A Few Notes from Your Editor

The Freeman Center has a vital role to play in the future battles to preserve Eretz Yisrael. With your help we will fight the distorted media, inform the Jewish community and defend Israel in the public arena.

Are all of you as disgusted as me at the way Netanyahu's victory was trashed by the electronic and print media. I have coined a new term for such commentary. I call it linguistic terrorism. Instead of suicide bombs, they put the word hard line in front of Bibi's name. Dedication to Jewish Jerusalem is hard line. Demanding security for Israel is pursuing the policies of fear. Netanyahu will be judged on how he fulfills the Oslo Accord. Was Arafat ever so judged? Is he fulfilling his commitments? Of course not!

James Baker says that Bibi will be judged on how he manages the American-Israel relationship. We know what he means. Why doesn't he just say instead: "../...how well he licks the Secretary of State's boots?"

To all of the columnists, journalists, diplomats and government bureaucrats, please listen carefully:

Israel is a sovereign Jewish country. Jerusalem is its capital. Its new Zionist/Religious/Pro-Security government will much less tolerant of your interference in its internal affairs. And for your information, internal means from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Jews can and will live anywhere in Eretz Yisrael. No one will pay attention to your complaints about "settlements." We are going to call them Jewish communities. I realize that many of you live in neighborhoods that exclude Jews. There will be no such neighborhoods in Israel.

And to our good American friends. It is time you understood that Israel is the best security bargain you could possibly have. Your aid is certainly appreciated but this is not a one-way street. Israel's contribution to American security is immense, though un-publicized for fear of offending Arab sensibilities. So please save us from having to ignore any threats of cutting off foreign aid, if Israel doesn't toe the line like a banana republic. And it is time to free Jonathan Pollard exactly like Israel has freed dozens of CIA operatives caught in Israel. He has suffered enough.

The Netanyahu Connection:

In 1980, during my years as owner of House of Books (Houston's only Jewish bookstore) a handsome young medical student asked to order a new book of letters by Jonathan Netanyahu, fallen hero of Entebbe. When I produced a copy, entitled: SELF-PORTRAIT OF A HERO The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu (1963-1976) he was quite surprised and identified himself as a cousin of Jonathan's studying at the Texas Medical Center. For the next several months, he returned to the store often ordering dozens of copies to send to friends and relatives. His name was Gil and now I realize how much he looked like Bibi. Also I have quoted some of the brilliant passages from Jonathan's letters in several of my articles.

When Benjamin Netanyahu's book, A PLACE AMONG THE NATIONS, was released 1993, I eagerly read it. I found the book exceptional in its understanding of Jewish history and in its treatment of Israel's unique destine. I published a glowing review in the Jewish Herald-Voice as well as giving many book reviews in the community. When the Freeman Center was founded, Bibi's book was the first ordered for our book list. At our founding fundraiser a copy was given to every contributor. Since then we have sold hundreds of copies. I was so impressed that I wrote Netanyahu and asked him to be "Honorary President" of the Freeman Center. He declined due to other committments.

After the disaster of Oslo became apparent, Ben Ronn, a cousin of Bibi's and a successful Houston businessman, asked me to help him form a bi-partisan group called JEWS CONCERNED FOR ISRAEL'S FUTURE. The group never took off, but Ben joined the Freeman Center and helped to strengthen our organization.

Some Suggested Do's & Don'ts For Netanyahu's New Government

Do restore pride and dignity to Israel's foreign policy.
Do restore deterrence to the Israel Defense Forces.
Do crush any resumption of the intifada.
Do arrest all members of the Palestine National Council guilty of crimes of violence.
Do restore Zionism and Jewish pride Israel's school system.
Do rid the media of leftist jerks and create a vigorous information
system with an aim to reform and not propagandize.
Do demand freedom for Jonathan Pollard.
Do live up to your campaign promise to free the economy, reduce taxes, and sell off all government industries not connected to security.
Do put Natan Sharansky in charge of immigration and absorption.
Do take politics out of the Israel Defense Forces and the Security Forces, even if this means removing leftist officers of high rank.
Do respect the civil and human rights of Israel's Arab inhabitants but../..../..../..../..../..../..
Don't give them the political right to change Israel from a Jewish State to a state with a lot of Jews.
Don't go to Egypt to talk to Mubarak. Let him come to you.
Do support the efforts of Dr. Paul Eidelberg in his quest to create and Israeli constitution that protects the Jewish character of Israel.
Don't jump every time the American State Department acts upset with your actions.
Do annex all of YESHA and re-affirm the Golan Annexation.
Do pass a law requiring a two-thirds majority of the Knesset and consent of the Prime Minister to alter above annexations.
Do vigorously settle Jews in Jerusalem and extend its municipal boundaries to Maale Adumim.
Do carry out the plan to add 500,000 Jews to YESHA.
Do as a first step, open all completed apartments for purchase and occupation.
And finally, do restore Jewish rights to the Temple Mount including the right to prayer.
../..../..../..../..../..../..../..../..../.. Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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