By Emanuel A. Winston
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

The Mitchell Commission's Report was carefully crafted by Arabists in the State Department who began under Bill Clinton and continued into the new George W. Bush Administration. It has not been noted in the Media that George Mitchell is a Lebanese Arab or that the "Peace" he supposedly crafted in Ireland has collapsed - but, that agreement at least demanded that the IRA give up their weapons - something Mitchell did NOT demand of Arafat's PLO terrorists.

The Mitchell Commission was exquisitely planned to bridge over to the next Administration and designed to remain under the control of the U.S. State Department. The Clinton Administration formulated it to be the instrument to press the next Administration to continue its meddling into the conflict between Arafat and the Israelis.

Note! The Mitchell Commission's conclusions did NOT castigate either side but, had carefully buried in its language a Virus which called upon Israel to cease her natural expansion of her towns and villages as if this was the ‘sine qua non' (only reason) that Arafat wages his unnecessary war of attrition. What nation on this planet is restricted from expanding her cities as her population grows? But then, we Jews in America are familiar with "restrictive covenants", having fought long and hard for our freedom to live in non-Jewish communities. In Israel, the ancient home of our ancestors, Arafat demands that Jews be ethnically cleansed so only Palestinian Muslims may live and walk on the land.

Saddam Hussein bent President George Bush Sr. by refusing to cease his aggressive actions and continuation of building his war machine. Saddam successfully enlisted other Arab nations and such nations as France, Russia and China who wanted his business.

Similarly, Arafat demanded that the other Arab nations side with him against Israel, although they mostly despise Arafat. Other Arab nations, namely Syria, Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan, lobbied the European Union (E.U.) to support Arafat's claims knowing they would lead to the eventual elimination of Israel.

Inside of our American nation, we have always had the growing power of an arrogant bureaucracy which became a "Shadow Government" owing its allegiance to the military-industrial complex (as defined by President General Eisenhower). These are the State Department apparachniks who stay in power through all Administrations and run our foreign policy as they see fit. They work their way around any President, the Congress and only respond to certain industries, regardless of their malevolent goals.

Foisting such a game plan upon the next Administration was typical of the U.S. State Department bureaucrats who see themselves as America's true governing body - creating her foreign policy according to their own vested interests. They view Presidents and Secretaries of State as mere temporary impediments to be rolled over and manipulated - unless the President or the Secretary of State is in tune with their policy.

In the case of Israel, the U.S. State Department was defeated in 1947-8 in their attempts to insure that the new Jewish State of Israel would not be born. However, they have worked diligently ever since to subvert Israel's well-being whenever possible. They are dedicated Arabists, tied closely to American oil corporations and weapons' industries - each of whom are loyal to their Arab oil client nations. These industries act as well paid lobbyists for their clients, in addition to contributing generously to both controlling political parties.

This translates into a Washington power block whose main task is to implement the hostile intentions against Israel by all the Arab nations. They are, in effect, a highly powered fifth column who owes their first allegiance to foreign nations - not America. This Arabist power block would have succeeded years ago into weakening Israel sufficiently so that the surrounding Arab nations could win one of their seven successive wars to eliminate Israel. They were, however, usually blocked by the American people and the American Congress who like, admire and respect Israel and the Jewish people.

These anti-American actions include arming the Arab nations with every weapon and advanced technology the West could develop for cash and influence. This also includes advanced conventional weapons as well as catastrophic weapons of mass destruction such as NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical weapons).

While our greedy oil and weapons' industry made obscene fortunes in sales, we in the West also sold the Arabs the technology to level our own cities and poison our own atmosphere with chemicals that kill instantly and biological substances that kill every organic thing, including humans, animals, plants and our own water resources.

Our Presidents allowed this potential apocalypse to evolve because they were deceived into believing that it was good for business when we pleased and patronized the Arabs. Were it not for the oil and the lucrative markets flowing from it, the West would have viewed the Arab nations as a dangerous backward people who could not be trusted with BB guns, let alone missiles, high tech aircraft, nuclear bombs, and biological horrors any radical Islamist could carry into civilized cities and scatter into the wind. Could it be that the hoof and mouth epidemic in Europe was brought in by one or more of Saddam's cohorts?

Presently, there is an effort to stop Israel from defending herself against an onslaught of primitive rioting Arabs who call themselves "Palestinians" - although their parents or grandparents came from the surrounding Arab countries as transient workers. (1) Secretary of State Powell, in the name of the "Shadow Government" called the U.S. State Department has already abused the powers of his office by demanding that Israel cease defending herself against the killing terrorists.

