By Ruth and Nadia Matar
Jerusalem, February 27, 2004

Peres is a stereotype. A vain Israeli, without religion or faith, ironically, living in the Promised Holy Land which has given birth to the Jewish Religion. Many years ago, Moshe Sharett, who later became Israel's Prime Minister, correctly envisioned that Peres lacked character, and represented a danger and threat to the existence of a Jewish State. Unfortunately, his predictions were on target, and Peres today remains disloyal to his People, and by his actions, represents a threat to Israel's existence.

The author and initiator of the Oslo Process, to this day he will never admit to the grave mistake he made. He has caused many deaths and maimings of Jews because of the policies he deceptively maneuvered. He is just incapable of admitting having made a mistake, but instead continues to rationalize his past serious wrong doings.

Typical of his vanity is his unwillingness to see any evil in Arafat whom he persists in calling a man of peace. After Arafat has been proven to be directly linked to terror and responsible for many Jewish and American deaths, Peres still insists, even today, that Arafat was justified in receiving the Noble Peace Prize.

His latest statements made in Washington, D.C. which he no doubt repeated in his meetings with U.S. Secretary of State Powell, and Condelezza Rice, incredulously was that Israel has no "moral" claim to Gaza or to Judea and Samaria, and must give up these "territories." History has no meaning for Peres. He does not believe in G_d or the Bible. That is why he is capable of claiming that Jews have no moral right to Gaza or Judea and Samaria, which is a vital part of Jewish history, religion and its traditions.

No one seems to be bothered by the fact that this man who has no position in our present government, nevertheless meets with Powell and Rice. Such behavior on his part may satisfy his inflated ego, but is tantamount to disloyalty, and leads to divisiveness and confusion at a time when unity of the People of Israel is required. Peres is busy with his own vanity and private machinations rather than acting in behalf of the Jewish State of Israel and its needs, during these critical times. An example of his callousness was demonstrated when his ego initiated an expensive and extensive celebration of his 80th birthday at a time when Israel's economy was sorely in distress.

Peres admittedly is a non-believer, and thinks the Jewish People have no "destiny." His Oslo proposals have proven disastrous. It is fortunate however, that the God of Israel is the factor in determining Jewish Destiny. Thanks to the Almighty, the Jewish People have survived many perilous periods in its long and ancient history. They are here and are alive today despite their many enemies. They will continue to survive, despite the efforts of an aged and barking secularist and socialist, Shimon Peres.

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