by Emanuel A. Winston
Mid East Analyst & Commentator

When G-d tested Avraham with the sacrifice of Isaac, his only son with Sarah, his descending hand with the knife was stopped by the angel of G-d. The sacrificial death of Isaac would have meant that his son Jacob (later named Israel) would not be born and the entire history of the Israelites, the Jewish people would never have been.

It would appear that both Israel's Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and America'sPresident George W. Bush are to be tested in a similar way. The question is: Will either stay their hand with a knife designed for ritual slaughter, poised at the throat of the Jewish State of Israel and the Jewish people?

Many counted on the once strong and valiant Sharon NOT to accept the role of the ritual slaughterer of Israel. We also thought that Bush had broken with the anti-Jewish bias of his family - Father and Grandfather and become his own man.

This will not be the first time in history when good men either became weak or turned evil as they assumed their build-up to power was their own doing. This is particularly true when you look closely at who is near them, whispering advice.

Will G-d stay the hands of Sharon and Bush before they succeed in sacrificing Israel, driven by their own instincts for self-serving political success?

We are told as it is written in the Torah that G-d promised the Jewish people that: "I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee".

Slowly, but too surely, the great civilizations who came to conquer Israel and enslave the Jewish people have disappeared. Will each, in their own way, succeed in bring a curse upon themselves and those of their nations who enabled the sacrifice of Israel to proceed?

I cannot help but feel that the gathering of the nations against Israel portends a Global Shock in retribution. In every war, they always came with religious symbols and banners to conquer the Jewish nations, certain that their god was on their side.

As it is said at the end of prayers: "Do not fear sudden terror, nor the destruction of the wicked when it comes. Continue a scheme, but it will be foiled, conspire a plot, but it will not materialize". (1)

The nations which are massive in land and numerous in people (6 Billion in the world today), seem to fear the return of the Jews to their ancestral Homeland. There is a prevailing belief that the G-d of the Jews will make His Presence known and felt. The Muslim Arabs do not want this; the Europeans do not want this. Can there be any other, less obvious reason for these populous nations to focus upon a minuscule nation with a Jewish population of 5 million - other than fear of their re-assembly around the ancient Holy of Holies? This planet is populated with 6 Billion people, so what could they fear from 5 Million Jews - unless the Jews can bring a very Big Friend to the meeting.

Think about it. In each country where the Jews landed after the great dispersal by the Romans in 70 C.E., they became a valuable and yet unwanted people. They landed penniless and repressed by the local clergy. But, soon they built a strong community that helped each other, as well as their host country, and they prospered. This was viewed with envy, fear and hatred. They were valuable because they lubricated the wheels of commerce. Kings and the aristocracy wanted them so the business of the country could thrive. They were heavily taxed and the money that they could loan the establishment was often never repaid.

At the same time they were unwanted because they brought their One Invisible G-d who endangered the power of the local priests - who complained to the King and the aristocracy. Eventually, the Jews would be set upon with violence to calm the peasants and finally they were expelled - again and again and again. This always provided a short term profit as the property of the Jews was confiscated, debts canceled, businesses taken over. The Jews and what they had built with their industry was always an irresistible lure for conquest and confiscation. All of the Others did well - the King, the aristocracy and the Church in the short term. But always, after the Jews left, the energy of the Jews was missed and the country descended into poverty. They all wanted the work of the Jews but, they did not want the Jews' One G-d, His Commandments with their restrictions, and any appeal to this lifestyle for their followers.

Take this to mean that, neither the Muslim Arabs nor the Europeans will allow Israel to exist a moment more than necessary. They are all closing ranks and will press for a final assault when America agrees to look the other way.

Bush and his Secretary of State Colin Powell with the U.S. State Department, the United Nations (U.N.), the European Nations (E.U.) and Russia who together comprise the "Quartet" designing this suicidal "Road Map" may offer other reasons but, underlying their collective bias is just plain fear.

The Jews brought the One G-d into sight by agreeing to His Covenant with all its restrictions on how one should live. The Jews rejoiced at accepting these Ten Commandments and the 613 Mitzvot (Good Deeds) which the Others found to be an intolerable burden.