The terror goes on in a myriad of ways via 160 mortar shellings of civilians, suicide bombing, drive-by shootings, sniper shooting of babies, lynching and mutilating of children - killing of Jews in any and every way possible - all on the "Green Light" orders of Yassir Arafat. The Media generally quotes only the statistics since the Arabs began their war of attrition on the Jewish New Year September 28, 2000. They usually ignore the mortality rates since the signing of the Oslo Peace Accords September 13, 1993. Almost 500 Jews have been killed and thousands more injured, some maimed for life.

Each time Israel strikes at the source of the Arabs' shootings, the Europeans and the State Department howl "unfair and excessive use of force". The Leftist Media invariably accuses Israel with reports so biased that one can only be reminded of Josef Goebbels and his manipulation of a willing world Media to persuade the public at large that eliminating Jews was a good and proper thing.

Now, we have the Mitchell Report greasing the path of President George W. Bush and the U.S. State Department's foreign policy to condemn Israel's defense of her own citizens. Arafat is ramping up the use of heavy weapons smuggled in to his Palestinian Authority to prepare for his coming major war. The most recent smuggling was by boat from Lebanon. When Israel caught that boat they laid out the weapons showing that Arafat had anti-aircraft SA-7 Strella rockets, anti-tank missiles, RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades, mortars, Kalashnikov rifles, bombs, explosives, Katyusha rockets with the range to reach all of Israel's populations centers. Bush, Jr., Colin Powell, America's Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld all know that Arafat is deliberately inviting attacks by Israel so that he can scream to the international community to come and save his people (who he cares so little for).

Arafat feeds his own women and children (as well as the Israeli women and children) into his machine of human sacrifice. The more blood, the louder and louder the well-rehearsed howls from the Media, the E.U., the U.N. and the Arabist community. The end product is to force the current Bush Administration to come down hard on Israel. Israel is to be coerced into establishing a Palestinian State which will be the last link connecting a string of hostile Arab nations together. This will be a necklace of dangerous nations who have adopted strict Islamic law which mandates that they be dedicated enemies to any non-Moslems. It is their Muslim duty to continue their ‘jihad' (Holy War) against the rest of the world until the world accepts Islam. Perhaps a good example is the Islamic Taliban in Afghanistan who recently implemented Islamic law against Hindus who will now be required to wear a distinctive yellow mark as non-Muslims. This is reminiscent of Hitler's yellow star which he used to mark Jews for later ethnic cleansing. Islam views itself as an exclusive religion which the West is just starting to face as an unrelenting force which is dedicated to the subjugation or elimination of all other religions.

The neo-terror state of Palestine will be the centerpiece in a deadly necklace stretching from Iran, Iraq, Syria to Jordan and Lebanon. Lebanon will be absorbed by Syria just as quickly as Jordan is being subverted by its majority population of Palestinians who are loyal to Arafat. From there the necklace spreads to Sudan where the Muslims are decimating the Christians.

Saudi Arabia will fall to Egypt which itself is under pressure by the Muslim Brotherhood to become another strictly Islamic State. Only this time Egypt, with its full compliment of American arms will become an Islamic military colossus in the South, just as Iran is in the North.

Then there is the American State Department which is actually a "Shadow Government" only concerned with its own vested interests. Unfortunately, their misguided foreign policy and their blunders will probably lead to the Third and last World War. Historians will look back and identify the time frame where the U.S. State Department played a leading role in the destruction of Israel and coalescing the militant forces of radical fundamentalist Islam to face the West in a war to end all wars.

Israel's demise will be the lynchpin that will release all the accumulated military energies of the Arab nations - all with our American help. We Americans have always looked off-shore for our enemies. Indeed, they were there. First the Soviet Union (now called Russia) and a growing China to whom we have transferred some of our most terrible technology - as well as North Korea, Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc.

If ever there was an evil empire, our State Department's "Shadow Government" fits that description insofar as the Jewish State of Israel is concerned. Clearly, it is a dark castle that needs airing. Israel is and remains a high profile target on their firing range, despite deep and genuine support by the American people and the American Congress for the only democracy in the Middle East.

As Saddam bent the father so now is Arafat bending the son - with the help of an ongoing Arabist U.S. State Department. The free and civilized world will soon be confronted with the choice of eliminating the threat of extinction from radical nations or accepting their demands of submission as America is asking/demanding of Israel.


1. "From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict Over Palestine" by Joan Peters, Harper & Rowe, NY, 1984

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