(Jerusalem Post Feb. 12, 2003 )

by Gail Winston
Founder of M.E.I.R., Mid East Information Resource

Open letter to David Newman c/o Letters to the Editor, Editor Judy Montagu:

Dear David,

You assume Israel can offer a future territorial agreement with the Arab Palestinians to settle the "conflict". Ever since such a far-reaching proposal was made (Oslo), the Arabs have made war (Terrorism is defined as low-intensity warfare). Therefore, I suggest you offer the first stone. Why don't you offer your own house or apartment to the 'poor, suffering Arab Palestinian refugees'. (Why haven't their own brethren?) Obviously, that is ridiculous - as is your entire thesis.

Newman dismisses the Jewish people's heritage as well as security with banal, sophomoric, illogical and dangerous solutions.

Why should any Jews evacuate their homes and lose their lifetime investment in their homes? Would you, David? No, I didn't think so.

Israel can't afford what you propose, that is, 'adequate compensation for 220,000 Jews to evacuate and be 'settled' elsewhere with housing, education, re-employment, psychological services for being forcibly up-rooted and loss of their homes. What is adequate for a family's life savings and investment?

According to Newman, Jewish homes shouldn't be razed as in Yamit but instead, turned over to the new Arab "Palestinian State/Authority" for housing their incoming refugees (estimated by them as 3 to 5 million). Say goodbye to the Jewish State of Israel if she ever agrees to such idiocy.

Newman is a professor of political geography at Ben-Gurion University and would like the settlers to all move to the Negev with their "ideological fervor to revitalize the Negev". Newman should study the "political geography" in the Palestinian Authority's school curricula, maps on official government papers, Arafat's shoulder patches, flags, etc. The PLO plans that another Arab "Palestinian" State will cover ALL of what is now Israel, including the Negev, David. And, are you ready to give up Jerusalem? Because they claim ALL of Jerusalem as their capital.

Newman expects the "young, committed, religious students to assist families in their moves". Thank G-d, those students know their political geography, history and religion which commits them to treasure the heartland of Eretz Yisrael, where most of our Jewish history and geography took place - as in G-d's Commandments to "settle" the Land. This is Our Jewish Covenant which we can't break no matter what Newman "professes".

Shalom Forever,

Gail Winston

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