Victory at Last -- Israel Saved

Netanyahu Wins in a Landslide
Peace & Security Now Possible

By Bernard J. Shapiro

Likud leader Benjamin Netanyahu rode to victory in a landslide for Prime Minister. [Jewish votes: 60 % for Bibi. By comparison Clinton received 43% of the American vote for president.] With him were the prayers of the Jewish people and Lovers of Zion everywhere. This is a victory for the Jewish people and the State of Israel. PM Shimon Peres was clearly the first choice of Israeli Arabs, the terrorist Jew-killers of the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hizbullah, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Libya the Europeans, the UN, the American State Department and US President Bill Clinton. Israelis can be proud that they have won this great victory over the forces of darkness who wished to dismember their country in the name of pseudo-peace. The battle for Eretz Yisrael is far from over. Those listed above who are opposed to real peace and security for Israel will do everything possible to thwart Netanyahu's struggle to reclaim his country from the devastation wrought by the Labor/Meretz/Arab government he succeeds. The Freeman Center will be there to help him in the crucial information battles ahead. We will need your support to continue our efforts. Our hopes and prayers are with Israel. Our thanks go up to the Almighty Watchman of Zion for answering our earnest pleas for help in restoring Zionist rule to Jerusalem../..../..../..

For over three years the Freeman Center has opposed the Israeli government's policy of appeasement and self-destruction. Our prayer, as we rejoice in this great Israeli election victory, is that Israeli voters have returned Zionism, Judaism, and Security to their country. A new Nationalist/Zionist Israeli government headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face tremendous opposition from the traditional anti-Israeli forces, as it tries to salvage Jewish rights to Eretz Yisrael in the aftermath of the devastation left by the Labor/Meretz/PLO government. The Freeman Center pledges to mobilize all of its information, political and academic resources in defense of an Israeli policy which is not only in the best interests of its citizens but also that of America and the free world. Our Freeman Center World Wide Web Site, our Freeman Fax/E-mail List, THE MACCABEAN, and The Maccabean Online are all poised to contribute to the educational and information battles ahead.

At this time of victory, it is important to thank a few individuals and organizations which bore a disproportionate share of the burden and whose courage and persistence deserve a hearty "Kol Hakovod." At the top of the list must be Benjamin Netanyahu, who rebuilt the Likud, came back from the disaster of the Rabin assassination, and led the National/Religious Camp to victory. Ruth and Nadia Matar and all the intrepid Women in Green rallied the nation against the brutality and oppression of the Labor government. They were persistent, fearless, noble, and even had a sense of humor. I applaud them.

Elyakim Ha'etzni gave to the National Camp both intellectual leadership but also legal expertise. His book, OSLO B, THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A PALESTINIAN STATE, opened the eyes of tens of thousands to dangers inherent in the pseudo-peace process. The brave Jews of Yesha are Jewish heroes of Biblical proportions. Had they not settled Eretz Yisrael and struggled through the day by day hardships, there would be no Nationalist victory to celebrate. TheLand of Israel would have long ago been lost. Other extra-parliamentary groups that deserve high praise are Zo Artzeinu, which took our battle to the streets, and Professors for A Strong Israel who gave academic verification to our positions.

There are several news and information services that kept us all informed on a day to day basis. Without them we would have been blind and dumb and ineffective in our struggle. Of course I speak of Arutz-7, Shomron News and Hebron News and Israel & Global News. They must be strengthened and expanded to project the voice of Zionist Israel. IRIS (Information Regarding Israel's Security, Peace Watch and The Jerusalem Post Foreign News Service were tremendous assets to those of us trying to inform the public on the critical issues affecting Israel's security and well being.

Herb Zweibon of Americans For A Safe Israel (AFSI) was an inspiration for both Americans and Israelis. His leadership was courageous in the face of constant attacks from the politically correct Jewish establishment. Morton Klein of ZOA proved his worth by maintaining political impartiality while continually challenging the accepted notions of PLO compliance with the Oslo Accords. He was a thorn in the side of the Jewish establishment (and State Department) and I salute him for his determination to bring the truth to a skeptical world.

Finally I want to thank my Freeman Center members, whose financial and moral support, made our work possible. In the last three years, The Freeman Center has grown from just an idea to a powerful communication medium to educate and inform tens of thousands of Israel s friends worldwide. We have harnessed the new Internet and World Wide Web technology to defend and protect Eretz Yisrael. We will need your support to continue.

../..../..../..../... Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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