By Emanuel A. Winston

In the early 1960s' American President John F. Kennedy was faced with the Soviet Union arming Cuba with nuclear missiles - 90 miles from American shores.

Today, Israeli Prime Minister is similarly faced with a Palestinian Arab missile crisis, supplied by Iran to its proxies. There is a difference. America was and remains free to protect its mainland with all necessary force at its disposal.

Israel has been put on a short leach by America on the mistaken theory that such self-defense would interfere with America's plans to destroy Global Terrorism, all in good time. The problem is that Israelis are being killed by the same mix of Arab/Muslim terrorists that America via President Bush has promised to destroy.

For Israel, the time has come and is almost gone.

As the Soviets tried to sneak those nuclear missiles into Cuba, so too have the Arab/Muslim nations, in linkage with Arafat's factions of Tanzim, Fatah, plus Hezb'Allah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 'et al'. Now, Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda have joined these terrorist organizations in Lebanon and Iran.

The distances from such missiles to Israeli population centers are not 90 miles but 4 to 6 miles from the Kassem 2 rockets manufactured by Arafat's minions, as well as direct threats from the extended range missiles produced by Iran some with probable nuclear warheads.

America, through President Kennedy could convince the Soviet leaders to pull back their aggressive missiles but Israel cannot successfully negotiate with Yassir Arafat because he has broken every single agreement he ever signed. Arafat has daily made pronouncements that he will have a "new State of Palestine over ALL of Israel with ALL of Jerusalem as the capital of that state and only that state - and anyone who doesn't like it can go drink Gaza sea water". And that state will be achieved by "Jihad! Jihad! Jihad!" which is Arabic for Holy War, that is, the state of Palestine will be born through blood not negotiations or agreements.

Arafat steadfastly tells the world that he insists that the 3-5 million Palestinian refugees in the world must all be transferred into Israel. These are the inflated numbers of descendants from the 450,000 Arabs who left their homes in 1948 when six Arab armies attacked the new State of Israel.

All of these threats are existential dangers which would mean the end of the State of Israel IF she accepts any of these terms or any other the military threats which Arafat and his terrorist cohorts present.

While there are financial global interests, particularly among the Europeans, the U.S. State Department, the Arab/Muslim nations who are on the U.S. State Department's list of terrorist nations, all of whom are willing - even anxious - to see Israel disappear. There is no reason for the Jewish nation to satisfy their desires - nor to accommodate their time lines.

There comes a time when a nation besieged by consummate evil powers must reject compromises that would inevitably lead to her ultimate destruction.

The Jewish people have from time immemorial experienced the cruelty and deadly aims of those who wish them gone. Today we see the Europeans blowing on the still smoldering ashes of the Holocaust at the behest of the Arab/Islamic nations. The thin veil of civility and pretense for their participation in the destruction of European Jewish is again being raised.

We see the so-called elite intellectuals leading the way with the logic and rationale that only those with a facility with words can make Genocide seem sane, even necessary. The Arab Muslims (and Muslims who are not Arabs like the Iranians) are a primitive people, driven by twisted view of Islam who heap all the troubles of their miserable existence on the Jewish people.

We Jews have seen all of this before as the Church, in league with the aristocracy deflected the misery of their rule by blaming the Jews. Once again, the world is in convulsions and has come to the point of crisis with each nation, each religion, each terrorist group looking for one common enemy to blame for what they have brought upon themselves.

The Christians have a word for what is about to occur: "Armageddon". Some call it the "End of Times". Whatever name - you can smell it in the air. They will start with the Jews and continue their rampage until they destroy each other.

This time, however, the Jews need not wait for the French to round up their Jews. This time the jews can face the min-Hitlers who saturate the nations and the religions of Islam and Christianity exempting those Fundamentalist Bible-believing Christians who would call themselves Zionist Christians because they have allied themselves with the Jewish State of Israel whole-heartedly.

The World has once again ramped up their self-inflicted misery to a point of global madness. Perhaps in years gone by, we would have been engaged in what we called a World War. But, now, with the hi tech introduction of WMD, Weapons of Mass Destruction, small bands of crazies - with a grudge against the World, can blow up a city or spread bacteria that is so lethal it can destroy a civilization as it blows with the wind.

Is there a solution? Yes, of course. But, the civilized world will not use it until they have been struck such a devastating blow that they may never recover. There are those among us who cannot grasp the fact that murders and those committed to Genocide cannot be reasoned with. These naive fools are generally the first to rush to the gates of city to let in the attackers. These are the pall-bearers who lead civilizations to their demise and into the graves of history. Each nation is plagued with its Chamberlains, we Jews have the radical Left.

We have been left no choice but to use the expression to fight fire with fire.

That means that those nations considered civilized, must for a moment in time to themselves become uncivilized. To take the Weapons of Mass Destruction and eliminate those nations whose goals are to destroy humanity in the name of their god.

There is no reasoning with nations who are fanatically driven by their radical fringe of their religious teachings that they must dominate the World and install their own religion as the only religion. They cannot be reached by diplomacy and words of compromise. They have been, unfortunately, provided with Weapons of Mass Destruction produced in our own laboratories. We have trained their young scientists in our own universities to make NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) weapons.

The so-called Civilized World has a choice. Destroy those nations targeting these weapons' facilities and the political dictators who can press the buttons or accept destruction for ourselves.

As for Israel, she owes little to anyone and should not accept self-sacrifice for the temporary good of others. It should attack those who attack her with all the ferocity she is known to posses and can muster at will. Israel's restraint or sporadic strikes on empty buildings have brought her no honor from the Arabs, Muslims or the Europeans.

Israel has her own Cuban missile crisis to deal with. Unlike America, with her huge land mass, it cannot sustain hits by radiation bombs, chemical or biological missiles on the narrow sliver of land on which she exists. Nor can Israel rely upon anyone to rescue her or cause the Arab nations to stand down their Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The choice of living or dying is upon the Jewish nation and her leaders - Right Now!


Emanuel A. Winston is a Mid East Analyst & Commentator and a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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