By Richard Shulman

In reaction to NATO's current intervention, someone asked where was the West during the Holocaust. Half the West was perpetrating it. The other half was watching with satisfaction. With that in mind, the question should be, where is the West now, while the Arabs are preparing another Holocaust? Answer: the West is provisioning the Arab forces and undermining Jewish resistance. The early stage of this is called "peace process."

And now you see why, while I'd like Israel to win world public opinion over to its side, I do not think it should obey world public opinion. Now you can see why I do not think highly of world opinion.


Another reader challenged us to show him an Arab who admires Saddam. When Saddam poses as the Arab world's nose-thumper at the West, the Arab masses admire him. They did the same for Nasser. The coalition against Saddam had difficulty retaining cohesion, because Arab governments were leery of popular enthusiasm for their modern "Saladin." The PLO still favors Saddam, as it did when the PA masses cheered the scuds en route to Tel Aviv.

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