The article below was written in 1993 with Rabin and Peres in mind. Unfortunately the new Likud government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fulfills all the requirements of the residents of Chelm. How many times must we hear the word "reciprocity" and then watch it ignored. Must we talk about another unilateral withdrawal (Lebanon) and not see that the Arabs view our actions as weakness (which makes them demand more and become more aggressive). There is talk of building islands off the coast of Tel Aviv. They would be built at great cost. Do Israel's leaders NOT SEE the beautiful hills of Judea and Samaria that cry out for settlement? A huge breathing space for the crowded coast is being given to our enemies. Why? You say the Arabs are not happy with us living in YESHA. So what? They were never happy with Jews living anywhere in Eretz Yisrael.

It is a FOOL who bases his national goals on the hatred of his enemies. Has Israel become a "ship of fools?" And on this day, the Israeli government has released murderers of Jews. And they will kill more Jews. [See the Arutz-7 report following my article.]

The Freeman Center has been fighting the UTTER STUPIDITY of Oslo since 1993. Our only weapon is the TRUTH. We have published in THE MACCABEAN over 5000 pages of news, commentary and analysis by the best and brightest writers of our day. The freemanlist has broadcast about 8000 pages of great material across the Internet. Our web site has been visited by over 6500 people. Our Fax broadcasts have sent thousands of pages to the Jewish leadership in this country. Despite all this, CHELMITES continue to function at the highest levels of the Israel government as well as the Jewish "leadership" in the Diaspora.

HaShem, where have we failed?../..../..../..Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor


By Bernard J. Shapiro

As a child my grandfather used to entertain me with delightful tales about the foolish Jews of Chelm. Chelm was said to be a tiny shtetal (Jewish village) in the Russian Pale of Settlement during czarist times. Its inhabitants were known primarily for their foolishness.

In most of these tales one finds that a resident of Chelm becomes fixed upon an idea which is totally a variance to objective reality. An example: One day a visitor from Chelm took refuge for the night at the home of a famed Rabbi. He told the Rabbi's housekeeper to wake him early and to lay out his clothes so he could dress and depart the next morning without disturbing the Reb. After waking he dressed in the dark and mistakenly put on the Rabbi's clothes, complete with long black coat and black hat. Upon arriving back in Chelm he saw his reflection in the large mirror in the entryway to his home. Full of anger and scorn, he yelled, "That stupid housekeeper, he woke the Rabbi instead of me!"

Chelm has been on my mind lately as I view the current move to give Israel's sacred patrimony to the Arabs. I raised this issue through one of my computer networks saying, "I wish someone would explain to me why ANY INTELLIGENT Israeli could believe the nonsense (PLO/Israel deal) its leaders are expounding." A wonderful response came from Professor Mark Steinberger (Department of Math and Statistics, State University of New York in Albany, New York). He writes: "This has also been bothering me lately. I would say that leftists must inhabit an alternate universe, except that we wind up having to pay the consequences for their detachment from reality.

But while we do live in the same objective world, their vision of it seems to have nothing in common with ours. They do not comprehend reality as we see it, and when challenged with evidence that would seem to buttress our view, they seem either to dismiss it for theoretical reason or ignore it completely.

One can list various dangers in the agreement, and give objective evidence that Palestinians have no desire for peace, but still want to drive our people into the sea. What is the reaction? They will tell you that self-determination and prosperity will change the Palestinians' outlook and behavior. On what do they base this? Not on evidence from Arab societies. Rather it is based on theory.

Indeed, one can point to the fact that warfare, macho-oneupmanship, racist hegemonism and Islamic fanaticism are endemic to Arab cultures, including the more prosperous ones such as Egypt and Lebanon. The leftist response is either to ignore the point or to counter with accusations of insensitivity and Eurocentrism.

To me, this looks like an unwillingness to deal with reality, and it echoes the unwillingness of the Jewish community of the thirties to recognize the threat posed by the Nazis.

Indeed, it seems we have learned nothing at all from our experience with Nazism. The Holocaust has become little more than a tale to frighten children: demons in a morality play. They have turned the Holocaust into an image divorced from real world happenings. Millions more Jews could die in Israel, but they refuse to even imagine the possibility.


The stories from Chelm have amused Jews for many generations. Many of us, however, are not amused that the peacemakers of Israel seem to be operating in the best tradition of the colorful inhabitants of Chelm.

[Published in the Jewish Herald-Voice on December 23, 1993.]


Arutz Sheva News (February 12, 1997)


30 women terrorists were released from prison early this morning, including four murderesses (two who killed Jews) and six who were imprisoned on criminal charges. The release was enabled after the Supreme Court rejected a second petition by the Terror Victims Association at approximately 9 PM last night. One of the freed terrorists - Rola Abu Dahu, who murdered Yigal Shachaf - said this morning that she would continue to "wage a violent struggle against the Israeli occupation." She said that the areas of occupation include also Jaffa and Acre. She also said that she was not asked to sign a declaration that she would not engage in terror activities as a pre-condition for her release. An excerpt of an interview with her on Army Radio follows:

Army Radio (Q): Why were you sentenced to 25 years imprisonment?

Abu Dahu (A): I was member of group which belongs to the PLO, and I fought against the occupation.

Q: You were an accomplice to the murder of Yigal Shachaf, right?

A: That's what they say.

Q: What do you say?

A: I say that I fought against the occupation. It doesn't matter what I did; the principle is that I fought against the occupation.

Q: Before your release, did you have to sign that you will refrain from fighting against the occupation?

A: I didn't make any such promise; I was just released from jail.

Q: How will you fight now?

A: I am just out of jail, so I don't know exactly. But I will continue.

Q: Will you do everything, including the type of activity which brought you to jail?

A: I will (long pause) fight with my nation to bring freedom to my land.

Q. When you speak of occupation, are you referring only to the lands which Israel conquered in 1967 or to the whole of the Land of Israel?

A. You know that most of the land is not in our hands.

Q. What is missing, all of Jerusalem?

A. Yes, Jerusalem is missing, along with many other places.

Q. What else, Jaffa?

A. For example.

Q. Acre also?

A. For example.

In response to Abu Dahu's threats, MK Chanan Porat (National Religious Party) said today that he demands that the State Attorney's Office produce the declarations signed by the freed terrorists prior to their release. He said that he suspects that the State Attorney's Office was not telling the truth when it said that the terrorists were required to sign such documents, and that he would pursue the matter until it is clarified.

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