Dr. Ahmed Tibi is an Israeli Arab (although he would call himself an Israeli Palestinian) who has long been the open representative and agent for Arafat within Israel. He also is gynecologist (really) to Arafat's wife (hey, it is a dirty job but someone has to do it). He is also a terrorist worm and a racist.

Tibi has long endorsed and supported terrorism and violence against Jews as well as each and every act of PLO fascism. But now he has come out and endorsed not only the PLO's Nuremberg Law prohibiting sales of land to Jews, but also the PLO's campaign to execute Arabs so suspected. He rationalizes this by saying that - after all - Israel does not let Arabs own land so why should the PLO let Jews own land. Tibi of course both is a liar and himself owns land in Israel. Now Israel has on the books an anti-racism law. True, it is a silly law and is used discriminately against the "Right". But still it is on the books.

The time has come to lock up Tibi for blatant racism and endorsement of murder. Please write the Knesset Member of your choice from the Likud and the "Right" and demand that Tibi be arrested and indicted at once under Israel's "anti-racism" laws.

And to get the government to act, I propose that the Jewish people launch an international Buy Testosterone Shots for Netanyahu campaign. All contributions are welcome. Fill up with testosterone at www.geocities.com/capitolhill/9584!!


The Israeli Labor Party is now striving to achieve new depths of infantility. After losing the last election, and after having failed to EVER win an election for Prime Minister, Shimon Peres resigned as Chairman (and in effect Prime Minister candidate) of the Labor Party. Most party stalwarts then opted for replacing him with Ehud Barak, yet another subliterate ex-general of the sort that are crawling all around Israeli politics.

After all, if the electorate had booted out Peres due to his wet dreams over the New Middle East, then what better way to restore the prestige of Labor by repulling a Rabin and picking a general to run the list and create appearances that Labor is security minded? So now Labor is about to hold primaries. Barak is the sho-in, with maybe 60% of the Party's support. He is running against Yossi Beilin, Lemming-in-Chief and father (if he could shave, that is) of Oslo, Efraim "Stalin Junior" Sneh, and Shlomo "I still believe in socialism in our time" Ben-Ami, Labor's pseudo-intellectual du jour.

Now the problem with all this is that Peres is reluctant to give up the reins of power and pass into history as a failure and has-been who never got elected Prime Minister. So Peres wants to return to the head of the Party thru the back door, by having his supporters declare him "President of the Party". And thus out-maneuver Barak. Barak's supporters are blocking this, unless the title is in fact no more than an empty honory title, like Prime Minister Emeritus. Peres will hear nothing of that and wants to be Party Leader all over again.

The Peresites in the party keep singing Peres' praises to the heavens and to the media in such fawning embarrassingly North Korean style that I have been waiting frustratedly for Peres to tell them all No You cannot have my Miller Lite.

Now I do not know if you find all this as amusing as I do, but I - for one - think that President of the Party is not a sufficiently lofty acclamation for the man who led Israel down the primrose Oslo path. I suggest that Beilin and the rest of the Peresites simply hold a ceremony and invite Peres to attend in a white robe and proclaim him Pope of the Jews.

On another matter, have you noticed the influence of 60s singers on the Labor Party? Over and over, apologists for Oslo keep insisting that they refuse to accept the idea that peace with the Arabs is impossible or in fact not immediately and instantly attainable. They just refuse to acknowledge such a possibility. Whenever I hear this, I cannot help thinking about the 60s hit "Please Lock Me Away." It goes, "I don't care what they say I won't stay in a world without love." That is right, Labor and Meretz Lemmings refuse to live in a world without love. They refuse to recognize a world of reality and insist that we all must live in their fantasy world of love and peace processing. That is, that we all must commit Oslo.

Please lock them away.


People often speak of the political spectrum as if it were a straight line, with the Far Left diametrically opposite and opposed to the Far Right. In fact, it is more accurate to imagine politics as a political circle, with the Far Left and fascist Far Right next to one another.

Not only do the two resemble one another, but there is a long history of collaboration between them. We know of course about the Fascist-Communist collaboration in the 1930s. We know about the Ribbentrop-Molotov Accord to divide up Eastern Europe, and the consequent Commie invasion of the Baltics and Finland. We know that most Communist Party members in Germany made the easy transition to Nazi Party membership. We know that communists and socialists supported the pogroms by fascists in Eastern Europe in the late 19th century.

We know that the Far Left and the Far Right both together support Arab fascism and atrocities against Jews. And we know that both the Far Right and Far Left think America is undemocratic and oppressive, but both support progressives like Saddam Hussein and Yassir Arafat. And racism is the fundamental guiding principle of both the Far Right and Far Left, where the Right are white supremicists and the Left are PC affirmative action apartheidists.

Ok. Well now there is a new example of Far Left-Far Right collaboration.Remember Le Pen, head of the French fascists? Well, guess who Le Pen is endorsing for office in elections. Give up? The LEFT!! He does not want French President Chirac to stay in office. He would rather have the socialists. He has denounced Chirac as the fulfiller of Hitler's vision (quote unquote). So anywhere his own fascists cannot get elected, he wants them to back the socialists.

Kind of reminds you of US Leftists who support Afro-fascists like Chicken Lou Farrakhan and Huey Newton?


Nativ is a Hebrew ideological magazine of the anti-Oslo "Right". In the latest issue there is a collection of interesting quotations, some of which I thought you'd like:

1. I have long argued that the description of "settlers" by the Left is nothing more or less than an adoption on full of traditional anti-Semitic imagery and demonology. Here is a quote from lefty author Amos ("the scarecrow of") Oz: (Yediot Ahronot June 8, 1989) Referring to Gush Emunim settler movement:

"A messianic cult, stupid and cruel, a gang of armed gangsters, committing crimes against humanity, sadists, pogromchiks, murderers, who leap out of the dark back alleys of Judaism, from the cellars of bestiality and corruption, in order to implement their cult of blood and madness."

2. Dedi Zucker, Meretz Knesset Member, after a settler woman was murdered by peace partners: "They (the settlers) need the blood of Ophrah Moses (the murdered woman)- they drink it."

3. MK from Labor Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, senior Labor leader: "On the day of orders, the settlers will assassinate Knesset Members and army officers." DAVAR June 1, 1989

4. Prof. Zev Sternhull, one of the most fanatic and pompous and superficial of the tenured Reds at Israeli universities, a columnist and firm believer in socialism, likes to describe the Israeli non-Leftist dissidents as "fascists":

"The Fascism cannot be halted thru rational reasoning. It must be stopped with force, including a readiness to make a civil war. In the moment of truth we will have to use force against the settlers of Ofrah and Alon Moreh. Only those who are ready to crush these settlements with tanks will be able to stop the fascist tide threatening Israeli democracy." (In DAVAR April 15, 1988)

5. The late Prof. Yeshayau Leibovich, the senile philosopher of the Left now gone on to the great taxidermist of the sky, the man to whom Shulamit Aloni tried to grant the Israel Prize (same prize Shmuel Shnitser was too "racist" to receive):

"Those murderers across the green line, the settlers in Judea and Samaria, they have guns. Therefore I call upon all of you to arm yourselves, to bear arms against them before they place you like lepered dogs in concentration camps. Yes, arm yourselves." HAARETZ Sept. 27, 1985 A geeta Shabbas. Bloated after chulent? Let the wind out at www.geocities.com/capitolhill/9584


Dr. Steven E. Plaut teaches in the Graduate Business School of the University of Haifa.


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