"If the shoe fits" story

by Emanuel A. Winston

When we wrote the above castigation of the media, an honest journalist who writes for an honest, upstanding top flight journal, was offended and asked to have his Email address deleted from our list. As an honest journalist he felt insulted but did not have the personal courage to investigate and report on this commonly known practice in his industry. You out there who write honest, historically accurate reports and commentary, know who you are. Don't feel falsely accused. But, it should be worth a Pulitzer at least to do the necessary expos? to prove our point from the inside.

When they write about the Jews, the media are not merely passive witnesses or dispassionate observers but, they have been direct participants in our grief. When Yassir Arafat speaks of non-violence while at the very same time his orders mandate violence, there ought to be doubt - at least scepticism. Instead, there is a common practice of ‘artful avoidance' by the media about issues which should rightfully be called lies.

But, the media, knowing that Arafat has issued orders, (known as green lights) for violence, accept his misleading statements and carry them into the information network as his solemn, not-to-be-questioned word. We already know that Arafat is operationally connected to Hamas, Hezb'Allah, as well as the Iranian, Syrian, and Iraqi intelligence. The journalists know this because they have been briefed. Despite this knowledge, they orchestrate their stories to appear that it was not the Palestinians and Arabs who started all current attacks but, somehow, the Jews are at fault - always. In the parlance of media spin, they present an action in terms of "Moral Equivalence". The victim and the aggressor are one and the same. When Israel responds to Arab terror attacks with force, the media always calls this "excessive force".

At staged riots the mere presence of the media, the cameras, both video and still, perpetuate the Arabs' warfare. Pictures are available on the web at and which show the Media arrayed in their bullet-proof vests and helmets behind the rock throwers. The "spontaneous" uprisings are scheduled so that the Media knows where and when to come. The media has helped to stimulate this latest war of terrorism.

The myth that over the centuries Arabs have always been tolerant of non-Muslims and have treated them well is just a myth. The Muslims called Christians and Jews, by the word "Dhimmi", a term which demeans them as lowly people. Somehow this derogatory term was not exposed to the public by the working media. Throughout their history from the seventh century, the Muslims have treated their ‘Dhimmis' as second-class citizens and worse. The Muslims have a long list of laws which the ‘Dhimmis' (Jews and Christians) must follow to keep them lowly. The Media seem to have been able to shut out or slough off this information as they set the tone and inaccuracy of their stories.

When Arafat claims Jerusalem as Islam's third holiest site, the Press who have all the authoritative, historical information at their fingertips, resolutely refuse to even look at the data. They accept without question the babble of Arafat's claims as gospel - even as they, knowingly and with deliberate effort, shut out the knowledge of scholars heaped upon their desks or in their computers' data-base. 3000 years of solid historical documentation is cast aside by journalists willing and even anxious to denigrate Jewish history.

This is not merely the cooking of a story to spice it up in order to sell more papers or increase TV ratings - although that is certainly a benefit. This is a bizarre contempt and often hatred for the Jews that one can track back through the Inquisition, the Crusades and well beyond. This is a pathological sickness that pervades much of our society but is given voice though the ubiquitous and willing Media.

The reporters, journalists, editors, TV directors and the companies they work for are swimming in some kind of polluted stream of sewer water that has been flowing downhill, seeking its own level, for centuries. The garbage in this tainted stream comes from many sources: the Church, the Red Cross, the nations driven by twisted dictators, all have eagerly become contributors to this sickness.

Yes, the media, those who twist and spin the news are at gut level carriers of a pathology that despises the Jewish nation of Israel. These purveyors and disseminators of hatred deserve no respect, no honor because they are active, knowledgeable participants in murder. Perhaps you think that the appellation of co-conspirators to murder is exaggerated, nonetheless, the Media does prepare the minds of normal people to accept and even engage in Genocide because they, the Media, make it seem all right.

It does not matter to the Media that stones or fire bombs are thrown or bullets shot at Jews because their mere presence encourages the Arab street performers and the Media know it. They create a wall of excuses for the guns that will kill Jews simply because it falls into line with their childhood teachings that Jews are ever guilty. Once properly demonized, the Jews' deaths are somehow okay - perhaps even justified...Right?

Clearly, those who incite others to kill Jews through their well-crafted and misleading stories are a clear and present danger to the Jewish people. Strangely enough, many of those who write this way are Jews, who just want to fit in, like those in the past called ‘court Jews'. They sit at the right hands of killers. How do we know this? We Jews are the world's leading experts on dying violent deaths simply because we are Jewish. We recognize the syndrome of appeasement and concessions.

There is no reason to treat the media as distant participants without guilt. Their hands are equally bloody as the most savage, merciless terrorists. They walk in lockstep with terrorists when their words encourage murder and then create justification where there is none. The media has the understanding and has knowingly entered the battlefield on the side of terror and become willing actors. They must share the consequences of their actions because they are not blameless innocents as they would have us believe. They have trivialized our dying, making it seem commonplace and acting as the apologist for those who swing the sword.

A case in point is the story of the Arab bus driver who used his bus as a deadly weapon to crash into a crowd of young soldiers, killing 8 and wounding another 20, at a bus stop south of Tel Aviv February 14th. Eyewitnesses describe the severed body parts.

I knew that the hostile media would find a way to justify this act of pure murder of the 8 young people. If there was ever a reason to put the media under "Mouth Arrest", it is now. I felt sure that, somehow, the media would find moral equivalency by speaking of this poor man's frustration and agitation which turned this simple honest man into a killer. (And they did.) No doubt, he will claim that it was an accident even though he accelerated to smash into the crowd and then tried to escape the police by speeding away to sanctuary in Arab-controlled Gaza.

As expected, Arafat stated "we are against violence, but this was just an accident." even as he refuses to publicly call for a cessation of terror. The driver's family admitted that he did it on purpose.

The Palestine Media Center called the bus attack an expected response to Israel's shelling and assassinations of key terror leaders. The general media will take it from there, excluding the small fact that the initiating act of war was that of the Palestinians after getting the ‘Green Light' from Arafat. The Arabs continuing terror is the reason for Israel's justifiable response. Over 60 Israelis have been murdered since the Rosh Hashana War 2000 began in October. More than 555 Israelis (including 14 Americans) have been murdered since Oslo was signed September 1993, with thousands more injured, some maimed for life. So many children have been orphaned.

Israel has engaged in surgical strikes to hit the Arab leaders of this ongoing war of attrition. The Press as pacifists bleat that only a political solution will lead to peace. They cannot find anything in their archives which prove this point. There is no political solution to terror, even though the liberal media would foist this idea upon the public.

This is why I characterize the Media (at least those who falsely report that Middle East violence is ‘Israel's fault') as the enemies of the Jews.


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and a political analyst for Winston Mid-East Analysis and Commentary.

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