By Rachel Gold

If one wishes to understand why the Jews of Israel retreat and face catastrophe while the Arab star ascends, listen to the two voiceslisten to the contrast. The Arab voice is shrill, loud, brazen and confident. The Jewish voice is defensive, apologetic, and guilt-ridden.

CNN reported on Saturday that President Saddam Hussein said Iraq will not give up its fight against Israel until the Jews leave the region or accept living as citizens under a Palestinian Arab state. Hussein's remarks come as Israel's new Prime Minister Ehud Barak has vowed to not only accelerate the peace process with the Palestinians but also make peace with avowed enemy, Syria, after withdrawing troops from southern Lebanon.

"Is it possible for anyone who acquiesces and concedes occupation by the Zionists and al-Quds (Jerusalem) being under the Zionist occupation or captivity to be called a faithful believer and to believe his prayers would be received by God?" Hussein asked.

"Down with Zionism," he said. "Palestine is an Arab land, the homeland of the Palestinians, as a part of the great Arab homeland and the glorious Arab nation."

The Arab shouts ITBACH-AL-YAHUD (Slaughter the Jews), and the Jews smile, ready to concede at every turn. Between two such opponents, there is no contest!!!

The angry Arab shout over the expropriation of land is in reality a tactic to cover the incredible amount of state land stolen by Arabs over the years. This illegal building has reached an epidemic stage.

What is Labor defending? Is it Israel's Declaration of Independence which calls for equal rights of all while neglecting to mention equal obligation from all, especially in the matters of taxation and serving in Israel's military. If it grants equal rights then it grants the right of the minority to become the majority. Is this what Labor defends? Will PM Barak stand like a modern-day Voltaire, shout to the howling Arab mob that cries for an end of a Zionist state and say, "I will differ with you over this but defend to the death your right to become a majority." My, my, how difficult it is today to be both a liberal and a Zionist.

A Jewish state can exist in peace only with a large Jewish majority. It cannot grant the right to a minority to take its home away. It is a contradiction that the Arabs are determined to resolve in their own favor, and democracy is joined by demography to plunge Israel down the road to catastrophe.

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