By Emanuel A. Winston

No Peace Without Security, No Security Without Trust,
No Trust Without Reciprocity

We watched with dismay as the limp regime of Rabin/Peres/Beilin begged for peace at any price. Reminiscent of the disgusting anti-Semitic cartoons often seen in European and Arab papers, these men looked like pathetic, emasculated Jews, begging forgiveness for their very existence. Even as the Arabs broke every agreement, these contemptible Jews chose to ignore the repeated slaps in their faces and invited even worse. As there is no self-respect , neither is there any peace.

As more Palestinian terrorists killed Jews, Rabin, speaking for his gaggle of Leftist Jews explained that those Jews who were killed by orders of his Arab partner in negotiations (Arafat), should be considered "sacrifices for peace". Since the people who were being killed had not volunteered to sacrifice their lives for a theory promulgated by Peres, Beilin and Rabin, their deaths were necessary for the political needs of a failing Oslo. Clearly, those who arranged these deaths were culpable. But, Rabin and Peres, in their Oslo scheme which betrayed Israel, acted as evil high priests, offering up the deaths of our Jews as sacrifices. Since Rabin/Peres/Beilin didn't believe in HaShem - the G-d of the Jewish people - who was the Moloch to whom they were sacrificing? Was Arafat the idol to be appeased with Jewish blood? Would he be appeased with only 300 dead Jews? 1000 dead Jews? 6 million dead Jews?

For Rabin/Peres/Beilin no number seemed too high, nor had they drawn a line when too much land was enough to give up. They never went to the funerals or to sit shiva with the families of the victims. Every Jewish death was considered a self-sacrifice for the good of Oslo and Arafat...of course, for a "peace process" that never existed. These are the men ultimately responsible for destroying Israel's ring of security against a savage horde promising 'Jihad' (Holy War).

Even as the "Gaza/Jericho First" experiment failed, more tangible assets of land, water, holy sites, defensive borders were surrendered, increasing the dangers and the deaths - exponentially. Look to these men for retribution. They played G-d with lives of other Jews, men, women and children, and in so doing, risked the nation of Israel. This troika of evil started their secret and illegal talks with the PLO in the early 1980s while Arafat was ordering to his terrorists to kill as many Jews as possible.

With contempt, these men grossly violated the law barring meeting with the PLO, an internationally named terror organization, dedicated to destruction of the State of Israel. Despite Nobel prizes and cynical world adulation, Arafat's PLO never changed their intentions or their manifesto, the PLO Covenant. These men should be indicted and tried for crimes against the State and against the Jewish people as contributors to murder of their own people, i.e.,for sedition and/or treason.

After Oslo was signed in September 1993 by Rabin, Peres, Clinton and Arafat almost 300 Jews have been murdered, shot, blown up with suicide bombers, firebombed, knifed, stabbed, cut up, mutilated. Thousands have been wounded, some maimed for life. Arafat almost daily proclaims that he will order a return to violence, martyrdom and bloody 'Jihad' on his march to take "all Israel as his New State of Palestine with Jerusalem as the capital of that state and only that state". Arafat has done nothing to disarm and disassemble Hamas who willingly does his bloody work.

But, of course, as Rabin and Peres stated: It was for a good cause - for a process. But it was not for peace. There is no peace. There was no peace and, according to the statements of Muslim clerics, there never will be any peace until Israel is dismembered. That was then; this is now:

There seems to be no self-respect left in Israel. There will be No Peace without Security, No Security without Trust, No Trust without Reciprocity.

Item One: Israel's deputy of planning in the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) presented the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee with a plan for a separation between Israel and the PA (Palestinian Authority). They plan a border fence and mine fields (G-d forbid). This obscene plan would cost more than a billion dollars to implement. This plan was received with shock by senior police officers and Public Security Ministry officials. Why? Not because mine fields will now be placed on holy soil of Eretz Yisrael. That's bad enough. But because the plan relates to the PA as a state for all intents and purposes. This incipient state will be the cradle of all evils, needing mine fields to stop their murderous incursions into Israel.

Public Security Minister Avigdor Kahalani said he too has a plan for separating Israel from the PA that also includes a fence and mine fields which he intends to present to the government. Has Israel become the land of Chelm where being stupid is already the highest office in the land.

