need all that infrastructure to safeguard the Israeli population, are you sure you are getting "peace?"]

4. If Netanyahu believes that there should be no progress in "the process" until the Palestinians start complying, why does Israel appear so interested in making unilateral progress in opening the Palestinian airport and seaport?

5. Beyond the current position on the changing of the Charter by the PNC (rather than some body which does not have the authority to ratify such a change) what does Netanyahu have in mind when he talks about reciprocity?

Will Netanyahu consider it "reciprocity" if Arafat signs executive orders (or the PLC enacts legislation) prohibiting the possession of illegal weapons, security forces beyond those set by the Oslo agreements, incitement against Israel and the planning and execution of acts of terror against Israel - or will Netanyahu insist that the PA also implements these measures before he carries out a withdrawal?

6. The PA plans to explain why they haven't extradited each and every terrorist on Israel's list. Will Netanyahu consider receiving these explanations from the PA compliance?

7. If the arguments for folding today are valid, when won't they be valid? [Freeman Center Note: Such as when Jerusalem, right of refugee return, the merger of Israeli Arab areas of with 'Palestine,' etc.]

8. When people say that they will support Netanyahu whatever he does are they supporting or undermining Netanyahu?


Dr. Aaron Lerner is the Director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)
(POB 982 Kfar Sava)
[June 15, 1998]

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