By Emanuel A. Winston

The CBS 60 MINUTES exposť by Lesley Stahl (1) about the C.I.A. profiling of American Jews is revealing in many ways. The surface story tells us that the C.I.A. is concerned about Israeli spying on the U.S. But, there is another layer which is reminiscent of a statement by General Alexander Haig shortly after Jonathan Pollard was arrested. Haig was asked by a reporter on TV if we spied on our allies, to which he replied: "I certainly hope so."

In the book entitled: "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People, 1920-1994" by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, Loftus tracks various operations by American intelligence against the Jewish State in deference to Arab interests.(2) John Loftus has impressive credentials as an author of four histories about Intelligence operations, a consultant for CBS 60 MINUTES and ABC - PRIME TIME, among others. Loftus was a prosecutor with the U.S. Justice Department Nazi hunting unit with unprecedented access to top secret C.I.A. and NATO archives.

Loftus explains that the once secret communications intelligence between Britain and America had been deliberately twisted by the agencies of both countries to allow British wire-tapping of American Jewish citizens using American electronic facilities. A reciprocal arrangement exists in Britain, providing both countries Secret Services with Plausible/Credible Deniability.

For the last fifty years virtually every Jewish citizen, organization and charity in the world has been the victim of electronic surveillance by Great Britain with the knowing and willing assistance of the U.S. Intelligence Services. Presumably, they spied without warrants and shared the information. Jews who supported a Jewish State in Palestine were under intense surveillance by the British and the F.B.I. Everything possible was done to stop the birth of Israel and to boycott arms shipments while the Arabs were well armed by the world's governments.

In one section, Loftus speaks about the "Jew Room" and the intercommunications between U.S. Intelligence agencies on the matter of American Jews and Israel. This adversarial attitude has been prevalent for some time, even long before the State of Israel was proclaimed in 1948.

Professor Christopher Simpson, in his well-researched books: "Blow-Back: America's Recruitment of Nazis & Its Effects on the Cold War" and "The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law & Genocide in the 20th Century" details American interaction between high-level interests and Nazi Germany before, during and after World War II. In "Blow-Back" he speaks of U.S. Intelligence recruiting Nazi war criminals in the Gestapo and scientists to bring them into America. In "The Splendid Blond Beast" he tracks the U.S. State Department and the Dulles brothers, John Foster, head of the State Department and Allen from the C.I.A., as they protected high-level German industrialists who were Nazi war criminals. (3)

The 60 MINUTES exposť merely scratched the surface of U.S. interests and heir adversarial role through Arabists and oil men who did not like or want the Jewish State to exist. American Intelligence Agencies were connected to Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, respectively in their time, and Hosni Mubarak today. The relationship was not wholesome, given that, in trying to penetrate and enhance the American position vis a vis Arab oil, we assisted the Arabs in their war against the Jews.

Coincidentally, on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES, Sunday 2/13/2000, there is an exposť of a C.I.A. operation with the usual cover-up by the State Department. In 1973 the C.I.A. conspired in the murders of two Americans while it, the C.I.A., was aiding the forces of Gen. Augusto Pinochet in the overthrow of Chile's President Salvador Allende. The C.I.A. sold weapons to Pinochet's militias and destabilized the Allende government - giving the Pinochet secret services lists of suspected leftists to be rounded up in the first days of a military takeover.(4)

That story parallels the C.I.A.'s adversarial role against Israel as the C.I.A. trains the PLO terrorists (now called policemen) while subverting Israel's resistance to dismemberment. What is happening now is not new, it's just that these black C.I.A. operations have begun to appear on the front page of the NEW YORK TIMES - not because the NYT is against the State Department or C.I.A. but because the story is too sensational and too big a scoop not to print.

Look for more such 'scoops' as the Freedom of Information Act and non-governmental whistle blowers, like Peter Kornbluth of the non profit National Security Archives promotes declassification. Look for some aggressive investigative journalists or attorneys to petition the Freedom of Information Act for release of Caspar Weinberger's secret memorandum accusing Jonathan Pollard of unknown crimes the day before Judge Aubrey Robinson sentenced Pollard to Life with no parole.

There is little doubt that there is, indeed, a Jew Room where information is collected about American Jews and Israel. According to Loftus, for many years it was housed at 218 Pennsylvania Avenue, although it has been movedto a suite of office in one of the new annexes. (5) I am sure that, if the Senate or House had an open inquiry, we would find that, in all of our Intelligence Agencies, each has a unit that spies on American Jews and directs their collected information to a collection center - the "Jew Room". Prior information indicates that this processing center is managed by the F.B.I. to include monthly briefings. This would likely be the responsibility of the F.B.I. as started under J. Edgar Hoover.

