A Voice from Hebron (May 22, 1997)


By Gary M. Cooperberg

Jonathan Pollard is languishing in an American prison, not really because he "spied" upon the United States. What Pollard is really "guilty" of is discovering that the United States was spying upon Israel in a war situation and reporting vital and damaging information to Israel's enemies.

In truth the United States had committed an act of war against Israel! Pollard is being punished for revealing this embarrassing fact which resulted in saving countless Israeli lives; lives which would have been lost as a result of covert actions taken by the United States.

Recently a manufactured incident suggested that, once again, Israel is engaged in "spying" against the United States. Aside from the fact that it seems fairly certain that the accusations are totally without foundation, even the allegations themselves are strange.

It is alleged that Israel was seeking to gain possession of a secret document which Secretary of State Christopher gave to Arafat. Why should such a document exist? Why should "secret" promises be made to one side of a negotiation effort by the party which is supposed to be a disinterested broker?

What appears quite clear, beneath all the allegations and suspicions, is that the Jewish State never acted in a position of a "spy" against the United States. Even if all the accusations were true, all that the State of Israel would have been "guilty" of is acquiring, via questionable means, information which the United States had an obligation to have shared with its "ally", yet deliberately neglected to do so.

If charges, accusations and sanctions should be brought to bear, it is Israel who should be accusing the United States. Not the other way around. Today, we have an incredible situation where the United States has been engaging in satellite surveillance of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria for the purpose of determining how many Jewish homes are being built in our own homeland. This, so called "ally" has then taken a position that we are building too many homes!!! When in the history of mankind has an enemy nation, much less an ally, charged another nation with building too many homes?

Absurd is far too kind a word to describe what is taking place here. Parity is ascribed to two absolutely unrelated acts. Terrorism is equated to building homes as if both acts are equally reprehensible. Completely ignored is the fact that Israel is still a sovereign state which has, voluntarily, elected to grant limited rights to foreigners living upon her soil who are literally enemies of the Jewish State.

What is worse is that our own government not only fails to condemn this clear violation of Israeli sovereignty and interference with Israeli internal affairs, but accepts this overt act of espionage as if it were legitimate!

How dare any Israeli Prime Minister feel obliged to assure leaders of foreign countries that we are not developing new communities in our homeland? Why must he offer humiliating assurances that we are limiting all building to existing communities to enable their natural growth? By so doing he himself has justified the implications by enemies of the Jewish State that we do not have the right to build freely in our own homeland!!

I cannot believe that my leaders are sitting with American representatives to discuss how many Jewish homes are in existence in Judea and Samaria; how many are vacant; and how many are currently being built. It is not any of their business as well as an outrageous affront to our national dignity. . . if we ever had any. What other country in the entire world would engage in such discussions with anyone, friend or foe?

There may be some who consider Netanyahu a hero for building on Har Homa. What a bold and courageous Prime Minister! In spite of opposition, this head of state came to the conclusion that he would defy the world and begin construction of Jewish homes in the capital of his own country! Bravo!

What seems to have gone unnoticed, however, are the repercussions of this "brave" deed. In reaction to the pressure which has seen American foreign consul Martin Shmendrik equate our building on Har Homa to Arafat freeing murderers, Netanyahu has been running all over the world telling everyone that we are not building new settlements! This is tacit acceptance of the concept that Jewish building is subject to prior foreign approval!

Are we still living under a foreign mandate? Even when we were our leaders had the courage to defy the law and create facts on the ground. It is unthinkable that a sovereign Jewish government is afraid to do so!

Rather than sit down with our "allies" to justify buildings in the spy satellite photos taken by the United States, our leaders should condemn this intrusion upon our sovereignty and file official international complaints against illegal surveillance over Israeli territory. Here is a clear and open admission by the United States of spying upon Israel, and rather than condemn this provocative hostile act, Israel's leaders feel the need to assure friend and foe alike, that we have every intention to limit natural Jewish development of our own homeland!

We had a hope, enshrined in our national anthem, "to be a free people in our Land." In 1948 that ancient dream began to come true. Today that same hope is being dashed by the spoiled beneficiaries of two thousand years of Jewish suffering.

Our grandparents did not perish in the inquisitions, pogroms and holocaust in order that their descendants could one day "grow tired of war" and just discard all of their sacrifices. If we are, indeed, a free people in our Land, we have an obligation to develop all of our land; to live in all parts of our country; to protect all of our citizens; and to remove all of our enemies. . . certainly not to grant them control over parts of our homeland.

A true Jewish descendent of proud Jewish grandparents would never have negotiated our sovereignty. He would never have accepted the concept of a fraudulent "Palestine" with rights in our only homeland. He would never have tolerated rocks, fire bombs or bullets on our roads. And he would never have dreamed of setting up an independent terrorist army on Jewish soil.

Any honest observer must question the relationship between Israel and the United States today. In nearly every war, all of which were initiated by our enemies for the purpose of wiping Israel off the map, this "ally" overtly intervened at the moment we were victorious. It forced us to desist from defeating our enemies and to return territory legitimately taken from them as all other nations have done as a result of war.

Such intervention would hardly have been expected had our enemies defeated us. To this day the policy of the United States is that Israel should make peace by yielding her sovereign land to her enemies; a concept which has no precedent in history or law, much less common sense.

Add to this the fact that the United States has clearly engaged in espionage against Israel and blamed Israel for spying on her. Can we honestly look upon our biggest monetary benefactor as a true ally? Man does not live by bread alone, and allies don't spy on one another


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