FM Levy:
What Lunatic Would Go For Such A Process?

(Stages in Syria)

From Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 24 February, 2000

The following is IMRA's translation of part of Foreign Minister David Levy's 23 February speech at the Knesset. The Office of the Spokesman of the Foreign Minister provided IMRA the transcript.

"Therefore, Mr. Chairman, I was also extremely saddened to read the words of Syrian Foreign Minister Faruq Al-Shara regarding the principal of stages ( "restoring Palestine in its entirety is a long term strategic goal, that cannot be achieved in one stage" - Faruq Al-Shara to the annual convention of the Arab Writers Association in Syria on January 27 - IMRA).

I simply could not believe it.

I maintain that peace is reached via recognition that it serves both sides. It is not something that you do as a tactic. To make an end to war and continue in another struggle - media, economic, diplomatic: what lunatic would go for such a process?"


Dr. Aaron Lerner is the director of IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis) POB 982 Kfar Sava.

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