Here again, as in Vietnam, Korea, and other places, we have our Intelligence Agencies conducting their own private war out of view of any Congressional oversight committee. I wonder how the American people would react if they suddenly found out that our most trusted Intelligence Agencies were conducting their own private war against Israel and filtered out Jewish employees or professors who just might stumble across this terrible secret. Perhaps that is why U.S. Intelligence was withheld about the imminent surprise attack by Egypt and Syria during Yom Kippur 1973, until the very last minute when it was too late.

Was it an oversight when the U.S. withheld sending counter measure equipment for Israeli aircraft when they were being knocked out of the sky by Russian SAM missiles in Egypt during the 1973 War? Was it an accident that they finally arrived without their operating manuals and Israel had to call back her electronics experts globally to reverse engineer the black boxes to get them to work? Did Caspar Weinberger as Secretary of Defense provide Saudi Arabia with satellite photos of Israel's defenses over the years?

There is an ugly segment of our government that seems to work independently of our laws and controls. They seem to be tied into commercial interests, what President General Eisenhower called the military/industrial complex.

Who really runs the C.I.A.? The government of the people or the oil maggots and arms industry mafia?

In years past, we were informed of an arrangement between British and American Intelligence Agencies. Each would spy on the other's domestic targets and, if discovered, could offer credible deniability. The Jew room was a filter for Jewish names in all walks of life. Whether you were a scientist employed in producing secret weapons for the government, a professor at a university or a leader in the Jewish community, your name was likely in the files of the "Committee". When Jonathan Pollard was caught revealing information about Arab countries' armaments and plans (particularly Iraq's gas and chemical capability), this was the opportunity people like Caspar Weinberger were waiting for. Every Jew became suspect and was purged from the top levels of government service. It was an ugly period, which may still be ongoing. Why was such life and death information withheld from Israel by Weinberger and Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, Director of the NSA, National Security Agency? That big question was never answered.

I realize that asking Congress to hold substantive hearings is close to useless. Some Congressmen may be supported by campaign contributions from the very industries they would be called upon to investigate. The industries push the Intelligence Agencies to act on their behalf. When Hughes and Loral transferred missile technology to China followed by Clinton's retroactive waivers, the subject just disappeared. Like Iran-Contra, BCCI and dozens of other covert operations, the scandals just disappear.

The matter of the Jew Room and profiling U.S. Jews will also be buried. Because of it surfacing now, the Jewish leadership will be paralyzed with fear (so familiar to the ghetto-minded Jew).

In the coming months watch Syria, a most dangerous terrorist nation, become the darling of the Clinton Administration and the American Intelligence Agencies. Israel will spiral down on the U.S. chart of interest to the point where the Arabists at the State Department can move toward her dissolution. Are American Jews distrustful of Assad, Arafat, Saddam? You bet. Are the Arabists at State and in Intelligence running covert anti-Israel programs? You bet. Will they make every effort to keep this anti-Semitic, anti-Israel operation under wraps? You bet.

So, if profiling American Jews is the plan to keep them from 'seeing' covert adversarial operations targeting Israel, they will continue to operate their Jew Room. Maybe, just maybe we will get a President and an enlightened Congress who will terminate this ugly un-American process.

Some may think it strange that the Jewish minority who has contributed so massively to the well-being of America should be under suspicion by the same organizations who assisted Saddam Hussein to acquire catastrophic weapons.

While the Jews contributed Salk and Sabin's cures for polio, our accusers had enlisted Manuel Noriega and his drug mechanism. When Einstein and the Jewish physicists accelerated America's development of nuclear science, our accusers were cutting deals with Nazi industrialists and bankers who used Jewish slave labor for their armament industries.

When Israel was supplying America with captured Russian equipment to train in defensive maneuvers, our accusers were working with the Egyptians. While the Jews gave the world Einstein, Sabin, Salk, Horowitz, Rubenstein, Heifetz, . . . our accusers were tight with some of the most bloodthirsty dictators and war criminals this century has ever known.

Today the Clinton plan is to arm Syria with the most sophisticated high-tech American weapons as a bribe to sign a peace paper. Just as the U.S. did with Egypt - with the Jewish State to be truncated and then caught between two juggernauts. The eminent psychologist, Carl Jung described it best when he said the aggressor will blame his intended victim for planning their own destruction which then legitimizes their attack on the victim. So the Takers become the accusers and the Givers become the victim.

In closing, I do not believe that overall the C.I.A. or F.B.I. are inherently anti-Semitic. There are, however, dedicated pockets of people who do not represent American interests and who should be pensioned off. Let's ask the candidates running for the office of President if they would continue this assault on the civil rights of American Jews.


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Emanuel A. Winston is a Middle East Analyst & Commentator and research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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