Much of the Arab press has been consistently portraying the "Zionists" as the brains behind America's war in Iraq. Though such claims are unfounded, the US is indeed making use of Israeli brainpower to equip their troops in Iraq with advanced technological tools. Israeli-developed battle-reinforced handheld computers are to be distributed to American troops in Iraq and elsewhere to help with the War on Terror according to an Israel21c report.

A subsidiary of Israel's Tadiran Communications won two contracts worth a combined $11.5 million supplying the Tacter-31A Rugged Handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) to the US Marines. The contracts are in addition to previous orders worth $15 million by the US armed forces.

Tadiran told Israel21c that these orders, and others for thousands of tactical computers to supply the U.S. and other armed forces, place the company at the forefront in the 'ruggedized' personal computers sphere.

The Tacter-31A, the subject of the latest order, is a version of the PDA built to survive harsh ground conditions and includes a tactical modem allowing communications via military communicators. The PDA includes a GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver allowing soldiers to receive updated reports on the status of a battle and his location, as well as the location of friendly and enemy forces -- all in real time while in the field.

Besides their internal battery, the rugged PDAs feature external military or commercial battery capability providing over 30 hours of operation. Unlike conventional PDAs, they can survive a six-foot drop and survive below three feet of water as well. The military devices even allow gloved soldiers in chemical or biological warfare suits to easily handle the units, and in the case of enemy capture, sensitive data can be quickly deleted.

The unit has a modular design that is suitable for use in bright daylight and can be modified for specific missions. The RPDA can be configured to provide pilots with flight data and pre-flight checklists, while enabling communications with ATE systems for pre-flight inspection tests.

"Thousands of our RPDAs have been supplied to U.S. and other armed forces throughout the world," Hezi Hermoni, president and CEO of Tadiran Communications, said in a statement.

Tadiran Communications Ltd. is recognized worldwide for its advanced field proven integrated communications and computer solutions for the modern battlefield. Tadiran Communications' products address every echelon, from the individual fighting soldier through the squad and platoon up to the division and corps level. Its products deliver the reliability essential for the combat arena and are offered in every configuration demanded by battlefield units. More than three decades of experience support Tadiran's ranking as a leader in its field, with equipment and systems deployed in the Israel Defense Forces, the US Armed Forces and the armies of over 40 nations.