On behalf of the Yamin Israel Party, we the undersigned heartily endorse the Proclamation issued by Ruth and Nadia Matar, Co-Chairpersons of Women in Green.

These heroic women have issued a most extraordinary document, copies of which have been reportedly distributed to some 100,000 people in Israel. The Proclamation may well make history. [We shall add some bracketed comments.]

The Proclamation is preceded by an explanatory manifesto: "The Government of Israel, headed by Ehud Barak, is making every effort to rid itself of the nation's heartland, not as a result of a military defeat, but voluntarily. The Government is establishing an Arab terrorist state within the borders of Eretz Israel. These actions endanger the existence of the People of Israel in its land."

[This being so, one may well question the legitimacy of the Barak Government; for the first function of any government, as James Madison points out in the FEDERALIST PAPERS, is to provide for the security of its citizens.]

The manifesto continues: "The Arab enemy, with all its varied forces, despite all the agreements and concessions of our Government, does not conceal its intentions of initiating a total war for the destruction of the State of Israel. These proven facts do not cause the Government to reconsider its policies."

[The continuation of these Government policies is less the result of American pressure than of obtuseness and egotistical obstinacy, if not moral cowardice. This means - and the implications are profound -- that the Government of Ehud Barak is not susceptible to reason or moral suasion.]

As if the Land of Israel was their private property, "Cabinet ministers have proclaimed the Government's intention of handing over to the enemy roughly 80% of Judea and Samaria, Israel's heartland. Such an act constitutes a grave threat to the future of at least 100 settlements. It may be that the Government plans to send IDF soldiers to forcibly evacuate some of the settlements; however, most of the remaining settlements will probably be abandoned to the [emerging] terrorist PLO state. The expected wave of murderous terror against these settlements is meant to spur the Jews of Yesha to evacuate themselves from their homes and from their communities 'of their own free will.'"

[Apropos of abandoning Jews to Arab terrorists, one may recall the American Declaration of Independence, which denounces the British Government for "bring[ing] on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions."]

Hence the manifesto declares: "It is incumbent upon us to struggle, in a determined manner, against this horrifying plan. As a first step, we must now issue a clear and decisive statement."

The statement is in the form of a Proclamation. The document was signed by some 150 women from Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and Gaza, who had held an emergency conference in the settlement of Netzarim. The Proclamation is addressed to the Prime Minister of Israel, the Government of Israel, the Knesset of Israel, and the People of Israel. Only parts of the document are quoted here.

The Proclamation declares that "Eretz Israel belongs to the Jewish people for all time, and only to it - thus our Torah has established."

"No one is entitled to surrender a single grain of soil of Eretz Israel to a foreign people. There is no legal or moral validity to the handing over of parts of Eretz Israel to the Arabs. This is a betrayal of Judaism We will never accept this crime."

The Proclamation correctly affirms "that not even a referendum will make this act legal and moral." Ruth and Nadia go on to state: "We will not comply if, Heaven forbid, the people will betray its homeland. We will resolutely oppose any program for the uprooting of settlements."

Because the IDF is abandoning Yesha, "The new reality mandates that we be an integral part of the defense system of the settlements against the Arab enemy. We call upon women to practice self-defense and the use of arms, and to purchase weapons, that are approved by the law. This is the hour of pikuah nefesh, the saving of life."

The Yamin Israel Party applauds Ruth and Nadia Matar for their forthright and courageous stand against the Barak Government's betrayal of the Jewish People. We are appalled by the craven and unconscionable character of this Government. This Government, which surrendered parts of Jerusalem even while the PLO was waging war against us; this Government, which betrayed our Christian comrades in southern Lebanon and has thereby brought Hizbullah terrorists to Israel's northern frontier; this Government whose policies endanger the existence of our people - this Government of Ehud Barak has forfeited any legal or moral standing. We therefore call upon all who read this message to rally behind Ruth and Nadia Matar, two of the most outstanding women of Israel.

Professor Paul Eidelberg, President
Eleonora Shifrin, Chairwoman
Yamin Israel

[With a quarter of our membership now Israeli citizens, we feel qualified to sign this Proclamation also.]

Bernard J. Shapiro. Executive Director
Freeman Center For Strategic Studies

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