By Emanuel A. Winston

The firebombing by a "policeman' of the Palestinian Authority of a two year old girl, Shalev Shabbat Egosi (whose name means Tranquil Sabbath), as her mother was driving through Jericho is only a small indicator of what is to come. She lies in a Hadassah Hospital with burns over 50% of her body. If she lives, she will be scarred for life. With great regret, I guarantee that you all will share the pain as Jews will be lost in the hundreds and thousands as Barak allows Arafat's 'War of Attrition' to ramp up to a Full Scale War. If you cannot feel the pain of two year old Shalev and her family, you will soon feel the pain of those closer to you.

When Rabin, Peres and Beilin pulled open the doors of Hell at Oslo, the devils came out. Now Barak has pushed open the door further, insuring that the devils will have greater ability to kill Jews. Even as Arafat's minions shoot Israeli soldiers with weapons provided by Rabin, Peres and Barak, he offers apologies. As Jews are being murdered by Arafat's soldiers from Hell, Barak and his Leftists cohorts offer their assistance by further exposing them to Arab killers.

The present government of the Jews has become slaved to the evil desires of other nations. They have made common cause with enemies who want to destroy the Jewish State and then go on to install Islam globally. Jews should be tearing down the iron fences that surround the Knesset and the Prime Minister's offices in rage. But, that is not what Jews have been taught to do. Not all - but most prefer passivity and excuses rather than to face reality.

Today, as several shells again fell in Northern Israel, everyone dived into their fetid shelters. In a Pavlovian response, Israelis dove for cover instead of faulting in rage a defeatist Barak government. Barak propaganda spin doctors pulled back his team of apologists from their secret back-channel talks in Sweden. Even as Israelis were being shot at with live ammunition by Arafat's Terrorist/Policemen, Barak was pleading with Arafat to take 80% of Judea, Samaria and Gaza - as well as the three villages which overlook the Temple Mount and cap the eastern military entrance to Jerusalem. When Arafat refused to accept these 'good will' gestures, Barak cravenly increased his defeatist offer to 90% of Judea, Samaria and Gaza - which Arafat also refused. Mr. Security has failed at every level with only Clinton and Arafat pleased with his frailty.

In the North, as I (and others) predicted, the Hezb'Allah (Party of God) terrorists occupied abandoned SLA/Israeli positions, along with the tanks and 130 mm. artillery pieces they left for Hezb'Allah. Now, for example, Hezb'Allah can easily shell the Haifa oil refineries 27 KM. away. Israeli helicopters were reported to have attacked their own former hardened positions to destroy what will soon be Hezb'Allah bases within rifle sniper distance from Israel's border towns. Again as I forecast, Barak is turning Northern Israel into a No-Man's Land. The PLO tested Barak and found him to be a weak leader - quick only in his penchant for appeasement gifts of the Land of Israel which Barak doesn't own and has no right to give away. Barak has backed down. Arafat digests whatever Barak surrenders and moves to the next level of his War of Attrition.

With the success Barak has given the PLO and the Hezb'Allah, the next step will be for Syria and Egypt to advance. Perhaps this assault will be triggered by one of the Israeli helicopters being hit by a SAM (surface-to-air missiles) currently being supplied to Hezb'Allah by Iran.

The War of Attrition won Arafat most of Judea, Samaria, Gaza and key entrances into eastern Jerusalem, leaving Israel in a vulnerable position. When the time comes to roll out her tanks to defend her eastern border with Jordan, she will be faced with armed Palestinians in Land given over by Barak in one of his gestures. This is where Syrian tanks will pour through. In the North, Barak is putting up an electrified fence as Israel's defense. Will that stop missiles or even tanks? Hezb'Allah is gathering arms from Iran and Syria to provide arms for the Palestinians in Lebanon.

As in the past six wars of aggression waged by Arab armies, no doubt, Iraq and Iran will send troops. This time they all now have various weapons of mass destruction to mount onto their various SCUDS and long range missiles. This includes NBC, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical which we know several of the radical Islamic rejectionist states have - secretly or openly.

Each move that Barak has made has raised the expectations of the Arabs to the coming fall of Israel. As long as Barak stays in power, he remains the symbol of Israel's weakness. This smug pug dog, Clinton's pet on a leash or as Clinton called Barak "My New Toy" has proven himself to be not only an incompetent leader as Prime/Defense Minister but he should be tried for treason. His surrenders will inevitably lead to deaths of his own people. He worked diligently with every foreign entity who wishes the State of Israel to vanish. Barak is not only a coward, but he is a traitor of the highest (or lowest) order. He and his Cabinet should be ejected immediately. He, his Cabinet and many in the Knesset have betrayed the State and deserve the most dire punishment the law allows.

As for the formerly vaunted Israel Defense Forces, it is time to clean out the Leftist officers whose prime concern is their hopes for political appointment after their discharge. The good fighters and leaders have been relegated to lower ranks while Leftist Pacifists were raised in rank. These Pacifists destroyed the morale and fighting spirit of a once formidable Army. Today's IDF leaders do not communicate the essential key to a successful army - that being: TO WIN. The IDF's weaknesses become obvious as Arafat's 40,000-50,000 Terrorist/Policemen/Army shoots at Israeli soldiers with weapons Rabin, Peres and Barak delivered to Arafat. Under the Labor government leaders, the standing order was to back away or be prosecuted by Leftist judges.

Regrettably, there is a Full Scale War coming, born out the present War of Attrition. The terrorists will be joined by the Israeli Arabs - a fifth column in place who no longer call themselves Israelis. Jews, already in danger driving on roads inside of Israel, will find leaving their house a mortal risk. Syria and Egypt will absolutely join the attack when Israel is embroiled in the escalating Terrorists War of Attrition. Other Arab countries will add their efforts when they perceive that Israel's ability to defend herself is virtually gone.

Families will continue to be immolated and assailed with fire bombs, bullets and concrete blocks as Barak retreats further into his shell of defeat. Barak, born out of the Leftists, finalized what Rabin, Peres and Beilin have initiated - namely a government that kills its own people.

Tell us, little Barak, will you take responsibility for the catastrophe you have delivered to the Jewish people? Will that mean that you will step down and out of our lives? I am sure that Arafat would welcome you as an honorary Palestinian for the services you have rendered to him.


Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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