By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst and Commentator

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, you promised us more and gave us less. Like your predecessors, you made grandiose promises that you would never give Hevron over to Palestinian control, but you did. How reminiscent of Yitzhak Rabin who made four distinct promises in his 1992 election speeches. No negotiations with the PLO; No Palestinian State; No withdrawal from the Golan; No re-division of Jerusalem. He reneged on each while telling the nation he knew best. Do you know what's best and will you tell us your decision at the last moment like the details of the Hevron withdrawal? What supreme confidence you must have but it is mixed with a heavy dose of arrogance. Far better minds than yours or your staff are telling you that, like Shimon Peres, you are endangering the nation. You have pushed away all of those who went into the streets to protest the Labor government dedication to appeasement. They put you in office but now you have turned you back on all of them. Instead you now rely upon the Left to push (their) program. Before elections you recognized that Oslo was not an agreement but a process leading to the dismemberment of the State. You were correct! Now that you are in power you say that Israel must accept a seriously flawed plan which has shown its failure in every line broken by the Palestinians and in every terrorist murder - now numbering over 300.

Occasionally your former supporters are allowed in to see your pathetic "Yes" men who themselves were once honorable and resolute but now are merely compliant. We are once again seeing the same signals that preceded the surrender of Hevron but now they are directed toward the Golan. We have become experienced in detecting the masterful art of political illusion. We were instructed by the very best as Shimon Peres and Yossi Beilin conducted undercover negotiations to deliver us the abortive Oslo.

Now we observe you, Mr. Netanyahu, master of the spoken word, deny with elegance exactly what you intend to do. You came to America to accept a deal from those with vested interests in Syria. They want you to accept a full withdrawal down to Lake Kinneret - the same deal Peres/Beilin were ready to accept. We expect you to deny with profound eloquence that anything is in the works. We expect an earnest expression, serious words delivered like a Shakespearean actor and then "Bang!" - the letdown.

We fear you will fold as you did on Hevron, flooding us with obfuscation and telling us that the Americans will guarantee peace in letters of agreement but, as in past attacks on Israel, they will not be there in punctual action, if needed. Assad will make peace promises in words crafted by the State Department, as they do for Arafat. Then the Americans (Dennis Ross and Martin Indyk) will go into their famous routine of the carrot and the stick forcing Israel to bow to world opinion. This will be followed by Prime Minister Netanyahu giving into a choreographed pressure claiming a new era of peace for Israel without the Golan. Again people will pour into the streets to protest an insidious betrayal by the man in whom so much hope, work and prayer had been invested.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, you have kept none of your pre-election promises while covering yourself with elegant speeches on CNN. You are setting the stage for a turnover of most of the territories for a Palestinian State you said would not come into being under your leadership.

You left in place most of the Peres government appointees in the military and the foreign service as they continue to push Oslo. Such radical Leftist Consuls General as Collette Avital and others worked against you and for Oslo to this day. You promised to privatize the television media who have long slanted their stories for the Left and against the Right. Here again you folded and did not deliver.

The army was in a dispirited downturn due to actions of weakness by the previous government and you have done nothing to lift their morale and raise their fighting capability. For Defense Minister you selected a general whose loyalty and mind-set was with the prior government. Those officers who were political and spent more time working for Rabin/Peres than training their soldiers were left in senior positions by you, Mr. Netanyahu.

The nation is in deep mourning for the 73 young men who died on their way to protect Israel on our vulnerable northern border. Terrorists under orders of Syria and Iran have attempted to penetrate those borders to add to the several hundred victims of terror within the country since Oslo. Like the government before yours, who tried to appease the Arab terrorists, you too have adopted a policy of appeasement and our valiant army suffers.

Shimon Peres, your predecessor, just made the crass statement that if Jewish soldiers were not in the 9 mile security zone of South Lebanon this tragedy would not have occurred. He refers to his secret plan to unilaterally withdraw back to our borders where the radical Islamic terrorists, Hizb'allah, could then fire their Katyushas at Haifa and the towns of northern Israel. But let us follow the Peres flawed thought process: "If Jews were not there!!"

*If the Jewish children were not in Ma'alot, terrorists would not have killed 21 children nor shot 13 mothers and their babies in the nurseries of Kiryat Shemona.

*If Jews were not in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beit Lid, Ashdod, Afula, the Arab terrorists would not have bombed buses killing hundreds of Jews.

*If Jews were not in Judea and Samaria, Arafat's PLO/Hamas would not engage in drive-by shootings bringing the total casualty rate approaching 300.

*If the Jews were not in Germany, Hitler would not have become mad and devised his Final Solution to his Jewish Problem.

*If the Jews were not in Poland, France, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary../...the good people of those nations wouldn't have collaborated in turning their Jews over to the Nazis.

*If the Jews had not returned to all of Israel, the armies of Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran would not have attacked the new born State of Israel in 1948, with the declared intention of wiping out the Jews to the last woman, child and man.

*If the State of Israel had not been born, all the Arab countries would not have expelled all their Jewish residents without their property.

Well, perhaps Shimon Peres will turn out to be correct. If the Jews were not here or there or anywhere, the non-Jewish world would be peaceful - but then, on the other hand!

So what's it going to be? Are you going to fake the people out with elegant speeches and then give away the Golan and perhaps divide Jerusalem? Will the next Palestinian State bear your name as you finesse away the territories of Israel's heartland with smooth talk?

The fact is that the people who supported you no longer believe in you and, sadly, you are rapidly gaining the same reputation as Shimon Peres. There is still time to regain your reputation and self respect. If you throw the fight because of American Arabists' self-serving pressure, you will never be trusted again by the Right and you will be despised by the Left.

Where you could have taken a place of honor in history, instead you will be remembered as a small figure with big words. Even before you assumed office you recognized and stated that Arafat's Palestinians had broken every line of that miserable Oslo Agreement and yet, once in office, you accepted the deceit and bound yourself to the lie. Even as the Palestinian Policemen turned their guns on Israeli soldiers, you accepted the crime and the insult with more bluff. Is this the role of a proud Jewish Prime Minister? I think not.

You are entering a bigger diplomatic battle than Hevron as you negotiate control over the Tombs of the Patriarchs and three more re-deployments (euphemisms for surrender). Safe Passage will allow any Palestinian who has committed a crime of murder to ride without being arrested by the Israeli Police. We have just observed several fresh murders, with the Palestinians escaping to such cities as Bethlehem and Hevron but with no objection raised from our Prime Minister. Right of Return will allow as many as 4 million more Palestinians into Judea and Samaria. Jerusalem is being divided on the ground by actions not stopped now by your Israeli government, notwithstanding your eloquent denials.

What will be your legacy? A free, proud and strong Jewish State or a truncated puppet of the American State Department and at the whim of the radical Muslim countries? After all, [regarding the deaths of 73 soldiers in the crash of their helicopters] the head of Hizb'allah, Sheikh Naim Kassem said, "The crash was a success granted by G-d." (Kol Israel Feb. 6)

Our criticism is intended to be constructive because we want you to stiffen your spine to match your heroic words. We are awaiting the return of the pre-election Bibi, the Bibi we came to love and respect.

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