By G. M. Ettinger


THE ALTALENA. In the middle of Israel's fight for independence and survival, (Labor)"Jews" destroyed a ship full of arms, and killed the volunteers (Irgun) who had come in the Altalena to defend Medinat Israel.

2000 to 2001:

In the middle of the Arab intifada, "Jews" regularly arrest Jews who are desperate to defend their relatives and friends in Yehuda and Shomron.

1920 to 1947:

SETTLEMENTS. Jews build settlements overnight. The mandatory forces do not destroy the settlements, once a water tower has been erected.


Jews build small points of presence where their relatives and neighbors have been murdered. "Jewish" forces destroy these small settlements, and destroy the mobile homes. "Jews" regularly arrest the Jews in these settlements, even though the courts order them released afterwards.

About 1930:

MURDERS AND KIDNAPPINGS: Yosef Trumpeldor and seven other Jews are murdered while trying to defend Tel Chai in the Galil. The murderers are Arab terrorists disguised as French policemen from the Lebanon.


Omer Suewed, Binyamin Avraham and Adiel Avitan are kidnaped by Arab terrorists disguised as United Nations "peace keepers". Elchanan Tannenbaum is kidnaped from Europe.


DOCTORS AND NURSES MURDERED. Forty Jewish doctors and nurses are murdered on their way to Hadassah Hospital on Har HaTzofim. The commander of the Mandatory forces knew of the planned ambush, but took the day off. His forces arrived long after the doctors and nurses had been killed.

1998 (July 17):

MACHINE GUNS. Gov't to discuss giving weapons to Hevron Arabs: Whether to supply submachine guns to the Palestinian police in Hevron is issue for government meeting. Minister Shaul Yahalom warns Prime Minister that additional guns to Palestinians will increase the mortal danger to the Jews. He asks how Israel can demand a reduction in the number of Palestinian policemen and arms while we ourselves supply them with additional weapons (from Arutz Sheva).


JEWISH DOCTOR MURDERED IN THE SHOMRON, and other Jews murdered and injured on the roads of Yehuda and Shomron. "Jewish" forces arrive long after the killings, and arrest Jewish travellers who had tried to defend themselves.

3000 years ago in Egypt. 1941-1945 in Europe:

CHILDREN MURDERED. Egyptians plan to murder Jewish male children. Germans murder one and a half million Jewish children.


Arab terrorists murder Jewish children all over Eretz Israel. First Mandatory, and then the "Jewish" authorities prohibit Jews from carrying out any defense against Arab terrorists who fire again and again from the same places. (Note: The Mandatory forces actually took action sometimes against the terrorists.)


RETIRED GENERALS: Flavius Josephus, retired general of the Jewish Defense Forces, moves to Rome, where he receives the freedom of the city, and writes "Jewish Antiquities", denigrating the Jewish religion.

After 2001:

Jewish general, expert in escaping from training accidents, does not even wait to retire from high office, before praising his "peace partner".


PROMOTION: Roman general Titus, who commanded the siege and destruction of Jerusalem, is promoted to Caesar.


Retired general, from far away across the ocean, strongly criticizes the Israel Defense Forces for trying to defend Jews against terrorist attacks.


PROMOTION: Will this retired general be elected to the world's highest office?


EUROPEAN ARMY: Hitler's European Army, the Waffen SS, is the first modern European Army since the Crusades. Its actions against European Jewry are well known . The Waffen SS was composed entirely of non-German Europeans from Belgium, the Baltic countries, Slovakia, Croatia, France and other European countries. (Note: This is less well known.)


European Union plans entry of "peace-keepers" into Eretz Israel. The next head of the European Union, foreign minister of the first mentioned country which provided a whole Waffen SS division, has just expressed strong criticism of Israel, and his unconditional support for the intifada.


ALFRED DREYFUS incarcerated on Devil's Island.


JONATHAN POLLARD incarcerated at Butner, USA. When will Jonathan Pollard be released and rehabilitated?


GOVERNMENTS, RED CROSS, AMNESTY. Allied governments refuse to believe reports about the holocaust taking place in Poland, or to take any action. (Read the marginal notes scribbled by Foreign Office officials on the reports.)


Red Cross and Amnesty refuse to take any action, or even express any criticism whatsoever, about the imprisonment of the Jewish MIAs RON ARAD, ZACHARY BAUMEL, ZVI FELDMAN, YEHUDA KATZ, OMER SUEWED, BINYAMIN AVRAHAM, ADIEL AVITAN, ELCHANAN TANNENBAUM AND THE JEWS IMPRISONED IN IRAN.

0070: ETHNIC CLEANSING: Jews forbidden by Roman Emperor Vespasian on pain of death to reside in Jerusalem.


WHITE PAPER. Jews ordered by British to stop immigrating to Eretz Israel.

1998 to 2000:

Only some settlements will be dismantled. ("Jewish" ministers)

2001 (May 4th)

MITCHELL REPORT. Jews to stop all building, and never to shoot back at terrorists. Jews ordered by "Jews" to leave the Western Wall. Arabs requested by "Jews" not to throw more rocks from Har HaBeit today.

Ma Nishtanah in 3000 years?

George Ettinger

Poole, England.

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