Israel's Demographic and Security Challenge

Is Transfer the Only Rational Answer?

By Bernard J. Shapiro

[Editor's Note: This article was first published in the March 1995 issue of THE MACCABEAN. I am reissuing it because the issues it raises is of critical importance for Israel's future as a Jewish nation. The recent election proved how close we came to having Arabs decide the destiny of Israel.]

The Labor government of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin has brought his nation to a major turning point in its relations to its Arab neighbors. It is not the turning point Rabin or Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres would have preferred. Rabin and Peres had a utopian plan to integrate Israel both politically and economically into a "New Middle East" that they would create. Their vision, especially that of Peres, pictured Arab-Jewish relations in a way that even Isaiah would be proud. The Olso agreement with PLO Chief Yassir Arafat was meant to resolve the outstanding conflicts with the Arabs and lead to a lasting peace. It was all a fantasy: a dream not based in reality. And it crashed into the solid wall of Arab/Moslem hatred of the Jews.

The Arabs, mind you, have been very clear as to what their goals were in the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Their plan was fully established and enunciated and entailed the expulsion or murder of all the Jews of Eretz Yisrael and the establishment of an Islamic nation of Palestine between the river (Jordan) and the sea (Mediterranean). There are significant characteristics of Islamic culture that make peace impossible at the present time. Only after mind boggling changes in the Arab world can TRUE peace be made. One such change is democratization. Simply put, democracies rarely go to war with one another. All our major wars of the last two hundred years have been between dictators or between democracies defending themselves from dictators. When a ruler is elected by the people, he has a natural restraint preventing him from sending their sons and daughters into combat in an aggressive war. No such restraint exists anywhere in the Arab world.

The second major change required of the Arab/Moslem world is to create secular states not subservient to the rule of Islam. The problem for Israel with the rise of Islamic fundamentalism is the very hostile attitude that Islam has toward Jews and any non-Islamic person. Islam is all encompassing and guides behavior, law , religion and attitudes and relations with non-Moslems. Islam perceives the world as two separate parts:

1.The first is Dar el-Islam or the World of Islam 2. All the rest is Dar el-Harb or the world of the sword or the world of war -- that is those non-Muslim nations that have yet to be conquered.

The concept of JIHAD or Holy War has been understood by most of us but there is another concept in the Koran with which few of us are familiar. It is essential to understand this concept when relating to Moslems. That is the law of HUDAIBIYA which dates back to Muhammad and states clearly that "Muslims are permitted to lie and break agreements with non-Muslims." This applies to business, personal life and politics. Would a peace treaty be worth much if the other party is Moslem?

Islam divides the world between Believers and Infidels. Jews and Christians are relegated to the status of Dhimmis or second class citizens. The Koran clearly calls on Moslems to degrade and humiliate both groups.

The Arab/Moslem world will have to develop a tradition of respect for women, minorities, and human rights in general before they will be ready for peace with Israel. It seems a bit odd that our State Department is pushing democracy and human rights from one end of the globe to the other -- WITH THE REMARKABLE EXCEPTION OF THE MIDDLE EAST. Why are the Arabs insulated from pressure to democratize their societies?

It is obvious that a peace agreement with people believing in the above Islamic tenets, failing to practice democracy or show respect for minorities and human rights would be worthless.

With a proper understanding of the above and full knowledge of the continuing Arab hatred of Israel and the Jewish people, we can discuss Israel's very serious demographic and security problems. In Judea, Samaria, and Gaza there are about 1.8 million Arabs, while inside Israel's pre-1967 borders there are another 800,000. The Jewish population of Israel is about 4.5 million. The Oslo agreement commits Israel to negotiate the "right of return" of millions of Arabs who fled Israel in 1947-9 and 1967. With the high Arab birth rate and the influx of hundreds of thousands of returning Arabs, we could reasonably expect Israel to have an Arab majority by the year 2025. Let us agree on one thing: THIS IS NOT GOOD, and preventing it is a worthy Zionist activity.

