The Harsh Reality

The dangers facing Israel that we have written about are all still there. The election of Ehud Barak as Israel's new Prime Minister has not made even the slightest change in the Arab plans to eliminate the Jewish State from the Middle East. The anti-Semitism of Palestinian radio, television, newspapers and Islamic sermons is as Nazi like as ever. The goal of Arafat and his terrorist cohorts to create a new 'Palestine' from the river to the sea (replacing Israel on the map), has not changed. The use of PA territory as safe havens for terrorists and the terrorist infrastructure has not changed. The hostile diplomatic campaign against Israel, now using the 1947 Partition Resolution, has not ended. The illegal construction by Arabs on Israeli lands continues unabated. The murder and harassment of Jews by Arabs in Israel has also continued. The demand from the Arabs and the Israeli left to ethnically cleanse Jews from YESHA is growing louder.

One fact is clear: The election of Barak was supported by the Arab world, President Clinton, the U.S. State Department and with cheers from Israel's traditional enemies, including the extreme left.

With friends like these, Israel needs no enemies.....Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor


Reprinted from IsraelWire of May 26, 1999

To one and all of my critics:

Unfortunately there was NO rhetoric in my original note (IS PEACE GOING TO BREAK OUT? The Harsh Reality). Everything is easily verifiable. The continued anti-Semitism in the Arab World is a secret only to the Left. Those of you in Israel should turn on PA radio and TV or listen to the Islamic sermons on Friday night. Take a friend who knows Arabic to a PA school and look at the textbooks. And then notice that the murderers of Jews are sipping coffee in PA towns instead of being extradited for trial.

It is time that the Left took a look at the facts and stopped calling everything rhetoric and posturing. There is a REALITY out there that one must pay attention to.

............Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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