Below is a description of PEACE after 7 years. Do you like it? Does it fit your definition or that of George Orwell (peace is war, black is white)?

Yesha Communities Bulletin Board

4:00pm update on Yesha violence- 5/15/00

Update on widespread intifada violence at 4:00pm

(IsraelWire-5/15-16:00-DST) The ongoing Arab violence throughout Judea, Samaria & Gaza is being described as the worst since the unrest which followed the opening of the Hashmonean Tunnel in Jerusalem, some four years ago.

Gunbattles between Israeli and PLO Authority (PA) troops are being reported at Yosh Junction and in Jenin, in northern Samaria. The Kol MíHashetach News Agency reports at least two Arab fatalities in the Nablus area while Israel Radio reports that four PA security forces have been injured by Israeli gunfire. Two reportedly in grave condition and two in serious condition. Foreign agencies are reporting at least 300 injured rioters, primarily from rubber-coated steel bullets and seven from live ammunition.

Israel Radio is also reporting that at least one Arab journalist was seriously injured by PA security forces gunfire at Yosh Junction, situated 500 meters south of Bet El and immediately north of the autonomous city of Ramallah.

Earlier in the day, we reported that two members of the border police were injured, one moderately and one moderately-to-serious. Israeli forces have just ceased firing at Yosh Junction, in the hope of calming the situation and permitting PA officers of the District Coordinating Office to restore order.

In northern Samaria, violence is increasing in the area of the Balata Refugee Camp. Israeli troops are firing rubber-coated steel bullets and teargas, avoiding the use of live fire, in the hope of restoring order.

In the Jenin area, thousands of Arab demonstrators tried to storm the Jewish community of Ganim, but were repelled by Israeli forces.

The officer injured near Jenin is identified as Major Tiran Kayuf, who is undergoing surgery on his leg in the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa. Kayuf is assigned to the District Coordinating Office in the northern Samaria area.

The Jerusalem Post reports that one of its correspondents had to flee from the live gunfire. Margot Dudkevitch was reporting from Yosh Junction.

Violence is still being reported in Gaza, where the residents of Netzarim have been locked in the community since the morning. The junction immediately outside Netzarim has become a battleground, with live fire being exchanged as rioters continue to hurl firebombs and stones at Israeli forces.

Security forces assigned to Rachelís Tomb in the PA autonomous city of Bethlehem have also come under attack.

Yael Bosem-Levy, the spokesperson for the trauma unit at Hadassah Hospital, in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem, reports that two additional casualties from the Bet El (Yosh Junction) area have arrived at the trauma unit a short time ago. One of the injured, a soldier, is listed in light-to-moderate condition and the second, a reporter, is listed in serious condition.

IsraelWire will provide additional details as they are made available.

News from Hebron -- The Hebron Press Office -- May 15, 2000

1. All Out War

Arabs throughout the Palestinian authority regions have declared war on Israel. In Jenin an Israeli officer was wounded by enemy gunfire. According to latest reports, a gun-battle is raging in the Ramallah area, at the Yosh Junction. At least one Israeli soldier was critically wounded and others are reported to have been injured. According to eyewitness accounts, the Arab attackers include 'Palestinian police.'

In Gaza, near the Israeli community Netzarim, hundreds of Arabs are rioting and throwing rocks at Israeli security forces, closing the road outside the community. Other areas attacked include Kever Rachel (Rachel's Tomb) in Bethlehem.

In Hebron Arabs attacked Israeli security forces with rocks, firebombs and burning tires. Over 30 firebombs have been hurled so far at Israeli soldiers near the Tarpat Junction, bordering Israeli controlled Hebron and the area abandoned to Arafat. Hundreds of rocks cover the road and four burning tires were rolled towards the soldiers. The Israeli forces shot rubber-coated bullets at the attackers.

The excuse given for the attacks throughout Judea, Samaria and Gazza is "Nakba Day" - or catastrophe day, marking the Israeli declaration of independence. The Arabs declared a general strike and sounded a siren at 10:00 this morning, saluting all those killed fighting Israel.

A Hebron spokesman issued the following statement: The Israeli response to the Arab declaration of war can only be described as humiliating cowardice. This morning the Israel government decided to abandon three Arab cities, bordering East Jerusalem, to Arafat, including Abu Dis and Azaria. This "gesture of good will" is supposedly in response to reports that Arafat's 'police' have captured and jailed Hamas terrorist Muhammad Def, reponsible for the deaths of dozens of Israelis. Def, considered to be the most dangerous terrorist still free, has roamed the streets of Gaza as a free man, in spite of the outstanding warrants against him. Israel television reported last night that Def was apprehended a few days ago. This morning Arab sources denied the reports, saying that one of Def's deputies was arrested.

The Israeli cabinet, voting 15 to 6, approved Barak's cowardly surrender to the Arafat-Clinton demands that he transfer total military control of Abu Dis to the palestinian authority immediately. Voting against the plan were Ministers Rabbi Yitzhak Levi, Natan Sharansky, and the 4 Shas ministers. Minister Yitzhak Levi of the NRP (Mafdal) informed the cabinet of this party's withdrawal from the coalition. Levi suspended all of his ministerial activities and is expected to officially resign next week, following a meeting and formal decision by the NRP's Central Committee.

Abu Dis sitting on Jerusalem's border, overlooks Temple Mount, Judaism's holiest site. Abandonment of Abu Dis to Arafat is the beginning of an Arab hangman's noose around the Holy City.

It may very well be that next year Israelis will mark Nakba Day - the Day of Catastrophe, together with the Arabs. The Arabs will mark the declaration of Israeli Independence and Israelis will mark the beginning of the surrender of Jerusalem to Arafat.

The current administration, with Ehud Barak at the helm, will undoubtedly be remembered in history as the most cowardly leadership in the annals of the Jewish people. The abandonment and division of Jerusalem on the very day that Israeli forces are being shot at by enemy forces is pathetic, inexcusable, and unforgivable.

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