Letter to the Editor:


By Helen Freedman & Charlie Bernhaut

In response to Uri Dan's article (Arafat's latest threat: '47 U.N. resolution - NY Post-5/2/99) one can only feel fury and disgust for "Arafat's ardent sympathizers among Jews affiliated with the Israeli left and the opposition Labor Party" who Dan believes have been "stunned and disappointed by Arafat's explosive demand" that the 1947 U.N. resolution be revived.

The Arabs rejected this U.N. plan that would have given Israel a thin strip of land, with the Arabs having a huge chunk of it. They went to war against Israel - and lost -and then made war against Israel four more times - losing each time. Despite this, they have the support of more than 40 nations in their demand that Israel retreat from areas of the Negev, the Galilee, and all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The final insulting, impossible, outrageous demand is that Jerusalem, Israel's eternal, undivided, capital city - unrecognized as such by almost every nation, including the United States, be controlled by "the installation of an international regime under U.N. auspices." This is the same U.N. that delights in spending most of its time passing resolutions against Israel, such as "Zionism is racism."

It is no surprise to us that Arafat is making these demands. It was clear from the day Oslo was signed that the Arabs, unable to win a military battle, had chosen the diplomatic path to Israel's destruction. But our anger is not directed towards Arafat. He has said, from the beginning, that he will push Israel into the sea, and make Jerusalem the capital of his PA state. There are no surprises here. He's doing his job, with the help of the radical Jewish left and the EU, the UN, and the U.S.

Our anger is directed towards those Jews who today are "stunned and disappointed." Where were they when bombs were blowing up Israelis in buses, and cafes, and terrorists made sport out of drive-by shootings? When the "police" force turned into an army of 50,000 soldiers armed with Kalishnikov rifles? When murderers of Americans were allowed to roam free in PA protected territories? When children's TV programs preached martyrdom for suicide bombers? When hateful anti-Israel words filled the PA media? Those were words and actions showing Arafat's true intentions.What excuses and apologies will Arafat's Jewish friends come up with now?

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