By David Basch

"... Kennedy's unwise recklessness brought him and those that depended on him to destruction. Alas, too many of Israel's leaders take Israel on similar reckless trips that place the survivability of the nation into question."

I read in today's news that Barak has expressed a willingness to compromise. This is hardly news since the history of Israel is her willingness to compromise and her sacrifices in proving this willingness. What would be news is Arab willingness to compromise, which I have not seen yet.

In all agreements, the Arabs come out affirming their principles, which, if Israel refuses to knuckle under to, are for the Arabs legitimate causes for continued war. I have yet to find the Arab side making compromises on principle, compromises that are the only road to peace in the region. After all, can anyone expect that having 3.7 additional Arabs come to Israel is a step toward peace or that Israel will accept that impossibility? That such a sizable stateless people continues to exist in Araby expected to go to Israel is a sure sign that the Arabs have no intention of living in peace.

Moreover, if the Arab side insists that Israel occupies Arab territory by being in existence and that this "sin" must be undone, how is it possible for Israel to find peace with them? Under such circumstances, the agreements that Israel signs are merely temporary halts in the Arab war against Israel, which war is to be resumed as Israel is weakened by repeated onslaughts.

That Israeli governments have failed to inform Israelis of this is responsible for the leftist Israeli willingness to continue to make fruitless and dangerous concessions to the Arab enemy that lead Israel ever closer to the abyss of destruction. I just heard how Kennedy's unwise recklessness brought him to his own destruction and to that of those that depended on him. Alas, too many of Israel's leaders take Israel on reckless trips that place the survivability of the nation into question.

Israel's firm resolve not to weaken herself will be a sign of her maturity. Her announcement to the Arabs that they won't be allowed to succeed in their aims, but will only sow the seeds for the Arabs' own horrible destruction, is a message that the Arab man on the street will appreciate.

When the Arabs get that message, even their Islam allows them to desist from starting ruinous wars that bring these ends about. After that the Arabs will be ready for a true peace in the region that will even benefit them.

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