by David Basch

"JEWISH HOPES DASHED." That is the headline I saw on The Jerusalem Post web this afternoon (2/28/05) and I thought the story would be all about Sharon's surrenders to the terrorists and the betrayal of the Jewish people. Instead the article was about some silly Academy awards for motion pictures in the U.S. Israel has really changed.

Supporters of Israel will have to feel differently about her now that Sharon is really transforming Israel into Birobidzhan West, a Mediterranean version of the Russian province of Birobidzhan, designed to have been the Yiddish homeland of the Jews. In the latter, though the official language is Yiddish, it is virtually empty of Jews and its one synagogue carries Christian worship services, its Yiddish culture being only street sign deep. Will the fate of the Israeli version be similar, written up in Hebrew signs in Tel Aviv, annoucing, "pork chops for sale." When Sharon gets through, no more will be heard on the hills of Judea the sound of the Jewish groom and his bride since it will be all Arab in population and terrorist in vocation.

And don't doubt that, before Sharon is done, the Jews will go back to yearning for Jerusalem. Sure, Sharon says that he will preserve a united Jerusalem. But who is he kidding? The Arabs have not made a single compromise in their war against Israel and they won't begin deing this with giving up Jerusalem. (Jews may abandon their Judaism, but Muslims, it appears, hold fast to their Islam that forbids non Muslim rule over lands once ruled by Islam.) And the Arabs will also not start compromising on their demand to bring in 5,000,000 Arabs to downtown Israel that they call refugees. So if Sharon has undertaken his surrenders for peace, he is buying war since the Arabs will continue to fight for killer demands that spell the end of Israel, if not in an all out war, then through continuing their slow process of attrition through acts of terrorism tht has been so successful.

Sharon will have accomplished nothing for Israel. All he will have to show the weakened and divided shrinking Israeli nation he is creating is a continuing future life of blood, sweat, and tears. So why won't Israelis get wise and learn from the Arabs of Lebanon to stand up to their government? The Labanese are tired of tyranny of Syrian rule through a puppet government. Israelis should also be tired of their tyranny -- the tyranny of an elected leader and parliament that are not responsible to the people after election day and undertake programs, opposite to their promises, to surrender forever to the terrorist enemy the nation's rights, lands, history, ideals, and security. In a democracy, government should be by the consent of the governed, not the kind of government that Sharon operates in which he becomes a law unto himself in MAKING WAR ON A MAJOR SECTOR OF HIS OWN PEOPLE, illegally ethnically cleansing them from their homes, creating irreversible facts on the ground and forever plunging his nation into the shallows and miseries of defenselessness against the terrorist enemy he empowers. It is the wrong war against the wrong enemy.

With such a bill of particulars against Sharon, you ought to be able to inspire ten revolutions. It only awaits for Israel's Jews to wake up to what Sharon the tyrant is doing and take to the streets in a general strike that paralyzes the country, letting Sharon know that Israel is not his private farm and he cannot take the people's wishes for granted and reduce the future of the nation to the size of his narrow, technocratic vision.

Even the Lebanese have gotten wise to their tyrant. Why not Israelis?

The Jerusalem Post

Dear Editor:

I think the JP editorialist kids himself ("Due Process" - 2/27/05) when he calls Sharon's policy of surrender and ethnic cleansing of Jews in Gaza an example of "due process" and democracy in action.

Sharon treacherously took his supporters for a ride through lies, manipulations, and downright bribery in order to confiscate the lands and property of others and to cede the rights and history of the Jewish people to terrorists -- a modern day King Ahab. He will have irreparably harmed the security of Israel and the unity of the Jewish people, all to prove that fire burns and terrorists murder and that the insanity of the Oslo process is endemic to the country.

Many leaders in history have wilfuly and grievously blundered, with their people paying a very heavy price, sometimes their very existence. Sharon is a crude, heavy handed, short-sighted sickening example of these.

What is to be done? Forget a referendum. The only proper response is what the Lebanese are doing to their tyrants, a general strike to paralyze the country and demonstrate the power of the opposition. If that cannot be done, then Arafat in death has won and is the Arab George Washington.

David Basch
West Hartford, CT


David Basch is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies and the world's authority on William Shakespeare's Jewish roots. (To see his reasearch on Shakespeare visit http://www.ziplink.net/~entropy/ .)

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