Congratulations to Kofi Annan. We are certain that his efforts to bring lasting peace to the Middle East will be just as successful as Neville Chamberlain's efforts were in bringing peace (in our time) to Europe. Mazal Tov!



By Emanuel A. Winston

Middle East Analyst & Commentator

Kofi Anan, Secretary-General of the United Nations, looked absolutely dazzled by his political trip and audience with Saddam Hussein. This man was misled into proclaiming: "Peace In Our Time." The only thing missing was Neville Chamberlain's black umbrella.

Some may recall how Chamberlain returned from meeting Adolph Hitler, assuring most of the gullible that Hitler would not attack. Chamberlain died a broken man bearing the wight of responsibility for World War II. On his deathbed he said: "If only Hitler had not lied."

Here, in this time, we have another naive world leader in the person of Kofi Anan, believing that Saddam would not lie and that he would not sign a document which he actually had no intention of honoring. For a gullible man, overwhelmed by the attention the world accorded him, it is not sup rising that Kofi Anan was snookered by Saddam. How does a decent man like Anan, with no war experience, cope with a pathological liar? He wanted to believe what he desperately wanted to hear and Saddam obliged by saying the lying words.

Anan was given the information of Saddam's successful concealment of catastrophic weapons over the seven years of UN inspections. Iraq is huge country where it is easy to hide missiles and factories for making NBC, Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical weapons. On February 10 the House Committee on Terrorism and Unconventional Weapons issued a task force report on the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction. President Clinton, other world government leaders, and especially the UN did not want to acknowledge this report.

This in-depth analysis listed in chilling detail Saddam's transfer of weapons, chemical and biological factories, and Iraqi scientists to Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Algeria. To plan for his future war, Saddam seeded other Arab nations with the technology he acquired before and since the Gulf War, despite seven years of inspections.

It was critical to bomb Iraq, not only to hit some of the chemical and biological depots, but also to convince other radical Islamic fundamentalist Arab nations that they would suffer the same fate as Iraq if they were to bring forth their array of catastrophic weapons, either in the Middle East or via suitcase right into the hearts of the Western countries.

Kofi Anan is merely a sadly deceived pawn who is dabbling in affairs where the future of the planet is at stake. Does he have an umbrella to protect our world?

Will Saddam now be off the hook while his satellite laboratories hidden in Iraq and around the Middle East churn out their lethal weapons of mass destruction? The next time Saddam rattles his sabres, will the US and Great Britain undertake yet another multi-billion dollar mobilization?

[For a full task force report on the Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction, either log on to Israeli and Global News at or e-mail with no message.]


Emanuel A. Winston is a research associate of the Freeman Center For Strategic Studies.

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