It was not, however, a welcome Covenant for the Others. They reluctantly accepted the One G-d, but NOT the Covenant. The priest cults promptly revised it and offered "better", easier ways to this One G-d. Since that time, Jews have been persecuted with the 'Others' insisting that the Jews abandon their Covenant with G-d, all its restrictions and join them in their easier or 'superior' path to G-d. To have fully accepted the Covenant, they would have become Jews and this they would not do! The Jews refused each one, each time and were thus hunted and persecuted almost to extinction. Even among the Jews, there were leaders who thought they could abandon the 613 Commandments accepted by Moses and the Jewish people. They soon fell by the wayside after they displayed their arrogance and belief only in themselves.

Recall how King Saul disobeyed the orders of G-d to destroy all of the Amalekites and not take any of the spoils of that war. But, King Saul took pity on their King Agag, let him live, therefore, the Amalekites of each generation have risen up against the Jewish people. On G-d's Command the Prophet Samuel (Shmuel) stripped away Saul's cloak of Kingship. (2), saying: "Why did you not obey the voice of Hashem?"...Hashem said, "Go and destroy the sinner, the Amalekites and wage war with them until you have exterminated them....rebelliousness is like the sin of sorcery, and verbosity is like the iniquity of idolatry; because you have rejected the world of G-d, He has rejected you as king!" Thus we now see Arik Sharon, like Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin before him, avoiding the destruction of today's Amalekites, will soon to be stripped of his cloak of leadership.

Doing good for a time is NOT mitigating when you turn bad, particularly if you have been gifted with a chance to lead and then you disobey G-d's Orders.

Arik Sharon defended his nation of Israel very well but, now he is led by the Bush family and all those who wish Israel and her G-d to be liquidated or transferred into their hands - be they Muslims or Others. I believe that both Sharon and Bush have entered that sphere where G-d has drawn a circle, a line that must not be crossed, namely: "I will bless those who bless thee; and I will curse those who curse thee".

Neither Sharon nor Bush should be allowed to continue their roles of leadership. They bring a curse upon their nations, if the people do not soon reject them. Each seems to have given up his soul and is now controlled by something dark, malevolent which they cannot help in themselves.

The Bush family has deep ties with the Saudi Royal family, despite their active roles in funding and promoting Terror against America and Israel. Fifteen of the nineteen 9/11 Terrorists were Saudis. This alliance with Evil is NOT mitigated by America's need for oil. Not only does the Bush family still protect the Saudis but take their instructions to flood Israel with today's Amalekites, now the Arab Palestinians.

Despite George Bush's proclamation that he will fight Global Terror, he maintains America's close connections with the Saudi Kingdom. Clearly, the selective process to define evil and terror is linked to money, corporate and family fortunes. Certain industries are like an Ole' Boys' Club where they all know each other and have certain loyalties that exceed loyalties totheir own nation. Money and power has its own gods with their own initiations and ceremonies to strengthen the sub-natural bonds of men who do not owe allegiance to G-d's Word nor do their nations. If that were not enough, Bush has adopted the Palestinian cause - even to the point of having America's CIA once again train proven Terrorists with improved technique, technology and use of weapons.

Strange, isn't it? President Bush's itinerary for his 6 day trip May 29-June 4, began in the very same places where ritual slaughter of the Jews actually occurred in Auschwitz and Birkenau, 2 of the Nazi Death Camps which slaughtered the most number of Jews - and then moved to Evian, France where the "Final Solution of the Jewish Solution" was accepted as inevitable when President Roosevelt led the meeting that decided the Jews in Europe would not be rescued until the end of WW2.

Next, Bush moved to Sharm al-Sheik in Egypt where Bush met with Arab leaders to pledge the fate of Israel (a meeting from which Sharon was deliberately excluded). Then Bush moves to Aqaba where he will accept Sharon's surrender of the State of Israel. Perhaps it would be best if Sharon were stopped at the border from entering Aqaba but, once having done so, he should be refused re-entry into the Israel, having violated the Likud Party platform to prevent the formation of a Palestinian State within Israel. This is why Sharon won an overwhelming mandate from the Israeli people in the January 2002 election.

This hypocrisy is painfully clear. Bush must be voted out of office in 2004.

Sharon has shown that he is no longer Sharon, the Warrior, but rather a feeble leader who allows foreign interests to guide and rule over him. This is also a government which must fall because it does NOT follow the Word of G-d to "settle the land from the River to the Sea". The Sharon, the Prime Minister, has lost his moral compass and capitulates to acts of self-destruction when speaking for the nation and people of Israel.

Like Saul, Sharon's cloak of authority must be pulled from his shoulders because he has sacrificed his worthiness to be a leader of the Jewish people.


1. Jewish morning prayers - end of the 'Amidah'

2. 1 Samuel 15:1-34

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