IDF: 19,109 FALLEN

(Communicated by the Defense Ministry Spokesman)
Jerusalem, 8 May 2000

[Editor's Note: The Freeman Center grieves for the families of these heroes but is saddened by the fact Israeli governments since 1992 have chosen to dishonor these men by giving away the Land they fought and died for....Bernard J. Shapiro]

On the eve of Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel's Wars, the Defense Ministry has announced that the number of fallen since 29 November 1947/War of Independence to today is 19,109 and prior to that date is 1,594. The total number of fallen since 1860 is 20,703 (including IDF personnel who died of their wounds).

The total population of bereaved families is 17,812, as follows: 3,344 widows, 4,474 bereaved single parents and 3,882 bereaved couples (7,764 individuals), 2,230 orphans, plus 81,879 disabled IDF veterans with a 0-100% handicap.

The opening ceremony for Remembrance Day for the Fallen of Israel's Wars will take place today (Monday) 8.5.2000, at 20:00, at the Western Wall, under the aegis of President Ezer Weizman and Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz.

Ceremonies will be held at the 42 military cemeteries across the country tomorrow and the Memorial to Fallen Bedouin soldiers at Hamovil Junction (near Nazareth) at 11:00, following the two minute commemoration siren.

The commemorative stamp for remembrance Day 2000 symbolizes the link between the people and the land of Israel.

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