Item Two: 40,000 Israeli cars were stolen in 1997. The police presented its plan to prevent the transfer of stolen cars from Israel to Palestinian areas.That's more than all the cars stolen in America in a year. What kind of a peace is that? The answer is that this is an Arab peace, a Muslim peace, a Koranic peace...what Arafat calls "an inferior peace" like the peace treaty Mohammed signed with the Jewish Koraish tribe in Mecca. In 2 years after he was militarily stronger, he broke that treaty and massacred the Koraish.

Item Three: 11% + 2 % is not enough - according to Clinton and Albright. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu met in Washington with American mediator Dennis Ross. According to Arutz 7, Netanyahu has agreed to withdraw from 11% of Judea and Samaria within 3-4 months, and from an additional 2% in a year's time. But, the US hasn't agreed. It's not enough. Israel's demand for extradition of terrorists from the PA has been replaced with an American proposal that the terrorists be imprisoned within the PA, under American (?) supervision. And Arafat has not agreed to change the PLO Charter calling for Israel's destruction.

So what does Israel get for giving up precious assets. Zippo. No respect. No justice for killers of Israelis. And the PLO can still officially be demanding Israel's destruction. If Bibi accepts this plan, now or later, 10 Jewish communities will be almost totally surrounded by Palestinian-controlled territory, aside from a narrow strip only as wide as the road leading in and out of each town. Route #60, the main north-south route in this area will be greatly affected and will be under Palestinian control in several places. It will not be possible to travel between Ofra and Shilo without entering Arab territory. There will be no route from Shilo-Eli-Ma'aleh Levonah westward to the rest of Israel, or northward through the Tapuach Junction. Ateret will have no eastern route to Beit El, Ofra and the Jordan Valley. Other YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron & Aza) towns to be affected include Ganim, Beit Haggai, Brachah, Yitzhar and more. If the surrender is larger that 11-13%, Beit El, Ofra, Shavei Shomron and others should be added to the list of dangerously affected communities. "Affected" means not only is a town practically surrounded by Arabs, with all of the consequences for security, but also that its water, electric, sewage, and telephone lines are within Palestinian territory.

DM Yitzhak Mordecai said 6% withdrawal would endanger Israel's national interests and everything above 8-9% will significantly damage Israel's security. Every 1% is bigger than Tel Aviv, Yafo and Bat Yam together. 1% equals the size of Israel's early warning stations to the East. In February Israelis lined up for gas masks to protect against Saddam (from the East).The early warning stations were on war alert. Syria is loaded with tanks, planes, missiles with chemical and biological warheads. Iran (to the East) is nuclear capable, with missile throw power soon to reach Israel.

2-3% more? This gives Arafat control over Israel's main water resource: Life & Death issues. 2-3% puts access to Ben Gurion Airport at risk. Where is the respect and security Israel deserves? Does Israel have to tear her heart out merely to satisfy a corrupt President who needs an exiting foreign policy win to cover over his abysmal record? What does Israel get out of it? No security. No respect. Mine fields and fences. This is peace? I don't think so. As an example of "No Respect" the following items speak once again of the Shtetl Jews cowering before the gentile:

Item Four: Israeli flags will NOT be allowed in the Old City of Jerusalem during the Jerusalem Day commemorating the liberation of Jerusalem during the Six Days War in 1967. The reason given was 'fear of provocations'.

Item Five: Palestinian policemen were shooting at Israelis during Arafat's 'celebration' of his creation: 'Al Nagba', what the Arabs call the "Catastrophe', when Israel won her War of Independence. The rioting was not spontaneous. It was orchestrated. Four Palestinians were killed and many wounded. It was premeditated murder by Arafat. He needed the blood sacrifice. The PA's message was "we are here. This our homeland, our Palestinian refugees must return to their homeland."

Item Six: The EU (European Union) has proposed joining the Arab States in a boycott of all Israeli/Jewish goods from Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. (Clearly, a counter boycott of the products from the EU countries is in order.)

Item Seven: 14 firebombs were thrown at Jewish targets in Hebron in one day. No one was hurt that day. The Abu Sneneh hilltop overlooking all the Jewish neighborhoods in Hebron, is under total control of Arafat and the PA. The only Israeli access is a 'joint patrol' of one Israeli jeep and one Arab jeep, supposedly only armed with pistols. The Israeli soldiers would be helpless if there were any terrorist attacks on the Jewish neighborhoods.

The Peace being foisted on Israel has no reality and no respect. When Israeli leaders respect themselves, they will receive grudging respect from America and the Arabs. Then there will be peace and security. There is: No Peace without Security, No Security without Trust, and No Trust without Reciprocity. Reciprocity should bring Security; Security may bring Peace.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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