By G. M. Ettinger

It is happening again. Israel ordered to kindly wait outside until Mitchell issues his decision. No reservations will be accepted. Just sign. (Actually, not even signatures required, as this might embarrass Arafat.)

But this was not the first time. In 1937 Britain issued the PEEL COMMISSION REPORT, and in 1939 the infamous WHITE PAPER. No reservations accepted. Jewish immigration to be stopped, and land purchases to be restricted to an area of 5% (five per cent!) of the Western part of Palestine. No comments from Chaim Weitzman accepted.

What about the EVIAN CONFERENCE in the summer of 1938? Golda Meir reported* on the "International Conference on Refugees": She was there "in the ludicrous capacity of the observer from Palestine, not even seated with the delegates, although the refugees under discussion were my own people....!" It is well known that this conference of 32 countries formally declared that the lives of the Jews meant nothing to them.

The MUNICH CONFERENCE of 1938 is fully known, or is it? Listen to the description by G E R Gedye**: Hitler, Chamberlain and Daladier and Mussolini were in the conference room, planning the destruction of Czechoslovakia. "The final betrayal of Czechoslovakia was at hand. Chamberlain's speech in the British Parliament had contained no indication of how Hitler's map would entirely destroy the political, financial and economic independence of the Czech people, who would have to eke out some kind of existence by the grace of the German dictator, so long as they showed complete subservience to him. Hitler's map had been cunningly devised to take from the Czechs every possible strategic defence position and its most vital communications."

Further quotes from Gedye**: To the Munich conference, Czechoslovakia was not admitted. While the four premiers drew up their final maps, cut up Czechoslovakia's territory, destroyed her fortifications, seized her industries and retired her UNDEFEATED ARMY, the Czech delegates were not allowed to enter the conference room. The final diktats were handed to M. Mastny, the Head of the Czech delegation. When he wished to make a few observations, he was told the British and French delegations did not desire to hear them. No answer or comment was required from Czechoslovakia, only VERY PROMPT COMPLIANCE. Dr. Masaryk was a member of the Czech delegation, and Gedye quotes at length from his official report. While the Czechs were waiting, they called a British official's attention to the consequences of the (pre-arranged) plan. The official, Ashton-Gwatkin, pointed out that the Czechs were ignoring the DIFFICULTY OF THE SITUATION OF THE GREAT POWERS, and that the Czechs did not understand how hard it had been to negotiate with Hitler. Masaryk's report continues: We were handed a map showing which areas were to be occupied at once. "Your evacuation," he was told, "starts tonight." Mr Chamberlain was yawning continuously, without any attempt to conceal his yawns.

The French delegate concluded casually, that NO ANSWER WAS REQUIRED. They regarded the plan AS ACCEPTED. The Czech government had to arrange the evacuation of the first zone by 5pm. The atmosphere, the Frenchman warned, was BEGINNING TO BECOME DANGEROUS FOR THE WHOLE WORLD.

Gedye continues: To speak of "acceptance" of the Munich Diktat by the Czechoslovak government is to use a word which had no meaning. Note the wording of the Munich communique: "The Agreement is between Germany, Great Britain, France and Italy: These powers have agreed, and Czechoslovakia is held responsible." Nothing was done to protect the hundreds of thousands of loyalists, Czechs, German democrats and Jews in the territories to be occupied, no offer to provide asylum. Later came a gesture by Lord Halifax: Britain would take 350 refugees. (When the list was drawn up, the British government struck out a number of names of those in the most deadly peril. Soon HORDES OF TERRORISTS came from Poland and Hungary to spread destruction as an accompaniment to Mr Chamberlain's "Peace with Honour.

This is not all. Remember RAMBOUILLET, where less then three years ago, the Serbs of the Yugoslav Republic were told, just like the Czechs, by Marilyn Albright what they had to do. Again, no reservations. Just get on with it. When the Serbs expressed reservations, the world war against Yugoslavia was unleashed. Hospitals, TV stations, railways, bridges, homes, all destroyed in the name of world peace.

Returning, sadly, to Mitchell: Few people bother to read his report in detail , or to query its legal basis. But read M. Keinon's*** article or the Israel Foreign Office analysis. The Jews are just ordered to FREEZE ALL BUILDING. (It seems that Shalom Akshav are ready to be the monitors). The Arabs to obtain CONTIGUITY, which means that the remains of Medinat Israel are to be cut up. Just one difference. MASSADA WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN, AND WE MEAN IT.


* Golda Meir, "My Life", 1975

** G.E.R. Gedye, "Fallen Bastions", Victor Gollancz, 1939.

*** Keinon, M. Jerusalem Post 22 May 2001, and Freeman Centre Broadcast: Israel Foreign Ministry Issues Paper.

G.M. Ettinger


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