A Voice from Hebron, February 25, 2003


by Gary M. Cooperberg

On Sunday morning a nineteen-year-old soldier, Doron Lev, was bringing coffee to his comrades serving in the Gaza Strip when he was shot in the back and killed by a PLO sniper. The IDF, in its usual after-the-fact manner, boldly destroyed the building from which the sniper murdered the soldier.

The name, IDF, Israel Defense Forces, is all by itself, an inhibiting concept. It suggests that the activities of the armed forces of the Jewish State must be limited to defending against attack. If that is the case, and it certainly seems so, then we automatically give our enemies the advantage of deciding when and where to attack us. Once a Jewish soldier is shot in the back and murdered, it is too late to defend against the attacker.

One needn't have a creative imagination to guess what would happen should a Jewish soldier decide to simply shoot a PLO soldier. Our own dual standard of ethics grants the right of murder to our enemies and limits our ability to even defend our own lives. The fact which we fail to address is that we are at war. It is the same war that we fought in 1948, a war for our right to exist! Were we ever to lose this war there is no question but that our enemies would destroy us. Yet, despite this fact, we have a national policy that forbids us from winning the war!

The strategy is to contain our enemies, not to destroy them. As such, although we have largely succeeded in limiting the number of terrorist attacks against our civilian population, we cannot possibly stop them completely. In effect we have decided to curb terror as much as possible, and continue to live with it. This is the current policy of the State of Israel! No other country in the world would ever consider such a policy. When you have an enemy which is dedicated to your destruction and which demonstrates that dedication by murdering civilians any way they can, clearly negotiation is not an option. Yet Israel continues to seek negotiations. Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin once posed the question, "What are we to negotiate, the terms of our self-destruction?" Yet this is precisely what our government is in the process of doing.

We are a nation under siege. Every shopping center and restaurant has armed guards and metal detectors at the entrance. Missiles are being fired at Jewish communities from the Gaza Strip! Israeli tanks are being blown up by roadside charges inside Israel! And still our leaders pretend that there is a way to find a compromise and live with such people, and even give them their own state on Jewish soil! If even now, when they do not yet have such a state, they are prepared to attack Israel, does it take a fortune teller to imagine what they will do should they ever get a state?

To negotiate under such circumstances is nothing less than treason. There is absolutely no reason for us to tolerate an enemy presence in our homeland. The only way for the IDF to truly defend our population is to recapture all of our homeland and destroy our enemies decisively. Anything less is aiding and abetting our enemies in their effort to destroy us. The only way to achieve peace is to end the war. And the only way to end the war is to win. This can never happen with a government policy which refuses to consider winning as an option.

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