An Editorial


By Bernard J. Shapiro

The true nature of Israel's "peace" partner ('Palestinian' Arabs) is revealed in their speeches and in their media. Their passionate demonstrations in favor Iraq and their pleas to Saddam to destroy Israel also reveal the truth. It is important to remember that when the Arabs refer to Palestine their definition is: all the land between the River (Jordan) and the Sea (Mediterranean) with Jerusalem as its undivided capital. They also usually mention that those who don't like this "can drink the (salt) waters of Gaza". This definition can be gleaned from the intensive study of over 1000 speeches and articles by Palestinian Authority leaders, including Yasser Arafat. The research was done by Dr. Aaron Lerner (Independent Media Review and Analysis) David Bedein (Institute for Peace Education) and the Israel Government Press Office (Prime Minister's Office).

It is my conclusion, that Oslo is a process of appeasement and not peace. I believe that there is NO way to "make it work in Israel's interest." Those who believe that Oslo will lead to peace must certainly fall into the following categories:

1. Good people without adequate information to understand the facts.

2. Good people with a cognitive disorder that prevents them from understanding the facts.

3. Idiots and fools [this category does not exclude seemingly intelligent people with doctorates and great expertise in specialized fields. Yossi Beilin, for example, is quite learned but a fool nevertheless.]

4. Members of the Labor and Meretz Parties [see #3]

It should also be mentioned that there are several categories of people who believe in Oslo precisely because it will lead to the destruction of Israel. They are:

1. Anti-Semites

2. Anti-Zionists (same as #1)

3. The US State Department (see #1)

4. The Arab States (see #1)

5. The 'palestinian' Arabs (see #1)

6. The United Nations (see #1)

7. Most European Nations (see #1)

8. Michael Lerner, Thomas Friedman, Mike Wallace, Anthony Lewis, Woody Allen, Peace Now and other self-hating Jews


1. Announce that Arafat has terminated Oslo by his words and actions. Israel no longer views it as a valid document.

2. Pursue a vigorous Zionist agenda by building and settling all parts of Eretz Yisrael.

3. Adopt a Jewish constitution for Israel along the lines that Dr. Paul Eidelberg suggests.

4. Vastly improve the education of Israelis (both children and adults) in Jewish history, religion and Zionism. Education should be designed to inculcate patriotism, nationalism and love of HaEretz ( Land of Israel) and Am Yisrael (the Jewish people)

5. Vastly increase the capability of the IDF and intelligence branches to ensure Israel's ability to preemptively crush any evil forces that threaten her.

6. Re-establish the rule of law by expelling all Arabs engaged in violent or political activities designed to damage the security of Israel and the safety of its citizens.

7. Terminate all interference and manipulation in Israeli policy by other nations, including friendly ones.

8. Strive to achieve economic and military independence from American foreign aid. Only by cutting the umbilical cord of US aid will Israel be truly free to pursue its unique destiny.

It is very late in the day for Israel. It is time to call a "spade a spade." Niceties aside there is tremendous damage being done daily to Israel by the Oslo process.

Please, if anyone has evidence that Oslo will bring peace and security to the people of Israel, I would like to hear it. In the five and half years since Oslo, I have seen mountains of evidence to the contrary. Among supporters of Oslo, I have seen only Chelm-like hopes for peace, totally without any basis in reality.

Auschwitz was NOT a Labor Camp. Oslo is NOT a peace process. Establishing a state of Palestine is NOT Zionism. Arafat is NOT a peacemaker. Let us call things by their correct names.

I have said these things before, and I plan to say them repeatedly until the necessary actions are taken to ensure their implementation. Only then will Israel's future be secure.

..........Bernard J. Shapiro, Editor

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