By Emanuel A. Winston

Before the reader begins the substance of the following article, think about the remarkable timeliness of various Arab riots, Arafat's 'Green Lights', collusion between Israeli leaders, Arafat and U.S. Arabists to insure pressure on Israel to capitulate. Recall that just before the first Intifada both Rabin and Peres left the country and both refused to return as the riots spread and grew in strength.

The recently coordinated riots, just as Barak made the unpopular 'gesture' or 'down payment' of giving away Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara to Arafat carried the same smell. The collusion to create pressure on Israel's weak Knesset and a confused population by initiating riots is well understood and practiced by Israel's Left, in linkage with foreign interests who use their intelligence apparatus to foment political change.

Regrettably, Israel's opposition never insisted on a Court of Inquiry to probe Israel's collusion by her Leftist leadership to force political and territorial change which the Israeli public did not want.

The NEW YORK TIMES of May 17, following its usual pro-Arab, anti-Israel practice congratulates Ehud Barak for his perfidy and his vision for not responding to Arafat's 'Green Light' to riot. The TIMES author, Deborah Sontag, recasts Barak's collusion and betrayal as an 'Act of Vision'. Arab leaders congratulated Barak for his lack of retaliation to the Palestinian Police shooting with live ammunition at Israeli soldiers.


One has to admire the sheer, malevolent trickery of the Barak giveaway of Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara - soon to be followed by Anata, A-Ram and other Arab villages encircling Jerusalem. The idea of giving Abu Dis to Arafat was floated earlier by Yossi Beilin and Abu Mazen as the capital of the neo-Palestinian state. What wasn't mentioned was that Abu Dis is merely an extension of the Mount of Olives and separated only by a name and, thereby, is an organic part of Jerusalem.

Look at your maps and see! Abu Dis is an extension of the Mount of Olives. Only look out from the roofs bordering Har Bayit (the Temple Mount) and what do you see? Look across the Silwan Valley and up the hill to the Mount of Olives. There you see the road that King Hussein built across Jewish graves and over into Abu Dis and Eizariya. They're all one contiguous land connection through the Mt. of Olives directly into the Old City of Jerusalem. Beilin, Peres and now Barak knew they were giving the eastern section of Jerusalem to the Palestinians, along with Abu Dis as the 'cover'.

But, Peres, Beilin, Barak and Arafat could not state outright that the Holy Mount of Olives and eastern Jerusalem was to be gifted to Arafat as the capital of his soon-to-be-announced new state of Palestine. While such Jews as Barak, Beilin and Peres who are religiously nonobservant, have little regard for such things as Jewish Holy Sites and the vast ancient Jewish graveyards on the Mount of Olives, the Arabs know its true value.

Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara at first seem to be some ordinary Arab villages of little importance. But, if this Barak give away is now to take place, this entire connected area of the Mount of Olives, all the way down to the Silwan Valley would become the capital of the neo-state of Palestine. The Mount of Olives faces Israel's Old City and the Temple Mount and then so would be their capital. It would be only a matter of time before the Palestinians would succeed with their spurious claim to most of east Jerusalem and even 'west' Jerusalem.

The Arabs consider that area so important that, when they came into control of Jerusalem after Salahadin drove the Christian Crusaders out of Jerusalem, they built a Moslem graveyard outside of the Eastern Wall of the Old City in front of the Golden Gate which they sealed up. They walled up this particular Gate to the City in order to keep the Jewish Moshiach (Messiah) from entering Jerusalem - as legend said he would. Because the Jewish Messiah supposedly cannot walk on unholy ground or through a Muslim cemetery, they also buried several Muslim mujhadin (Islamic holy warriors) in front of that Gate - or so goes their lore.

Yes, the Muslims think a great deal about the Mount of Olives and making it their capital would fit their ideas of status by co-opting what is Holy and precious to the Jews. Of course, the Jewish graves would have to be moved out. But that would not trouble Yassir Arafat - just as it did not trouble King Hussein who controlled the Old City for 19 years - nor would it bother any Muslim ruler of today. While Hussein was in control, he drove out the Jews; he destroyed 58 Jewish synagogues; he desecrated the ancient Jewish graves on the Mount of Olives by building a road through them; he used their ancient memorial stones in the soldiers' latrines. Respecting Jewish graves would not stop Arafat or the Palestinians from building 'their' capital.

