[The New York Times (May 11,1998) reported today from Jerusalem that the administration has given Netanyahu a two-week extension to reconsider his stance. ``We are sticking by the points we laid out,'' an unidentified U.S. official close to the negotiations was quoted as saying. ``We agreed to a reprieve to make it absolutely clear we're doing everything we can.'' After her own difficult talks with Netanyahu in London last week, Albright appeared to rule out abandoning U.S. attempts to mediate between the two Mideast leaders.]

EDITOR'S NOTE: It is obvious that the jaws of a junkyard dog (Clinton/Albright) are clamped tight around Netanyahu's leg. The US will not take NO for an answer from Israel. While ignoring Arafat's PA violations of Oslo, this American administration has decided to BREAK Netanyahu and FORCE him into action inimical to the security interests of his country.

How to extricate himself and his country from the jaws of this vicious beast is a challenge. My suggestion is to call for a total break in negotiation on a redeployment for at least 6 months. During that period Israel would test the PA willingness to comply with Oslo. For example, during those six months the PA must:

1. Amend its covenant

2. Cease all incitement against Israel and Jews from its media and educational system

3. Extradite all terrorist murderers to Israel for prosecution

4. Cease cooperation with terrorist organizations including Fatah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad

5. Totally destroy all infrastructure of terrorist organizations like Fatah, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad

6. Reduce its armed forces to the numbers of men and weaponry permitted in the Oslo agreement

7. Prosecute vigorously all criminals who steal from Israel and seek refuge in PA territory.

Should the PA not demonstrate six months of compliance with the above requirements, Netanyahu should officially announce that the Oslo Accords have been abrogated and terminated by Yasser Arafat and the PA. Israel now feels no more obligation to discuss, negotiate are in any way deal with this now defunct agreement. Netanyahu should extend Israeli law to all areas of Yesha not under the security control of the PA and announce that it might take control of other areas if they become a threat to Israeli security.

Yes, there would be repercussions on the international scene. These problems will disappear in time. The alternative is for ISRAEL TO DISAPPEAR IN TIME..

[This plan is based on the principle of Israel's current recognition of Oslo and working within its legal framework. Please don't be confused: The Freeman Center does NOT recognize Oslo, either legally or morally.]


I believe that buildings of any kind constructed on Holy Jewish Sites, for the express purpose of humiliating the Jewish people, should be removed promptly. [Editor's Note: I am not calling for their destruction -- just moving them to a non-Jewish site. Please see article in this issue entitled: Palestinian Officials Disparage Jewish Sites.] The decision should not be delayed on the political consideration of appeasing the very same people who chose to desecrate a Jewish site.

I have discussed the issue of re-building the Temple with Gershon Solomon, head of the Temple Mount Faithful. He tells me that his purpose is to prepare for the re-building while not actually finishing the job. Removal of the pagan sites that desecrate the Jewish Temple Mount is just one thing that must be done to prepare for the day of building the Third Temple. Perhaps the actual re-building will need to wait for the Moshiach and perhaps the Temple will come down from heaven. I am not able to judge those things. I do believe strongly that the actual building will need to wait for the Moshiach.

I believe that HaShem weeps at the sight of the desecration of the Temple Mount. I also believe that as Jews we should work toward the coming of the Moshiach. One step would be to cleanse the Temple Mount and make it ready for the Third Temple. That the Arabs would be unhappy, is a given. That I care about HaShem more than Arabs, is also a given. If you want to call me names like extremist/fanatic, so be it. My destiny lies with G-d, not with the petty insults of men.


To Alon: For your information:

1. I am empowered as an American citizen to care about American foreign policy and especially about the morality and effectiveness of giving our tax dollars to terrorists murderers and anti-Semites like Arafat and Mubarak.

2. I am empowered as a Jew to care about the health, security and fate of Jews anywhere on earth. I fought for Soviet Jews in the 70's and & 80's. Was this none of my business? I have fought Arab propaganda on the college campuses my whole adult life. Was this none of my business? I am an avid student of Jewish history and it is a dark and bleak history of persecution, murder, dispossession, torture and forced conversion. I can't do anything about the past but learn from its lessons. I was born during the Holocaust and could do nothing then. But today, when I see danger to Jews anywhere, I will raise my voice with a might roar. I will not rest until I have done my best to alert the Jews of Israel and elsewhere to the imminent dangers they face. If I am wrong, then HaShem will judge me, not you Alon.

3. You are obviously a case of the pot calling the kettle black. I remember how actively the Left/Labor tried to undermine Shamir in America every time he visited here. I remember especially the distorted ads promoted by Project Nishama to deceive the American people. I remember the left allying itself with the enemies of Israel in the Middle East and at the State Department in the joint project of dismembering Israel.

4. You say you don't want to be rational. YOU HAVE SUCCEEDED.


When Labor leaders Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin scammed the Israeli public into believing that Oslo would bring peace, a DOOMSDAY CLOCK started ticking. Time for the Jewish state was running out. The election of Benjamin Netanyahu caused the CLOCK to pause. A few months later when he proved that he would continue the process of self-destruction started by Labor, the CLOCK started to tick again.

Today, America's top CLOCK repairman, Dennis Ross, is in Israel. His goal is to oil the mechanism of the CLOCK and make it go faster.

As we celebrate Israel's 50th anniversary, let us remember the DOOMSDAY CLOCK. How many years and Independence Days does Israel have left before the CLOCK runs out. What are you doing to save Israel? Are you spouting platitudes about peace or are you telling the truth the Jewish community?

If you are not part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem. If you want to help, join the Freeman Center or go on aliya and make your voice heard in Israel.

Remember the CLOCK is ticking........

........Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor






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