By Emanuel A. Winston,
Middle East Analyst & Commentator

"Land for Peace" was always a tricky game of words. Its crafters knew from the beginning that their partner, Yassir Arafat and his Palestinians wouldn't keep the Oslo agreements which were based on the "Land for Peace" formula. But, they told the public that "Land for Peace Process" would bring a cessation of terror and war, even as the peace formula escalated into a spiraling process of terror. After the heralded handshake on the White House corner. lawn, Arafat immediately spoke in Arabic to his own people, promising this was the first step to a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its Capital. Soon after, the death toll from terror rose to a level three times what it had been before Oslo was signed. Arafat's finger was always pressing the button, keeping the "Green Light" of terror on permanently.

Rabin, Peres and Beilin stood by passively and watched as their trading of land escalated the acts of terror. Terror was clearly more effective in pushing the Israelis to accelerate divestment of their land. "Land for Terror" became a vicious circle which always invited more terror as more land was given away. There are no shortages of examples: "Land for Peace" gave up Jericho and Gaza first, as an experiment to determine if giving away the land will indeed bring peace. From the start Arafat established armed camps where training of terrorists and torturing of any who opposed the new regime took place openly in the Palestinian controlled areas of Gaza and Jericho. Despite the fabrications of Arafat and the denials of the US State Department, that first trade could only be defined as a "Land for Terror" deal.

Gaza and Jericho soon became a refuge for terrorists who carried out operations in Israel and then raced to the protection of Arafat's terrorist police in their Israeli-created sanctuary for terrorists. "Ordinary" crime like house break-ins and burglary has skyrocketed. Tens of thousands of Israeli cars have been stolen and are reused in Gaza and the 7 cities under Palestinian control - even by Palestinian Police. Israel is a free car lot for the Palestinian Authority. Israel's government has tied the hands of its police force and army, preventing any forceful response to this version of America's lawless Wild West.

Rabin, Peres and Beilin, knowing that Arafat would break all agreements, accepted his acts of terror as normal. Arafat, in his partnership with the Hamas suicide bombers, committed more terror - persuading Peres and Beilin to surrender more land while claiming the fruits of peace were just around the corner. The fact is, there is no peace - only the ubiquitous visits by Dennis Ross who brings the latest State Department orders for more concessions to maintain the cosmetic mirage of peace. After each atrocity Ross pulls out the carrot but, within the carrot, there is a big stick.

Meanwhile, the IDF was instructed in the concept of legal terrorism by its own judiciary. "Rioting" Arabs were virtually immune. Soldiers who were pelted with cement blocks and firebombs couldn't defend themselves or the civilians under their protection. Even after they were shot at by Palestinian Police with Israeli supplied arms, their commanders ordered them to hold their fire. 16 Israelis soldiers were killed during the September 1996 attacks. While Israeli soldiers were under fire at Joseph's Tomb in the September riots, they were not permitted to fire back even after some of them had been killed. In a further "gesture" to terror, the Israeli government and its now politicized court system has time and again prosecuted soldiers and civilians who defended their very lives while under violent attack. To justify shooting in self-defense, an Israeli must first die and only then would he be free to defend himself.

The formula of "Land for Peace" was typical of inexperienced dreamers who made up malicious fairy tales to raise their own popularity. They dreamed of pacifying a intractable enemies whom they should have known were experts in cheating. The desert adage of "Kiss the hand of your enemy until you can cut it off" became operational. The "Kiss" was the word "Peace". By their continual acts of irredentist terrorism, the Arabs literally cut off of the Israeli hand that was feeding them. Rabin, Peres and Beilin brought this calamity upon the Jewish people, by following the appeasement strategy of the radical Left. Trading a nation's patrimony, wealth, water and safety, leads to a national suicide. The aberrant Left always guides the burial processions of nations on their way to oblivion.

Trading "Land for Terrorism" is one of the major agreements between Israel's enemies and the Left. Land is an irreplaceable asset - particularly when you have so little to start with. Israel's prominence in the news media creates the impression of a huge country. The world forgets that Israel is about the size of New Jersey. Once the land is traded away, its new owners have no incentive to keep any of the agreements made before the trade. Arafat received defensive borders, water, crop lands, staging areas for terror raids, refuge cities for terrorists to escape into, missile launching areas within easy distance of Israel's airfields (military and civilian), with more coming. The first surrenders were from Rabin, Peres, Beilin, with more concessions by Netanyahu, despite his campaign promises of security.

What has Israel received for these gifts? Nothing - except more terror and more beautiful children and women killed. A month ago two 23 year old girls hiking in Wadi Kelt, their own backyard, were brutally murdered. Netanyahu said he was "shocked". Being "shocked" was his only solution - with no action to follow - except more gestures and concessions to "get the Peace Process back on track". Why? Surely, he is now a clone of Shimon Peres, quintessential master of No Action, More Appeasement. Two months ago 7 Israeli 12 year old girls were shot to death by a Jordanian soldier, six wounded. Hundreds of Jordanian lawyers volunteered to defend him free of charge. The very day after Yom HaShoah, Jordan's Crown Prince Hassan refused to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu at a memorial ceremony to their murder. But, Hassan is hosting Yossi Beilin, the traveling salesman who gives away Israel's land and lives.