Rabin and Peres both profess to wanting to maintain Israel as a Jewish country with a Jewish majority. Their solution was Oslo with its separation of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza from pre-1967 Israel. Although they were quite willing to implement the transfer of Jews from the areas designated for the Palestinian Authority (PA), the idea of transferring Arabs was anathema. The problem with their solution lies in the fact that it leaves a rapidly growing population of 800,000 Arabs inside Israel and also permits their numbers being augmented by Arabs returning under the "right of return." The year and a half experience with the PA should convince anyone that the Oslo agreement leads inevitably to terrorism and irredentism. The PLO leaders show every indication of planning to liberate Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and not just Gaza, Hebron and Knobbliest. The incident in Ramallah, where an Israeli soldier was almost beaten to death, show accurately the bloodlust that permeates Palestinian society.

The answer to this demographic and security dilemma can be found as far back as the Torah. Rabbi Baruch Ben-Yosef explains to us that the source for the idea of transfer can be found in the story of Sarah telling Abraham in Genesis to expel Ishmael and his mother, Hagar the maid-servant. G-d tells Abraham to listen to Sarah. The sages reveal to us that Sarah was a greater prophet than Abraham, so he must listen to her. Why did she make such a cruel demand of Abraham, to expel his son?

Sarah saw that Ishmael felt that the land of Canaan belonged to him as he was Abraham's eldest son. He was aware of the promise of G-d to Abraham. Sarah, realizing that her son, Isaac's life would always be in danger because of Ishmael's claim to the land, wanted him expelled for good.

Thus TRANSFER was completed. We learn from this transfer the lesson for all others. We can never allow an (alien) nation to live in the land (of Israel) as he will always make a claim to the land. The concept of transfer is the only future for the State of Israel. Transfer provides the solution for survival. The real problem is not the actual transfer of the Arab enemy nation from the land. The real dilemma is confronting the false notions of morality and the confused perceptions of Judaism on the part of the Jews. Until this is corrected it will be practically impossible to conduct any transfer because of the Jews themselves, the ones who will benefit most from the transfer!

Rabbi Meir Kahane took up this theme in the 1970's &80's and was ostracized by most Jewish communities and outlawed as a racist by the Knesset. Today there are several political parties in Israel that have come to accept the concept of transfer. A new political grouping called Mishmeret Shalom, has transfer as its main policy aim to save Israel from a Jewish demographic collapse. After studying the Arab-Israeli Conflict for 35 years, I have come to the conclusion that transfer is neither racist nor impractical. That it would be challenging and difficult is correct.

Many liberal Jews believe that the very discussion of transfer is un-democratic and the practice totally immoral. Here is the Freeman Center Plan to transfer most of the Arabs from Eretz Yisrael:

1. Israel extends its full sovereignty to all of Eretz Yisrael from the Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea, from Golan to Eilat.
2. All Arabs living in Israel receive full civil rights but no political rights in the State of Israel. Civil rights include municipal affairs but no sovereignty on any part of Eretz Yisrael.
3. All Arabs unhappy with this arrangement will transferred to a destination of their choice or one of Israel's choosing.
4. The IDF, police, and Jewish civilians are permitted to shoot to kill any Arab attacking them in any way including: stones, Molotov cocktails, knives, guns, etc.
5. All acts of terror are punished by either quick execution or expulsion from the country.
6. Arabs who choose to stay in the country are required to do three years national service, equivalent to the Jewish time of military service.
7. Money will be raised abroad and in Israel to finance the transfer of Arabs as a National goal. Economic incentives will be given to Arabs to leave Israel.

History shows us that the Arab population of Eretz Yisrael grew dramatically in proportion to the economic development of the country and the increase in opportunities for them. If the seven planks of the Freeman Center Plan are carried out then the demographic balance should soon begin to shift in favor of the Jewish population. The effects of this plan are clearly thus:

1. Termination of the Palestinians' plan to take over Israel as their country.
2. Depression on the part of the Arab population concerned about #1 and their emigration.
3. The tough treatment of terrorists will lead most to quite the country.
4. The transfer of Arabs, unwilling to live in peace, will further reduce the demographic gap.
5. National service will be abhorrent to the Arabs and they will leave the country.
6. Many Arabs would be glad to leave Israel given the proper economic incentives -- especially now that there would be no hope for a Palestinian State.

There are those that will yell that this policy is not democratic. So what? Democracy is not Torah.

Even the Torah allows us to perform certain duties on the Sabbath in order to save lives. I contend that the Arab/Islamic world is at war with us and that the extraordinary measures that I have suggested should be implemented, despite the non-democratic character of some of them.

Once Israel has been made safe for all time as a Jewish country, we can cultivate the finer aspects of democracy, if we so choose.

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