Arafat's Secret Plans for the
"Total Collapse of Israel"

By Murray Kahl

Informed sources say that Yassir Arafat spoke secretly after a dinner for 40 Arab diplomats in the Spiegal Salon at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, Sweden on January 30, 1996. A call to the Protocol Department of the Swedish Foreign Ministry in Stockholm revealed nothing; however, a call to the head of the Press Department confirmed an unofficial meeting held by Arafat after dinner for Arab diplomats.

Following are the highlights of Arafat's talk: His topic was "The ImpendingTotal Collapse of Israel." He claimed that at least one half the Russian immigrants are Muslim, and they will fight for a united Palestinian State after an expected civil war erupts in Israel. He further stated that both Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin are ready to support a Palestinian State as long as Jews are guaranteed "some" degree of religious freedom. However, Jews are expected to expected to leave the area and emigrate to the United States.

Arafat: "We Palestinians will take over everything, including all of Jerusalem, Arafat declared."Peres and Beilin have already promised us half of Jerusalem. The Golan Heights have already been given away, subject to just a few details." "We will take over everything including all of Jerusalem"!

Arafat said that after the return of the Golan Heights, at least a million rich Jews will leave Israel. "All the rich Jews who will get compensation will travel to America," he said. Arafat then revealed his plan for the Palestinian takeover of Israel:

"We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years we will have six to seven million Arabs living on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. All Palestinian Arabs will be welcomed back by us. If the Jews can import all kinds of Ethiopians, Russians, Uzbekians and Ukranians as Jews, then we can import all kinds of Arabs to us! (Three and a half million Arabs will thus be brought to Palestine.) You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews will not want to live among us Arabs!

"I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews! We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Moslem domination!"

Murray Kahl is the director of Israel & Global News. [This exclusive report was broadcasted by Arutz 7 on February 15, 1996]

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