On Purim eve a suicide bomber blew up the Apropos Cafe in Tel Aviv, killing three young women, one pregnant, wounding 70, including one of the murdered mothers 6 month old baby. Before Pesach the Police found the dismembered body parts of soldier Sharon Edri (missing 7 months) buried in the Arab village of Tzurif. Then the Police finally discovered that a terror cell in Tzurif was responsible for the murderers of ELEVEN Israelis, including the Apropos Cafe bombing. Many of the known murderers are still under Palestinian Authority protection who has refused to extradite them to Israel as Oslo requires.

The day Netanyahu gave up Hebron, all promises were broken. Arafat's terrorist police immediately and illegally broke out automatic rifles and increased their numbers four times what was permitted by the Oslo treaty. "Land for Terror" is doctrine for the PLO, still the umbrella group for fifteen terror organizations). The Netanyahu government accepted all of the broken agreements in Hebron with scarcely a murmur. Roads to the Jewish homes have been closed; firebombs and cement blocks have been thrown at Israeli children and soldiers, with virtually no response from the Government.

Iran and Syria ordered their terrorist proxies, the Hizb'Allah in Lebanon to hit Israeli targets but the Israeli government restrains retaliation. The superb IDF has been emasculated by a drastically flawed government policy. Since Labor's reign of power they've been forced to drain down the armaments, ammunition and training time of the soldiers. Now they must quickly elevate the IDF's readiness for real war which is threatened by Syria and Iraq, denials notwithstanding. Syria is loading VX nerve gas on missile shells with the capability of hitting Israel. Those who doubts their intentions must be mad. Iraq is still a player in the dirty field of NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical)weapons, closely allied to Syria.

Turkey recognizes the real threat of her two belligerent neighbors (although the US does not). So we see Turkey openly engaged in military cooperation with Israel and contracting with Israel for weapons' upgrades. Turkey knows the psychology of the Arab mind. Only greater military strength will deter their inevitable aggression. Turkey is signaling that only Israel is a reliable ally with the power to deter Arab aggression. When the American State Department finally learns to strengthen Israel, not undermine her

deterrent capability, then they will have true power to protect their Arab allies oil fields and rich markets.

"Land for Terror" was the inspiration of the Labor Party under the Rabin, Peres and Beilin. As early as 1983 these people negotiated with PLO terrorists although such negotiations were criminal acts and a jailable offense as it was then illegal to even meet with the proscribed PLO terror organization. Yossi Beilin brags he was meeting with Arafat as early as January 1992 while it was illegal and negotiating away the country secretly for months at Oslo. This should be the prime issue for a commission of inquiry or outright criminal indictment. Too bad Israel's politicized judiciary made no efforts to bring these men to justice. Beilin is still the traveling salesman, giving away Israel's valuables, with no authority to do so. Even as Arafat was killing Jews, these men conspired with the fervently self-declared enemy of the State.

The Jewish people are living in a stupor, drugged by the delusional promise of "Peace" by their enemies in a close conspiracy with the radical Left. This is reminiscent of promises by the Nazis to the Jews. "Come, dear Jews, we'll bring you to a new wonderful place if you will only abandon your homes and land. We will be so kind, generous and things will be so peaceful.

We'll give you your own country." Even when Jewish witnesses who saw the killing machine of the death camps and managed to escape back to their villages, their Jewish brethren refused to believe. Today, once again, even as the Arabs are killing Jews by the hundreds, the Jewish fools from Chelm are saying: "It's only a passing phase. Things will get better. We have only to give them more so they'll really let us live in peace and great prosperity."

The Peres/Beilin "Land for Peace"/"Land for Terror" treaty, succeeded beyond the Palestinians wildest expectations since they never intended to keep any part of it. They can blow us up, shoot us, stab us, firebomb us, pound us with boulders, steal our cars and money - with impunity. Peres/Beilin also succeeded with their formula of "Land for Terror" since these men expected the agreements to be broken as, indeed, they were. If ever politicians deserved time in prison for accessory to murder, it is those who opened the city gates to sheer terror. Since the infamous handshake on the White House lawn more than 300 Israelis have been cruelly murdered and thousands wounded by Arafat and his companions. Those who lost tragically were the Jews of Israel as they swallowed the lies cooked up by Rabin, Peres, Beilin and the US State Department, courtesy of Dennis Ross, Aaron Miller, Martin Indyk. For these unholy creatures, suicide bus bombers, drive-by machine-gunnings, throat slashing of young women, shooting of young schoolgirls were all of passing importance. Only the "Peace Process" mantra drilled into the heads of the gullible Jews and their even more stupid leaders was meaningful.

Must we forever suffer the pathetic ignorance and incompetence of political hacks who do not even deserve the job of street sweeper.

It is said that "Dumb is curable but stupid is forever."

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