PRESS RELEASE -- WOMEN IN GREEN -- Jerusalem, February 20, 2000


This morning, on Galei Zahal radio (Army Radio), they announced the new settlement map that has been drawn by the Ministry of Defense. According to that map, in the final status, 21 settlements will be evacuated and another 16 are a question mark.

Following this announcement, the Women in Green declare:

--The plan to steal Eretz Yisrael from the hands of Am Yisrael will not succeed!

- We will bitterly fight against the uprooting of Jews from their homes in Eretz Yisrael!

- Uprooting Jews is a crime against the Jewish People and is a betrayal of our homeland!

- Obeying the order to uproot a settlement is obeying an illegal order!

-Am Yisrael will not betray its homeland!

-The uprooting of settlements - over our dead bodies!!


Ruth and Nadia Matar are co-presidents of WOMEN FOR ISRAEL'S TOMORROW (Women in Green).
P.O.B. 7352, JERUSALEM 91072 Israel
Tel. 02-624-9887, Fax: 02-624-5380,

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