By Ruth & Nadia Matar

Arab citizens of Israel like Achmed Tibi are a phenomenon that is unique. Nowhere else in this world is an enemy and traitor of a country allowed to engage in activities deleterious to the survival of that nation, without any steps taken by that country to protect itself and the rest of its citizens. Yet our Knesset particularly, does nothing about it!

Tibi is Arafat's main political advisor, and he and Arafat have repeatedly shown themselves to be virulent enemies of the existing Jewish State; both share a brazen disrespect for basic human rights. Nevertheless, Tibi is allowed as an Israeli citizen to flaunt his disloyalty to Israel, and to obsequiously serve and show his unswerving loyalty to an avowed enemy of Israel, Arafat. But more than that, Tibi has an undisguised hatred of the Jews, which he freely expresses in a Meretz-oriented Jewish media, which gives him ample time to express his villainy towards Israel, and his anti-semitic views. If a Jew expressed himself similarly against an Arab, that Jew would land in jail the very same day.

It is sheer madness to remain silent to these open onslaughts. This audacious traitor upon learning that a Yeshiva had acquired an additional piece of land from a non-Moslem citizen, in the Jewish Holy City of Jerusalem, pronounced in a manner which received widespread publicity, that such a sale "was made to Satan himself and was a despicable act." It so happens that the sale in question involved a small piece of private property located in the eastern part of the ancient Jewish capital of Jerusalem. However, Tibi did not relate his comment to Jerusalem only. The Palestinian Authority Justice Minister, Abu Meddien, was supportive and proclaimed the fact that there is a death penalty for the sale of land to Jews. He stated that Arafat's legislature need not pass a law in that regard because the law of Jordan, with whom Israel has, you guessed it, a "peace treaty," has had such an unchanged law on its books for decades!

Sure enough, the next day, by reason of this patent incitement, an Arab land dealer was kidnapped from Jerusalem, and murdered in Ramallah. The Arabs most assuredly know how to carry out their threats and extra-territorial laws!

So the charade of Oslo, the peace treaty with Jordan, and all the other false paraphernalia that goes with the delusion that the Arabs truly are seeking peace in the "New Middle East," may fool some Israelis, and continue to hoodwink the naive Americans. However, Achmed Tibi and his friends know differently, and they do not hesitate to declare their unadulterated racist hatred against the Jews to anyone who will listen to them. The Nazi salute, which the Arab Police Academy in Jericho has adopted, is symbolic of the Nazi tradition which the Arab world insists it has the right and honor to spread and perpetuate. [Independence Day, Jerusalem, May 12, 1997]


Ruth and Nadia Matar are co-presidents of WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW (WOMEN IN GREEN).

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