By giving the Arabs Abu Dis, Eizariya, Suhawara, Anata and the other villages surrounding Jerusalem, the entire Northern and East sections of Jerusalem would be almost completely sealed off from the rest of Israel if it became necessary to fight a defensive war. The sections called Givat Zev, Neveh Ya'acov, Pisgat Ze'ev, Ma'aleh Adumim, Ramat Eshkol, French Hill would be cut off except for narrow access routes easily cut off. As a General, Barak understands this and so he is doubly guilty of exposing Israeli citizens to assault.

Making access routes dangerous for Jews to travel goes back to the Labor/Left plans of the early 1980s which intended to raise the 'misery index' of Jews to such a degree that they would be forced to abandon their homes. This, of course, is happening now.

When land was bought to build homes on Har Zeytim (the Mount of Olives) next to the Beit Orot Yeshiva, the Left and the Arabs went wild. These Jewish homes would block the Arabs' Plan to have contiguous access to the Temple Mount and their ultimate grasp for ALL of Jerusalem as the capital of the new state of Palestine. Arafat has loudly proclaimed this is his intention since the day that Oslo was signed in September 1993. Note that Har Zeytim is the extended tip of the block of territory containing Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara. So, underneath the misleading titles of a series of seemingly unimportant Arab villages lays the entire Mount of Olives as the capital of the neo-state of Palestine.

Perhaps that also puts in perspective the deal which the Pope cut with Arafat to have unimpeded access to their Churches and Shrines - which the Christians have now as do the Jews and Muslims for the first time under Jewish rule. This arrangement called for the Church to support Arafat's false claims to Jerusalem. It would appear that the Pope and Arafat knew well in advance that what Barak was giving away was the entire Mount of Olives so important to the Christians. The Christian world regards the Mount of Olives as a Holy Place. After all, they have Gethsemane, Church of St. Mary Magdalen, Chapel of the Ascension and more on the Mount of Olives. Was this then the underlying motivation for the Pope's strenuous pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Was he merely securing his claim on Christian properties in collusion with the Leftist Government of Israel and Yassir Arafat? It would appear so.

Shimon Peres, one of the early architects of the Plan to evacuate YESHA and the Golan Heights through the secretly evolved Oslo Plan, once again confirmed his method for trickery. Peres is quoted as saying that "Had PM Ehud Barak kept the proposal under wraps, which includes the hand over of Eizariya and Suhawara (the other two villages on the outskirts of Jerusalem) then it could have been an option." Barak later proclaimed the 'gesture' or 'down payment' of Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara without any referendum and, thereby, opened the gates to Jerusalem. It appears that this is part of a plan to give away Israel in small increments (gestures) therefore avoiding a meaningful Citizens' Referendum.

In other words, like Rabin-Peres-Beilin's Olso Plan - done in secret - which planned the evacuation of YESHA (Yehuda, Shomron and Gaza), so too Peres wanted the Abu Dis/Mount of Olives giveaway to be conducted in secret before the Jews of Israel could stop it. This has now been done by Barak with the urging of President Clinton.

The betrayal of a nation can be called by many names but, it remains a betrayal. The secret of the Mount of Olives as the planned capital of the neo-state of Palestine can no longer be covered over with the trivial name of Abu Dis. The Knesset may no longer be allowed to sit in stupefied silence as if they didn't know. They now know and to their everlasting shame, they voted for it. As for those who crafted this shameless theft of our precious Jewish heritage, they should be brought to trial for treason against the State of Israel.

It is now Tuesday, May 16. Yesterday, the Arabs rioted - on command - across a broad front in Israel. The automatic weapons supplied by the Israeli government to Arafat's terrorist policemen were once again turned on Israeli soldiers.

Barak's government apologists were quick to make excuses and play down Arafat's 'Green Lights' to riot. Barak clearly belongs to anyone who will pay the price of keeping him in office. The Shas Sephardic and ultra-religious political Party has also been purchased as they predictably absented themselves from the vote in the Knesset on the gifting of Abu Dis, Eizariya and Suwahara to Arafat with access to Jerusalem going to the Arabs.

How mortified the Sephardim must be to see Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, sell his vote for tainted money and thereby to jeopardize Jewish sovereignty of Jerusalem.

The much praised and decorated former General Ehud Barak, called 'Mr. Security' has become a role model for betrayal and cowardice. Like Rabin in his early days, Barak has left his troops (the people of Israel) in the line of fire. Perhaps the nation may wake up in time and throw him out of office but, somehow I doubt that it will happen in time to spare Israel a bloodbath.

In closing, let us always remember Barak and Clinton who, with Yassir Arafat, fathered the abortive neo-state of Palestine which in its maturity will rise up like Frankenstein monster to kill all around it - in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East analyst and commentator as well as a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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