By Moshe Feiglin

The voices of peace have returned to our country... We're now seeing a replay of despicable murderers such as Abu Mazen and Dahlan being turned into media idols as they perhaps give us a few moments of peace and quiet in return for the rehabilitation of the terrorist organizations. Once again, commentators are referring to the terrorist leaders as "colleagues" of IDF officers. Once again, armed terrorists are walking around unhindered, not fearing anything.

In total contrast, but also as in the past, good people are coming from all over the country to participate in a demonstration, thus indicating the basic obedience of the organizers and participants.What difference does it make if there were 100,000 or 500,000 participants in the demonstration? General Sharon doesn't bother to count them.

This is the real question: Of those who came to the demonstration, will there be tens of thousands who will stand up at the critical moment and say in a loud voice: "We shall defend our brothers with our bodies and not permit Jews to be expelled from their homes"? Will tens of thousands of regular and reserve soldiers say to their officers: "We shall not raise our hands against Jews -- we shall not expel our brothers from their homes"?

The answer to this question will determine the fate of the struggle. The tens of thousands of new Manhigut Yehudit booklets about the obligation to refuse to obey that were rapidly grabbed by the crowds, the thousands of signatories to the Homat Magen (defensive shield) petition who undertake not to obey the expulsion order, are a refreshing innovation in the process we are currently undergoing. Does Gush Katif stand a chance? Is there a chance that Israel will extricate itself from the vicious circle of disintegration and internal destruction in which it finds itself? The chance lies with disobedience.

We are witnessing the end of an era. The social elites who led this country until now have ended their role, but are not willing to step down from positions of power. Power is their only concern -- not security or peace, not democracy or the economy, not even civil war. "We'll show the settlers that we can overcome them and expel them from their homes." It is war for the sake of war as a first stage in creating a secular state, as some of them have already declared. All the means available have been recruited in their support -- the media, the courts, the army, the Police, the GSS, senior economists who know that Israel has no money for this tremendously expensive act that will be borne by the Israeli taxpayer. Everyone has been recruited.

Their strength comes from those who, with perverted morality, have declared that the State of Israel is the foundation of the A-mighty's throne in the world and that all its decisions must be carried out. It comes from those who have declared that they will volunteer to assist in the expulsion because it is an act of kiddush Hashem for Jews to expel other Jews from their homes, that they will then hand over to their enemies and murderers. There is no worry, no concern, that the evacuation plan is just another caprice of the dictator who ignores and tramples underfoot the wishes of the nation, as expressed in every proper democratic process.

In today's Israel, disobedience is true liberty! It means freedom fromthe general brainwashing, and having the capability to listen to the internal Jewish conscience. Those who have G-d in their hearts will not raise their hands against their brothers, will not expel them from their homes, nor destroy all their life's work. Those who have a free spirit will be ready to go to jail and will not be a partner to this evil deed of handing over the homes of murdered people in Kfar Darom to Dahlan, their murderer.

There is a price to this freedom. Many people have asked if it was worth it to publish the booklet, "The Obligation to Refuse Orders", if it would perhaps cause the heads of Manhigut Yehudit to be expelled from the Likud. The answer is -- Yes! There is a price to freedom in a country in which the wishes of the people have become ludicrously distorted and democracy has turned into despotism. We, personally, are prepared to pay this price, just as we expect that every soldier and civilian who does not obey orders will be prepared to pay the price of being sent to jail.

They can imprison our bodies but not our spirit. It is possible to expel two or three of our members from the Likud, but it is impossible to remove our spirit from the hearts of the Likud members. We shall always put forward a belief-based candidate for leadership of the Likud. The more our spirit is Jewish and free, and the more they use dictatorial methods such as attempting to silence us and threatening to expel members from the party, the more our influence will increase...whereas those who will fear to speak out will become slaves, guided by the rules prescribed by the Left until now, and they will disappear from the stage of history.

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