A Folk Tale For Israelis

Making Peace With Wolves

How do you make peace with wolves? This question has faced man since he settled the land and domesticated animals for livestock. "G-d created the wolves too," man thought "they too must have some kind of purpose, but why do they destroy my stock?" "I'll make peace with them" the man thought. "Surely they will understand what that means, for they are part of G-d's creatures."

So the man met with the wolves and promised them food and shelter if they would leave his stock alone. The wolves, seeing desperation and weakness, agreed. They lived amongst the stock, the man fed them and sheltered them and they grew strong and multipled. One day as the man went out to feed his stock and the wolves, he only found wolves, standing amongst the slain carcasses of his stock. "Why? Why have you killed my stock?" the man screamed "Haven't I fed you? Haven't I sheltered you../..WHY? The wolves looked at the man and smiled,

"Why, you ask have we slain your stock? Because YOU LET US, after all we ARE still wolves!"

A government is like a shepard, its DUTY is too the stock, NOT the wolves. This is a lesson Peres and his Labor government need to learn quickly. Peace is wonderful! Peace is what we all want for Israel (the world for that matter) but do we want the peace of a cemetary or the peace of a strong, secure nation? One of two things need to happen, either Peres needs to take off the rose colored glasses and see the wolves for what they are OR the stock needs to get a new shepard!

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