Through The Mid-East Looking Glass

By Bernard J. Shapiro

During the last 18 months, we have been treated to the modern equivalent of Orwellian newspeak, not to mention a harrowing trip through Alice's looking glass. One could not help but notice how pure and innocent the Arabs were being portrayed. A casual observer would certainly think that all violence in the Middle East was a product of bloodthirsty Jewish settlers roaming the Judean hills looking for Arab prey.

The PLO leadership, its hands dripping with Jewish and Arab blood, demanded protection from the vicious Jewish residents of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (YESHA). It refused to return to the negotiations until its demands were met. The gullible international media took this whole charade seriously. The United Nations began debating a resolution to give protection to the poor vulnerable Palestinians. The PLO demanded that all Jewish communities of YESHA be ethnically cleansed of those rotten murderous Jews. At the very least they should be disarmed.

The high and the mighty beseeched Arafat to return to the talks with Israel. Israeli Prime Ministers Barak, Netanyahu and Sharon were all obviously anxious to please their PLO friends.

Reality Check: Are Arabs in danger from armed Israelis in YESHA? Some research reveals the following figures since the famous handshake on September 13, 1993:

Eight years before Oslo- Israelis killed by Arabs = 167

Eight years since Oslo - Israel's killed by Arabs = 547

Random attacks on innocent Arabs not planning or engaged in attacks on Jews = 29


It is clear that except for the attack by Goldstein, the Arabs have not been threatened by Jews and certainly need no special protection. If you travel to YESHA you will notice that every Jewish village needs a security fence, while every Arab village is open. Doesn't this tell you who is threatened and who isn't? All the talk about disarming the Jews is a cover for the Arab desire to murder them. And if you desire murder, wouldn't it be nice to disarm your victim first?

The media has begun to adopt another tactic which we should protest. In the New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, CNN and most of the other media Kach and Kahane Chai are being referred to as Arab-hating groups. This has even carried over to include all right-wing opponents of the deal with the PLO. Do you ever remember the PLO or Hamas ever being referred to as Jew-hating groups, although their covenants and speeches are filled with hatred of Jews? Arafat, who has been quoted on many occasions as referring to Jews as, "filthy, sons of pigs," is never referred to in the media as a Jew-hater.

Reality Check: To the best of my knowledge there is a distinct difference between Jewish feelings about Arabs and Arab feelings about Jews. Arabs are taught from the earliest grades to despise Jews and their clerics preach hatred (Itbach El Yahoud - slaughter the Jews) in every service. Jews, on the other hand do not preach hatred, but those that are not brain dead recognize, after 100 years of being attacked, that Arabs mean them harm. The media is totally obfuscating the truth about the conflict by the use of such terms as Arab-hating Jews.

Another problem with media coverage of the Israel-PLO deal (Oslo) is the way its opponents are described. Arabs oppose Oslo because they want to kill or expel all Jews from "Palestine" immediately. They are equated with Jews and Israelis who want Israel who to survive with secure borders. Jewish opponents of the deal are called anti-peace as opposed to supporters being pro-peace.

Reality Check: Most opponents of the deal with Arafat oppose it because it is suicidal for many strategic, historical, religious and objective reasons. None of us are anti-peace. We just recognize that the path chosen by the Rabin and all governments since will lead not to the hoped for and advertised peace, but to Israel's destruction.

Israel's leading peace group, Shalom Achshav (Peace Now), has urged Sharon to remove 200,000 Jewish inhabitants from their homes in YESHA. According to Peace Now, their continued presence would cause widespread bloodshed under Palestinian self-government." Is ethnic cleansing more moral if its Jews being ethnically cleansed and not Arabs.

Reality Check: The facts demonstrate that it is the Palestinians and not the Jews that are the cause of 99.9% of the violence. Why not remove the Palestinians? What Peace Now is really admitting is that there is NO PEACE or any prospect of PEACE.

The 100-year war of extermination launched against the Jews of Israel by the Arabs has had many twists and turns. Sadly it seems headed for Alice's looking glass and the world of 1984, where black is white, war is peace and good is evil.


Bernard J. Shapiro is the editor of THE MACCABEAN ONLINE.

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